Updated : On Prime Ministerial consistency : from 1st June to 29th August

Updated : On Prime Ministerial consistency : from 1st June to 29th August

Lawrence ‘DCG’ Gonzi should note people are not interested in the new PN candidates but in the current GonziPN ministers!  

Does Prime Minister Gonzi’s favourite declaration that everyone must face the consequences of his actions apply only to those who do not agree with him or does it also apply for consistency’s sake to RCC’ s Joe Cassar (the minister of a very unHealthy portfolio), who was appointed Health Minister instead of Louis Deguara, Jeanpierre Farrugia, Michael Gonzi and others. Question one : was he appointed on the basis of meritocracy or was it Richard Cachia Caruana’s idea?

Parliament should reconvene earlier to discuss these very serious declaration by a much respected professional, besides the consultants’ appointment scandal and the ambulances third world country situation.



Lawrence Gonzi is the man I have dedicated a substantial part of my grown-up life following blindly and with utmost loyalty, whilst he was pushing Helen Damato to oust everyone from the fifth district including PN giant Louis Galea. Yes, Helen Damato was Lawrence Gonzi’s preferred candidate in the fifth district, but the electorate thought otherwise. Helen Damato was not always a PN supporter. And I say this today for the first time. I have contested that district for the last three elections and I know that district inside out.

Notwithstanding all the spokes in the wheels I had to endure from Gonzi’s leadership even before the election, I remained extremely loyal to Dr Gonzi, worked harder and managed to be elected to parliament from an impossible district. To be honest for one lifetime that is almost enough and greatly rewarding when the people have chosen me form a district wher heavyweights like Louis Galea nd Ninu Zammit were contesting, and from  a district where thought the PN returns two mps there were three in cabinet : Helen, Louis and Ninu making it practically impossible to get elected.

Yet, yes, thanks to the people, I managed to do what was next to impossible and that is why I will give my contribution in parliament every day with energy and zeal, in full respect of this privilige granted to me by the electorate of Zurrieq, B’Bugia, Kirkop, Safi, Mqabba, Qrendi and Marsaxlokk. Having been elected from an impossible district, with my hometown, Ghaxaq, no longer forming part of the district,  and managing in a few years to be a catalyst for fundamental constitutional, political and justice reforms in my beloved country, I can almost say mission accomplished!

The Times 1st June 2012  (before Austin Gatt had taken over completely)


 The Times 1st June 2012, story entitled : ‘Offers took Debono close to abstaining’

Meanwhile, Dr Gonzi yesterday confirmed that negotiations had taken place with Dr Debono before the vote.

“My door was always open,” he said, admitting that he was not sure about Dr Debono’s voting intentions despite having said on Wednesday that he was not surprised by the outcome.



Maltatoday 29 August 2012 (after Austin Gatt took over completely)


 Maltatoday 29 August 2012

The Office of the Prime Minister has denied that the government had attempted to stop MP Franco Debono from voting in favour of the Opposition’s motion, by offering him a number of concessions amongst them the perks of a junior minister, according to the MP.

  • The very south
    Posted at 12:20h, 10 September

    Naqbel mieghek li l-poplu interessat fil-ministri li hemm prezenti kif ukoll fid-deputati. Il-poplu interessat li d-deputati li jeleggi fil-parlament jattendu l-parlament u jiehu sehem fid-diskussjoni mhux jiksru r-rekord ta’ kemm ma jattendux il-parlament imbaghad johorgu jghidu li l-professjoni taghhom tehdilhom il-hin. Pero imbaghad biex jixorbu go xi kazin jew xi bar u jsiru dahna isibu hin?

  • Paul Borg
    Posted at 11:46h, 10 September

    Ghaziz Franco, b’sincerita nghidlek li inti tfakkarni f’Manoel Dimech u Nelson Mandela, zewg eroj kbar fil-pajjiz rispettiv taghhom.
    Bhalek, dawn haduha kontra l-Gvern oppressur ghall gid tal-poplu. Ghandu jkun ta’ unur ghalik li qed issemma lehnek u daqstant ta’ unur ghalina, l-poplu, li ghandna lilhek li qed taqbez ghalina.
    Grazzi Franco, kuragg, il-Poplu ghad jibqa jghafulek.
    Grazzi EROJ.

