pending Bills and Motions

pending Bills and Motions

The Times carried an article yesterday mentioning the pending Bills in parliament which will never see the light of day.

What the Times failed to mention is that the Bills relating to justice and home affairs are all the result of my private members’ motion which only just started to be debated but was never concluded and that there are another four private memebers’ motions which I fild and which were never debated out of spite.

My Private Members’ Motions which never saw the light of day :

1)Justice and Home affairs Fundamental and Major Reforms

2)Political Parties and Party Financing Bill

3)B’Bugia and M’Xlokk area pollution and Energy strategy Motion

4)St Philips Hospital Motion

5)Political and Individual Ministerial Responsibility Motion – Austin Gatt



    Posted at 11:01h, 13 December

    Franco, I am sure most of the gist contained therein would be taken on board by the PL in Government. Of course, you will not be given full credit then. But such is life.

    Console yourself with the knowledge that the whole Maltese nation knows to whom they own a huge debt.

    Don’t worry! The time will come.

    • Eddy Privitera
      Posted at 11:47h, 13 December

      You are wrong. Dr. Muscat has already given credit to Dr. Debono for the various ides and motions he has presented. So I am sure Dr. Muscat will also give him credit if the PL wins this election.

        Posted at 13:35h, 13 December

        Sometimes, it is welcome being proven wrong.

  • Ex nazzjonalist iehor
    Posted at 21:50h, 12 December

    @ Qum Malta. Ma naqbilx mieghek ta. Mela la Franco kellu dal-kuragg kollu li gharraf lil poplu minn x’hiex ilu ghaddej il-pajjiz ser imur jinhela hemm ghalissa. Ma tarax. Jekk jitla Muscat ghandu jaghmel l-ahjar uzu minnu, specjalment fil-qrati taghna. Zgur dak li ma sab tarfu hadd, Franco bl-energija, l-intelligenza u l-integrita’ twasslu biex isib almenu t-tarf tal-kobba mhabbla. Billi nzidu l-imhallfin u l-magistrati, li stejjer li nisimghu ghadhom tal-wahx. Min imiss mal-qrati jista jitkellem

    • nazzjonalist ta' qabel 1987
      Posted at 00:09h, 13 December

      min jaff sur ex nazzjonalist forsi siehbek joseph wedu lil franco li jqedu imhallef meta xi darba jitla it tarag ta kastilja, habieb ahna dorna il faccata ta kastilja biex ingawduwa ahna, kuragg halli forsi forsi xi darba tohorgu il bnadar

        Posted at 11:08h, 13 December

        nazzjonalist ta’ qabel 1987, wake up. It will soon be 10th March 2013. Eh bil-haqq, hurry to Kastilja to get your share of what’s left. Il-Gonz wanted to extend the election time to as far a date as he could manage legally. Just for the power of incumbency to eat into the last drips still left in Malta’s coffers.

        Remember, my friend, the intelligent, unbiased, unhooked, forward looking voter WILL NOT FORGET this insult.

        • Veritier
          Posted at 11:48h, 13 December

          You are no doubt intelligent enough to check facts for yourself, and yet you choose to parrot the PL’s lies.

          All in the name of a better future, no doubt.

          Can’t wait.

          • BETTER FUTURE
            Posted at 13:43h, 13 December

            Dear Veritier, I have checked the facts for myself, many times. Believe me “no one puts salt crystals on my nose”, as the saying goes. Another Maltese saying that applies to me would be “I make no one my God”. Both literally translated for good effect.

            May I invite you to visit editorial or opinion piece, and read through a very well written comment about Maltese GDP growth these past 3 quarters.

          • Veritier
            Posted at 14:19h, 13 December

            Now I’ve heard it all!

            Talking about credibility and what not, and you direct me to read maltastar?

            Literally translated for good effect? Indeed, for a good laugh.

          • BETTER FUTURE
            Posted at 18:34h, 13 December

            After you finish laughing your head off, I recommend you read and reread the piece I directed you to.

            Be brave! Give yourself an opportunity to learn something real! Go on, I dare you (although I am sure you had a longish peek already).

          • Veritier
            Posted at 18:51h, 13 December

            Recommendations from a maltastar reader are as credible as maltastar itself.

            It gets even funnier when considering that people like you call the other local media “Pravda”, almost in the same breath.

