Thousands are following this site everyday

Thousands are following this site everyday

by Mercedes Mifsud – site administrator

This site would like to thank the thousands who follow every day. Thousands does not mean five thousand but much more.

This site would also appeal to the government and Opposition to do their utmost to strengthen independent portals.

As Saviour Balzan recently stated in his Blog about the free press and freedom of expression ”The reach for most serious media publishers has nose-dived. The impact on news portals in Malta has been deleterious. . . . . This means people are getting less news, and because of this, less revenue associated with that traffic, which means our newsrooms can do less good work.
The decline is so significant that some papers face annihilation. We are now not only faced with people purchasing less print newspapers but also by a slew of digital newspapers competing for attention.”

Government and Opposition should strive to ensure strengthening the free press and independent news and discussion portals.

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  • Raymond Ambrogio
    Posted at 09:14h, 03 February

    Well done and well said.