  • cikku l-poplu
    Posted at 18:16h, 03 September

    The Aynus is back with barred fangs. Bring the garlic, the cross and the wooden stake.

    • ta kafkaf
      Posted at 18:40h, 03 September

      There are certain important departments within government (not just health) where there is a big stench waiting to come out…omerta rules; political interference; incompetence; friends of friends..need I say more …even within OPM

  • Nita
    Posted at 14:49h, 03 September

    Dr. Debono, you are character assassinating once again. You will not rest until you have character assassinated half the PN group at least.

    As I have asked you four times whether you think Labour deserves to sit in Government at the next election and you have repeatedly not answered the question, I can only conclude that you find this question embarassing or you think it is not opportune to answer it now. You are playing your cards close to your chest. I can therefore only conclude that you are not/no longer a committed Nationalist but have become an opportunist. You are blind to the progress the Government has brought to the country ( I asked you, you did not answer). You are blind to what a Labour Goverment and its leader will bring to the country (I asked you, you did not answer). You are blinded by your own self-serving goals. You prefer to paint the Nationalist Government black and at the same time to conveniently put aside the consideration that in this country it is either blue or red, and you should know that the difference between the two is drastic. So why are you pushing us over the edge, Dr Debono?

    I will begin to believe your arguments the day you start to blog:
    1. about positive elements of the Nationalist party in government.
    2. about what a Labour Government would mean for this country.

    I would especially like to hear from you what you really expect to achieve for yourself pre-election and especially post-election, but I suspect you may not know it yourself.

      Posted at 15:41h, 03 September

      Nita, You have written a lot of words but nowhere did you find space to laud the present GonziPN. Nothing good to write about there, eh I suppose? Franco has made his stand very clear and has decided that real nationalists are the shield to the small common man, and NOT to con men. Franco is the real PN’s future, when the party will regenerate itself and regain the high moral ground it once occupied, but which it has lost so spectacularly. The recent incidents are just the tip of the iceberg.

      New Labour has changed for the better, and nowadays represents the best of what was good nationalist and good MLP. A completely new movement, notwithstanding some brought forward elements. The PN needs to do the same if it ever will be considered for Government again. But let me be clear. The evil clique that has hustled the party must be ousted by the party members themselves. This will happen after the party is put serenely in to opposition after next elections.

      • Nita
        Posted at 16:01h, 03 September

        Better Future, it is not up to me to laud the Government’s successes, but to Dr Debono, as a Nationalist politician, to tell us whether he thinks this Government deserves to go down the drain. As for your words regarding New Labour, needless to say I am not convinced at all.

      • mario allison
        Posted at 16:45h, 03 September

        Nita, professor Brincat,s accusations are so serious that there are going to be enormous consequences. Mr Brincat have shaken the very foundation ,of what the goverment is obliged by law to give to its citizens ,that is,free health care to each and everyone of us who have been paying taxes all our lives.the discrimination between who is admitted or sent home to die is beyond belief, IS THIS YOUR KIND OF CHARACTER ASSASINATION????? HOW CAN YOU SAY SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT THE PARTY WHEN THERE IS NOTHING GOOD TO SAY?????

        • mugly
          Posted at 17:04h, 03 September

          tat times qalu li 15 il sena ilu gara il kas

          • mario allison
            Posted at 17:48h, 03 September


          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 17:56h, 03 September

            @ mario allison :

            profs brincat was making ana rgument : the way joe cassar wanted to operate in gozo could lead to deaths as ahas already happened – this was the argument profs brincat was trying to make
            it still sheds important light on the way joe cassar wanted to operate cheoterapy in gozo
            and whenever it happende the police should investigate since human lives are involved

        • Bellamy
          Posted at 18:08h, 03 September

          15 years ago means 1997. At that time the Nationalist Party was out of office and the minister was not Dr. Cassar.
          Any one can now draw his own conclusions!!!!

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 18:09h, 03 September

            whenever it happened it is very serious

          • Salgister
            Posted at 19:12h, 03 September

            According to the Times, more than 15 years ago, not 15 years ago. Please read again!