            Better future indeed, one filled with maltastar and maltastar readers.

            Mulej ħudni.

          • BETTER FUTURE
            Posted at 12:19h, 15 December

            Veritier, I did not expect you to be so afraid of reality, as much as you have shown yourself to be. Notwithstanding, I extend herewith my recommendation.

            PS: Incidentally, there is a part 2 as well. Extremely interesting reading for non financial surfers as you seen to be. Is that why you avoid the topic? You realise your party has made a dog’s dinner of the economy and can’t bear to be reminded! Go through it! You will learn something concrete, rather than where to place commas.

    Posted at 21:34h, 12 December

    Li hawn persune wahda li hija irilevanti ghal Gonzi ukoll tal misthija ghax dak suppost Prim Ministru ta kullhadd u suppost jistma lil kulhadd listes

    Posted at 21:31h, 12 December

    GONZI Lil ta dissterett tighu tahom cekk talli ghamel limpjant taz zibel u lilna qatilna bil POWER STYATION u l FRENPORT u ma tana xejn

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 21:37h, 12 December

      jien ghamilt mozzjoni dwar hekk

      • ninnu
        Posted at 00:05h, 13 December

        Waqqajt il- gvern u waqajt mieghu…………qtajt imnihrek biex tidher isbah.

          Posted at 11:09h, 13 December

          For the honour and glory of all Maltese citizens and true Nationalists.

          • sarasota
            Posted at 15:07h, 14 December

            Dak tghidu int

          • BETTER FUTURE
            Posted at 12:09h, 15 December

            And all Maltese citizens of good will! Have you done any grocery shopping lately?

  • malta qum
    Posted at 17:58h, 12 December


  • Marku
    Posted at 17:30h, 12 December

    U issa se jibqaw fuq l-ixkaffa u jsiru irrelevanti, bhalek … issa la jitla’ l-Labour ahdem ha jitilghu, le stenn sa sena ohra hadd ma jkun jaf bik

  • information seeker
    Posted at 17:13h, 12 December

    issa ohrog indipendenti. Itla fil-parlament u erga itlob li jitkomplu jigu diskussi.

    Trid tigi elett imma l-ewwel

    Irrilevanti – toghgobni

  • Cupcake
    Posted at 17:04h, 12 December

    We are all tax-payers, We are all relevant.
    Shame on Dr Gonzi for uttering such a disrespectful comment.

  • brigella
    Posted at 16:30h, 12 December

    Franco, int kiesah u arroganti

    • Cupcake
      Posted at 17:02h, 12 December

      Its the men who scheme when they are strong who are arrogant. The PM has been caught in lies due to his arrogance. Dr Debono had a consistent and transparent attitude instead.

  • Alouette III
    Posted at 16:29h, 12 December

    imhatra li kull ma ppropona Franco se jkun imnizzel fil-manifest tal-pn

    • information seeker
      Posted at 17:15h, 12 December

      ala mhux tal PL. Joseph joffri l-ilma jizfen lil kulhadd, jista jizfen zifna ohra ghal Franco

      • Alouette III
        Posted at 20:27h, 12 December

        kemm weghdna affarijiet Gonzi u ma sar xejn minnhom.U l-gideb li jigdeb jien ma nafx kif jorqod fil-ghaxija.

    • nazzjonalist ta' qabel 1987
      Posted at 00:17h, 13 December

      u bdaqsekk xse jkun gara mela franco mhux bis sahha tana tela, bis sahha takom zgur li le. kull proposta ta franco hija proposta tal P.N. ghax taht il kappel taghna tela

  • Indigo
    Posted at 16:12h, 12 December

    The Times of Malta is biased. Needless state why. Thank God this has gone down in Parliamentary minutes. Time will tell…

  • Silvio Zammit
    Posted at 15:47h, 12 December

    Caw Franco, dahhaqt lil kulhadd bik.

    • Cynical intelligence
      Posted at 17:01h, 12 December

      He who laughs last, laughs best!

    • Cupcake
      Posted at 17:03h, 12 December

      @ Silvio Zammit.

      You are the weakest link, Goodbye!

    • Spiro the dragon
      Posted at 17:08h, 12 December

      mela telquk loll

    • nazzjonalist ta' qabel 1987
      Posted at 00:20h, 13 December

      u int silvio ma tantx amiltilna unur, oqod kwiet u inheba jekk vera ghandek il partit ghall qalbek

  • Carm
    Posted at 15:17h, 12 December

    Dear Franco,

    First of all I want congratulate on your stand against the evil and dictatorship.

    When are you going to launch your new party. I will give you my number one.

    If you are not elected I wish to see you as Chief Justice or Ombusman or Avukat Generali.

    Folks we must not lose this great man.

  • Pauline
    Posted at 15:16h, 12 December

    Where’s Guzeppi tal-Mosta? You’re my idol, Guzeppi.

    Posted at 14:17h, 12 December

    Yes Dr. Debono you are as irrelevant as the rest of us, now that you are no longer in the party.

    To all of you that are happy that Dr. Debono is now irrelevant…I ask you what relevance did you bear with Dr. Gonzi when he voted whole heartedly in favour of the rise of utility tariffs? What relevance did our youth have when they allowed Smart City to go to the dogs? What relevance did you have when the national debt reached the five billion euro mark? What relevance did you bear with the introduction of Arriva? Mater-Dei? Car-Parks? St. Phillip’s? Euro 600 increase/week? Have you heard anything about the squandering of public funds, as highlighted in the Audit report? How relevant were we in all of this?

    We were always irrelevant to Dr. Gonzi and the oligarchy!

      Posted at 14:20h, 12 December

      We will be very relevant……when we have to pay the bills !

        Posted at 11:11h, 13 December

        And vote Rob!

  • Big Fish, Little Fish
    Posted at 14:05h, 12 December


    • brigella
      Posted at 16:31h, 12 December

      Il-komunisti kienu jaghmlu hekk

      • Big Fish, Little Fish
        Posted at 17:25h, 12 December

        Il-komunisti? Int orrajt jew?

        Rousseau kien komunist? Locke, Kant, Bentham, Mill dawn komunisti wkoll?

        Dawn kollha hassieba li ppubblikaw xoghlijiethom! U taf x’inhi t-tema principali ta’ xoghlijiet, Sur Gharef Brighella?!?!




        Il-pass logiku fil-karriera ta’ Franco Debono bhala hassieb politiku hu li jippubblika l-ideat tieghu.

  • il-Bully
    Posted at 14:00h, 12 December

    Dr. Franco Debono
    Lest we forget!
    I am one of the second class Maltese taxpayer. To get my medicine in Zebbug I have to go else where out of town, we were promised the introduction of the Doctor and Pharmacy of your choice in 2010 but in Zebbug we are still waiting. I am sorry I did not know that Dr. Gonzi came to Zebbug if I knew I would have asked him if you want my vote what are we having in return? All I ask to be like other areas in the north!
    This time I change my mind I will go and vote:
    Yes if Franco Debono is not on the list I will slash ”FRANK DEBONO” as to me he is the new blood that the people of Mala need.
    Over the last administration I saw a bunch of dummies and yes men. For Christ sake what are we electing opportunists?

    • brigella
      Posted at 16:32h, 12 December

      Bully, issa ivvota ghal Muscat, ghax kollox itik

  • Naughty boy
    Posted at 13:59h, 12 December

    Bis sahha tieghek li vvutajt kontra l budget in-nies ha jkollhom izjed flus fil but…tnehhiet it-taxxa fuq il fuel,cigaretti u gas….thanks a lot my friend.

    • fkgh
      Posted at 15:29h, 12 December

      LOl mela tifhem! kieku kien hemm il-bagit kieku t-taxxa kienet tonqos, ic-children’s allownace kienet tizdied. IL-boll fuq il-propjeta’ titnehha, l-anzjani kien ikollhom izjed flus. L-ghola qed tara?

  • Veritiera
    Posted at 13:58h, 12 December

    irrelevanti. Karriera politika mietet. I challenge you to present yourself for elections (of any kind), and let’s see.

    • Cupcake
      Posted at 16:10h, 12 December

      @ Veritiera

      That’s your opinion. I, any many others, are inclined to think otherwise. To each his own!

    • Melanie
      Posted at 16:11h, 12 December

      Many would like Dr Debono to be appointed Spaker.

      • Veritiera
        Posted at 17:09h, 12 December

        and pray, which Party will appoint him speaker??

          Posted at 11:14h, 13 December

          And pray do not keep repeating your drivel. I have already honoured you with multiple answers.

          “You may take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.” Oh, by the way, that was English not French.

        • Veritier
          Posted at 11:59h, 13 December

          Hey, Veritiera. Bow down in humility and be honoured, for Better Future has answered you multiple times.

          Of course, Better Future expects everyone else other than him or her to shed themselves of THEIR drivel and drink HIS or HER water.

          Of such are born pompous asses. Not that Better Future is one, of course. Everyone, even Better Future, can be afforded the occasional gaffe.

  • Nostradamus
    Posted at 13:52h, 12 December

    Il-gideb beda jinbezak kull sekonda……..l-iccassat beda billi jibghat l-ittri anoimi….u heggeg l-inkwiet ghand tal-grocers…nesa li hu tiga tilef l-aqwa tellieqa fl-elezjoni tal- MEP ghax gab in-nofs tal-MEPs laburisti…..telf abhal dik hu kien warajhz zgur bhal strategista u allura kif ser jipprova jdahhlina f’rasna li hu wicc gdid u jista jirbah l-elezjoni wahdu qisu s-superman ghax l-ohrajn inkluz wenzu huma ghajjenin…..

    u xi nghidu ghas-serduq tal-PE ENNE cahdet 4 darbiet halli tkun ahjar minn Guda imma laqghet kollox f’nofs siegha…mi jaf Ghaliex Hux?

    ………..u l-kbir ghadu gej hekk kid jinduna li m’ghandomx cans…….

  • Demm Nazzjonalist
    Posted at 13:51h, 12 December

    Franco, issa inutli tikteb dan kollu.Issa inti spiccajt mill-PN u ta` dan jiddispjacini ghalik.Imma inti hadt decizzjoni.Kont taf x’kienu il-konsegwenzi minn qabel.Ridt hekk .Hawn min jghid li int bniedem ta` principju.Jien nghid li int bniedem rasek iebsa.Hassart il-karriera politika tieghek insomma ghamilt suwicidju politiku.Issa hadd mhu ser jafdak izjed la PN u lanqas il-Pl.Iddecidejt ghalina n-nazzjonalisti specjalment ghal min ivvotalek.Jien ma nghidlekx li int Guda ghalkemm imwegga hafna u hafna.

    • Indigo
      Posted at 16:14h, 12 December

      @ Demm Nazzjonalist

      Please don’t be ridiculous!

    • bulldog
      Posted at 16:39h, 12 December

      Guda kien bieh lil Kristu ghal 33 bicca tad deheb , Franco la bieh u l-anqas inxtara allura mhuwiex GUDA. Demm nazzjonalist taf min jinxtara meta gholla il fussjonijiet tal emmisjoni biex dawwar Power Station f’hekka ta ghajn min tal Gas ghal Heavy Fuel Oil.

  • Gs
    Posted at 13:48h, 12 December

    If I where you Dr. Debono I will contest the election on your district. I am sure you have a lot of followers. By doing so you will give a ‘risposta’ to Manuel Delia e bella compania. Then we see who’s ‘ irrelevanti’.

    • Ex-PN
      Posted at 16:15h, 12 December

      The current electoral law makes it very hard for small or one-man parties to be elected. This law is unfair.

      • Gs
        Posted at 20:11h, 12 December

        I know what the law says. When I said for Franco to contest his electoral district is just to make sure that the Arriva guy won’t be elected and get satisfaction that he is relevant on his home turf.

  • J.Muscat
    Posted at 13:39h, 12 December

    If our Prime minister refers to Dr.Debono as irrelevant then automaticaly He is also refering to all disgrunted nationalists as myself. Dr.Debono was and still is our voice in and outside parliament. I take this to mean that he does not need our vote, so, so be it.

    Posted at 13:38h, 12 December

    Do not forget the pravda times managed by Demarco is the no one propaganda machine .they hide behind this paper to attack people as they are cowards same as the leaflet they send to the civil servants.

    • Melanie
      Posted at 16:16h, 12 December

      Boycott ToM.

    Posted at 13:21h, 12 December

    MIn hu skadut ma jistax jghajjar lil haddiehor irrelevanti jekk ma jkunx super ardit u arroganti tant li issa lanqas jippretendi li tghamillu mistoqsijiet dwar l-akkuzi gusti ta FRANCO.

    mela halli nghaidlilkon xi ippruvajt nghamel….ghaddejt sa 150 li bghatu lil franco wara l-votazzjoni storika u sibt li 100 ivvutaw vafur Franco xi 30 kontra u 20 li ma kellhomx x’jaqsmu ghajr li jitghajru bejniethoim…u fil-verita xbajt nghodd gha xjekk din hija t-trend allura Franco ghandu l-maggoranza ta pajjizna favurih….

    ALTRU LI HU RELEVANTI Wenzu li darba kont atghna………..

    Posted at 13:07h, 12 December

    Dr franco nixtieq nfakkrek li kont se tressaqvot ta sfiducja fil ministru tas sahha u ma lhaqtx .Xtaqtek li ilhaqt ghax ircevejt appumtament ghal isptar ghal Dicembru 2013.Issa ma hallewlhiex ghazla hlief li immur privat .Pilloli out of stock .Johdulna it taxxa qabel insarrfu il paga jew pensjoni u spiccat din il legislatura u il waiting lists xorta hemm baqghu jekk trid mur hallas u jekk m ghandekx gawdi l uggiegh.

    • Fleur
      Posted at 13:28h, 12 December

      Jien sitt xhur ghal scan, nilhaq mhux immut jekk hemm xi haga!
      U dan hemm bzonn isir fuq parir tat tabib tieghi.

  • Kenneth Mifsud
    Posted at 13:01h, 12 December

    Why do you continue remonstrating Dr.Debono—now you got what you wanted and quite frankly the people in general too —- we got rid of your antics once and for all and this coming from a sincere floating voter. For the whole nation but especially for the PN you and your arguments are now IRRELEVANT. You can now start picking the pieces of your shattered life.

    • Wolfing Around
      Posted at 13:15h, 12 December

      You keep calling Franco irrelevant, and yet he was the only MP to speak up and point the flaws in this government. I don’t think you know what irrelevant means.

      • Veritier
        Posted at 14:38h, 12 December

        We know what irrelevant means, in the context that it was said.

        It seems to me that YOU are the one who doesn’t.

        Dr Debono stopped being relevant TO THE PN the moment he voted against the budget.

        What does it take to stop stretching a quote out of the original context and pasting it into different contexts totally disconnected from the original?

        If you’re arguing that he’s still relevant to the PN, then you have serious problems with making coherent arguments.

          Posted at 11:22h, 13 December

          Just admit that Gonzi goofed! And big time!

          He simply cannot stop playing the fool these days. Must be the tension following all that back stabbing in the dressing rooms, eh, PN’s headquarters. It has to be, as I noticed from his face’s skin complexion, he has not recommenced smoking. Unless, that is, he has been allowed a more experienced beautician.

          Ahh!! Now I realise why the PL has more money than the PN! All the PN’s budget goes on make believe, and GonziPN has excelled at that.

    • Stephen
      Posted at 13:45h, 12 December

      @ Kenneth Mifsud

      Actually, I don’t think that Franco got what he wanted at all. Lawrence Gonzi, Austin Gatt and all other members of the ‘Evil Clique’ are all still in place and did not budge an inch despite Franco’s best efforts.

      Franco was hoping to be carried out shoulder high for saving our country from the apocalypse we were heading for under this incompetent government. Instead he was reduced to sneaking out the backdoor practically unnoticed.

      Now that’s no fitting end for a hero. He got his 15 minutes of fame, sure, but that’s about all. He will certainly not go down in history as one of the great architects of democracy.

    • Ex-PN
      Posted at 16:21h, 12 December

      @ Kenneth Mifsud

      How amusing. Its funny how your so called ”irrelevant” individual has shaken Maltese politics the way it should have been shaken several years ago. I do believe that Dr Gonzi has lost his credibility long, long time ago – and his comment reflects his respect not only ftowards an MP within his on party, but also towards us all ”irrelevant” individuals, us the electorate. The PM has hit the bottom.

  • bulldog
    Posted at 12:57h, 12 December

    Milli qieghed ninnota u forsi anki min ma ndunax li din ta GonziPN warbuha ghax kieku rnexxiet kienu jergaw jiftahra bil frazi GonziPN fuq kull billboard u gazzetta, biex turi kif falliet li issa qeghdin jisthu jsemmuha. Fl-ahhar elezzjoni Simple Simon kien ivvinta li ftahar li ghamel il programm elettorali tal PN li issa ddikkjara li 97% gie mwettaq li hi gidba fahxijja li nisfitah li ma hu vera xejn min dan. Wettqu mela skont Simple Simon 342 weghda li tiga ha nurih kemm hu giddieb ghax kemm tat tarzna sfaw imkeccijja u kemm ta l-Airmalta tnehhew haddiema mil post tax xoghol. Nahseb min 353 weghda l-anqas miss nofs li wieghed, b’dan il kummiddjant iriedu jghamlu programm elettorali iehor? Jekk nibda l-anqas nieqaf pero Grilled Angus Beef ghandu lista shiha tal buzullotti li saru l-akbar wahda li wieghed li d-dawl u l-ilma ma jitmissux l-anqas ghadda xhar li ma kienx gholliehom GonziPN ta Simple Simon. Mhux talli ma ghamielx li wieghed talli ghamlu bil maqlub. Kif ma jisthux jghidu li Joseph Muscat qieghed iwieghed l-ilma jizfen bhal ma jisthiex jghid Gonzi li finanzi fis sod meta ghandna daqs dak dejn u kull sena id-deficit jirdoppja sa anki trippla. €5 biljuni u €1buljun fuq entitajiet mhux cajta, anzi qeghdin f’incertezza barra li hemm mohbi bhal xi special service vehicle li ma iggiebx investiment ta xejn fejn anki L-EU ma rieditx ittina fondi ghax ma jrendiex qlieh.

  • MIKE
    Posted at 12:54h, 12 December

    Guzeppi tal Mosta
    jafni kullhadd
    gonzi forever
    dalwaqt nibda il blog tieghi

    … Jien mil Mosta u lanqas idea tieghek ma ghandi xi Casper friendly ghost int?
    anyway issa ghajjejt tilaq sorm Franco >
    din l-ewwel darba li ktibt ghax ma nifilhekx izjed kemm int vera irelavanti Guzeppi ghamel pjacir lilek innifsek u ieqaf forsi taqta figura ahjar

    • vox popolo
      Posted at 13:41h, 12 December

      Guzeppi tal-Mosta intik parir li twaqqaf il-kitba tieghek
      fuq dan il-blog, suppost ga bdejt il-blog tieghek.
      Tkomplix guzeppi twaqa ghac-cajt aktar l-isem tal-Mosta.
      Isem il-Mosta huwa sagru, ghandhu it-titulari lill Santa
      Marija, tieghek kollhu hmieg li tohrog min kitbitek!!!!

  • Guzeppi tal-Mosta
    Posted at 12:37h, 12 December

    dan kollu huwa irrilevanti

    Guzeppi tal-Mosta
    gonzi forever

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 12:41h, 12 December

      mela nimmagina li mhu se nara xejn minnhom fil-programm elettorali tal-PN hux hekk?

      • Veritier
        Posted at 12:50h, 12 December

        Dawk saru irrilevanti fil-mument li l-iskrivan tal-kamra lissen ismek fil-vot tal-budget.

        Issa fuq x’jagħmel il-partit fil-programm elettorali m’għandek l-ebda saħħa.

        Jew tippretendi li tibqa’ tiddetta x’jagħmel il-partit meta m’intix parti minnu wkoll?

        Kif għedtlek, għandek bżonn btala.

        • Franco Debono
          Posted at 12:52h, 12 December

          l PN se juza dak li hu irrilevanti? ghax jekk l Prim Ministru ma kienx qed jirreferi ghall-ideat tieghi bhala irrilevanti allura kien qed jattakkani bhala persuna

          • fkgh
            Posted at 12:56h, 12 December

            Li kieku ma vvutajtx kontra l-budget kieku dak li pproponejt kien jidhol fis-sehh u kien ikollok izjed sahha imma int ghazilt li tivvendika ruhek

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 12:59h, 12 December

            tkaxkir tas-saqajn galore

            ligi finanzjamwnt partiti – galdes report 17-il sena ilu!!
            cohabitation- ilha mwieghda xi tliet elezzjonijiet

          • M
            Posted at 13:01h, 12 December

            Franco, li qal il-Prim Ministru hu li inti m’ghadekx rilevanti fil-process politiku. Jekk kien hemm xi ideat li haddiehor ilu jhanbaq dwarhom ghexieren ta’ snin u li inti ddecidejt li huma tieghek, ma jfissirx li dawk l-affarijiet jindifnu mieghek – semplici ghal min jirraguna.

            Issa jien ma naqbilx li m’intix rilevanti. Fatto sta li l-PN hallew kandidat ta’ intelligenza minima u arroganza grassa jikkontesta. U mbaghad kien hemm problemi ta’ stabbilita fil-pajjiz. Ghaldaqstant, il-PN ghandu juri li qed jaghzel u joffri l-ahjar nies li jista’. Niddubita kemm hu l-kaz.


            Franco Debono
            Dec 11, 2012 @ 16:39:09

            the codification committee met many times and held very important meetings.
            the committee also drafted a historic administrative code

            Dec 12, 2012 @ 11:14:18

            Your comment is awaiting moderation.

            And again; fyi, I will post this elsewhere if you don’t upload it:

            Dec 12, 2012 @ 00:14:01

            Your comment is awaiting moderation.

            And he deletes it yet again.

            You’re terribly dishonest, Franco. Is this how your newly founded democracy is to function?

            Dec 11, 2012 @ 22:14:47

            Your comment is awaiting moderation.

            U rega’, ja hasra:

            Dec 11, 2012 @ 21:51:13

            Your comment is awaiting moderation.

            And you deleted it again:

            Dec 11, 2012 @ 19:05:50

            Your comment is awaiting moderation.

            You deleted the following, lest your ineptitude be displayed to those who believe in you for want of something to believe in; but I retained a copy and a screenshot:

            Dec 11, 2012 @ 16:53:08

            Your comment is awaiting moderation.

            The Administrative Code is an absolute joke. My favourite bit is the Henry VIII clause section, which would be hilarious if it weren’t so stupid. It’s a poorly drafted nonsense, and is based on some ridiculous notion of turning a basic textbook into a code. If that is your idea of good legal drafting, then thank god you have shown yourself the door.’

          • Veritier
            Posted at 13:03h, 12 December


            Mhux il-materja saret irrilevanti.

            Il-mozzjonijiet tiegħek saru irrilevanti kif appena INT STESS ivvutajt biex ittemm il-leġiżlatura.

            INT bħala eks-kandidat tal-partit sirt irrilevanti għall-partit.

            Bħala persuna, ħadd m’hu qed jgħidlek li int irrilevanti.

            Qed tifheeeeeem? (lissinha bil-mod kif jgħid Norman Lowel)

          • brigella
            Posted at 16:35h, 12 December

            Franco, int minfuh bik innifsek u allura ma tara xejn aktar…

        • Cupcake
          Posted at 16:39h, 12 December

          Good afternoon Veritier. A quick reply to your comment above:

          The motions put forward by Dr Debono were relevant both before and after the vote on the Money Bill had been taken – as these are required basic yet critical reforms.

          Im pretty sure that these motions will be discussed during the next legislature and potentially implemented as soon as possible.

          The PM has described Dr Debono, the MP who put forward such motions, as being irrelevant. If these motions are so irrelevant, then Dr Gonzi should not use them as propaganda for the next election.

          In addition, if Dr Gonzi calls Dr Debono irrelevant, then what are we the electorate to him? Kemm ghandu rispett il-Prim ghalina.

          I stongly believe that Dr Gonzi’s comment with respect to Dr Debono is extremely shameful, and the PM has really hit rock bottom now.

    • sturdut
      Posted at 12:41h, 12 December

      gejt il-mosta…staqsejt ghalik u hadd ma jafek

      • Kurt
        Posted at 12:47h, 12 December

        Franco .. kwalunkwe xol genwin li ghamilt gi mhassar bl-imgieba irresponsabbli tieghek fil-parlament. Issa, kif ammettejt int stess, il-karriera tieghek politika spiccat. L-ghazla int ghamilta .. issa ghix bija.

        • Franco Debono
          Posted at 12:51h, 12 December

          l-karriera politika tieghi ma tispiccax meta tiddeciedi int jew gonzi. din demokrazija jew dittatorjat?
          ahna l-uniku pajjiz fl-ewropa b’zewg partiti biss fil-parlament – l-arroganza tal-kummenti tieghek gejja minn dan il-fatt

          • sturdut
            Posted at 12:54h, 12 December

            tihom twegibha…twegibx il-kummenti taghhom u ohrog fuq id-distrett…dawn mhux fil-5distrett franco dw.

          • fkgh
            Posted at 12:57h, 12 December

            Mela kull meta tiddetta int!

          • Kurt
            Posted at 12:57h, 12 December

            Nikkoregi ruhi .. l-karriera politika tieghek mal-PN spiccat u int stess ghidt li mal-PL mhux se tkun qatt. Issa jew mur mal-alternattiva jew ohloq partit gdid mela. Ma tantx nara li dawn l-alternattivi li baqalek se jghinuk xi wisq.

          • brigella
            Posted at 16:35h, 12 December

            Franco, dittatur int

        • sturdut
          Posted at 13:02h, 12 December

          @ kurt…tajtu 2 soluzzjonijiet li jistghu isiru…qed turi kemm mhux vera hu irrelevanti

          • Kurt
            Posted at 13:14h, 12 December

            X’ghandu x’jaqsam? Mela ghax hemm dawk il-possibiltajiet jfisser li qisu ma gara xejn. Jista johrog kemm irid mal-alternattiva jew ma partit gdid pero xejn minn dak mhux se jhassar l-imgieba tieghu fil-parlament li f’ghajnejja kienet baxxa ghal-ahhar. U ghal dik ir-raguni jien nemmen li issa sar irrelevanti.

            Issa fil-kaz naraw kif l-elettorat jirrejagixxi jekk qatt Franco jikkuntesta l-elezzjoni ma partit gdid.

          • Anzjan
            Posted at 13:15h, 12 December

            Franco – tghatiex kas ta’ dawn il-hafna imdejjqin u frustrati li qed jistennew il-mannara tal-poplu Malti taqa’ fuq rashom. Int ghamilt hafna xoghol siewi u l-proposti tieghek kollha jaghmlu hafna sens. Nassigurak li l-PL fil-gvern fi 3 xhur ohra zgur li jikkonsultak biex tmexxi il-proposti tieghek il-quddiem.

          • fkgh
            Posted at 13:22h, 12 December

            Bniedem irrilevanti rnexxielu jhassar beneficcji ta bagit ghal Malta kollha minhabba vendikazzjoni. Grazzi

          • sturdut
            Posted at 14:05h, 12 December

            @ Kurt…ara vera mhux qijed fid-dinja u ma tafx titkellem int taf. qed tajjarni li mandux xjaqsam.

            “Jista johrog kemm irid mal-alternattiva jew ma partit gdid pero xejn minn dak mhux se jhassar l-imgieba tieghu fil-parlament li f’ghajnejja kienet baxxa ghal-ahhar. U ghal dik ir-raguni jien nemmen li issa sar irrelevanti.”

            Xghandu xjaqsam l-irrelevanza ma l-imgieba fil-parlament??? Fsessik int jew? l-irrelevanza ghandha xtaqsam ma jekk ikomplix fil-politika jew le. (alternattiva jew partit gdid) kemm iz-zobb int hmar

      • bulldog
        Posted at 13:15h, 12 December

        Sturdut insejt nghidlek li Guzeppi jiftahar li kulhadd jafu pero fil fatt vera jafuh imma jisthu jghidulek li jafuh ghax issa qieghed jsemmi l-Mosta u n-nies tal Mosta ma jriedux jaqaw ghaz zuffjett ghax ha tibqa l-kelma u tista issir l-aqma li L Mosta ghanda l-aqwa sboxxlat li qatt kella Malta.

        • sturdut
          Posted at 14:07h, 12 December

          nahseb xi wiehed redikolu jien dan guzeppi

    • bulldog
      Posted at 13:04h, 12 December

      Guzeppi hemm xi cans narawk fuq ir-rota? Bil bandiera ohrog ta, u dur il Mosta halli fi zgur isir kulhadd jafek. Ghidilom in-nies min int Guzeppi tal Mosta kulhadd jafek, li tigi mil kummiddjant l-iehor Giovanni. Ara kif tghamel biex tidher itfa xi naqra Christmas lights u decorations halli meta jidlam tkun ghadek iddur jarawk tleqq.
      Gonzi fornever