  • Davinia
    Posted at 13:57h, 03 September

    Two years ago this blog had already said that very wrong things were happening in hospital: http://malta-exposed.blogspot.com/2011/02/gross-evil-in-hospitals.html

  • Gorg Sciberras
    Posted at 13:38h, 03 September

    Fuq affarijiet sensittivi bhal dawn mhux ahjar tistenna li l-ewwel isiru l-investigazzjonijiet mid-dipartimenti koncernati imbaghad titkellem. Bhala avukat kriminali forsi ma tafx li kumplikazzjonijiet u anke mewt mill-kemoterapija tista tigri irrispettivament minn negligenza.

    Ladarba l-investigazzjonijiet ikunu saru, wiehed ikun jista jghid l-ewwel nett jekk l-investigazzjonijiet sarux sew, t-tieni jekk kienx hemm negligenza, t-tielet, jekk hemmx xi hadd responsabbli, u r-raba’ u l-iktar importanti, jekk hemmx xi haga li tista ssir biex jitnaqqas ir-riskju li kazijiet bhal dawn (jekk jigu verifikati) jergghu jsehhu.

    M’ghandi l-ebda dubju li l-ahjar nies biex jinvestigaw dawn l-allegazzjonijiet huma fid-dipartiment tas-sahha. Il-pulizija zgur li mghandhomx “expertise” f’dawn l-oqsma.

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 14:47h, 03 September

      @ gorg sciberras :

      ghandek sball kbir, l-investigazzjonijiet tal-pulizija ghandom jinbdew minnufih altrimenti jistghu ma jsiru xejn.
      il-pulizija ma taghtikx opportunita tnaddaf darek biex taghmillek tfittxija! mhux hekk!
      imbaghad jekk mill-investigazzjonijiet tal pulizija ma jirrizultawx reati kriminali imbaghad titkompla l investigazzjoni amministrattiva izda mhux vicerversa

    • mario allison
      Posted at 16:56h, 03 September


      • Gorg Sciberras
        Posted at 13:02h, 04 September

        sakemm naf jien ghadha tezizti il-liberta’ ta’ l-espressjoni allura niddeciedi meta nghalaq halqi jien, mhux int. Hadd ma qallek li m’ghandekx dritt tfittex lill-gvern ma l-avukat tieghek. Il-kummenti tieghi huma dwar procedura, u ghandi esperjenza f’dan il-qasam anke barra minn Malta. Jekk il-pulizija tiddeciedi li tinvestiga, taghmel hi, imma fl-opinjoni tieghi, il-pulizija m’hijiex fl-ahjar pozizzjoni f’kazijiet bhal dawn.

  • rett
    Posted at 13:15h, 03 September

    Min dahhalhom jahdmu l-isptar ta Ghawdex – inexperienced jew unqualified staff?

    • mario allison
      Posted at 16:58h, 03 September


  • Platt Imkisser
    Posted at 00:18h, 03 September

    Black Angus, why don’t you do yourself a favor and sign in as your true witch self. Ghal inqas jekk mhux b’ismek: DCG, tistgha taghzel min hafna aktar ismijiet addattati ghalik – Sahhara tal-bidnija, Mahruqa, Plate Breaker, u x’naf jien…

    • Angus Black
      Posted at 18:32h, 03 September

      Platt imkisser, dika mxellfa, qampiena stunata, ….
      Heed your own advice first, will you?

  • Kukklu
    Posted at 16:52h, 02 September

    Ma jridx jaf Dr debono!, U huwa stess u shabu l-ministri se jerfghu responsabbilta’ ta’ghemilhom?

  • Thorny
    Posted at 16:29h, 02 September

    Veru akwistajnieh il Lawrence ’DCG’ Gonzi , fix-xorti sibnih, xorti hazina!

    • Angus Black
      Posted at 18:36h, 03 September

      Mela ma mortx tant hazin, Thorny.

      Min hawn u ftit iehor, grazzi ghal Franco fix-xorti se ssib lill-Karmenu w Gorg Vella, AST, Leo Brinkat, Jose’, etc. Dik mhux xorti hazina nsejjhilha imma dizastru shih, dizastru li nistghu nevitaw, imma in-nofs imhuh jibilghu kollox li Joseph ibellghalom u jivvutaw ghalieh!

      • MELVIN
        Posted at 20:48h, 04 September

        Tista Angus tejdilna x disastru hu dan li qed isemmi forsi jigi Karmenu Vella u jerga iqajjem l airmalta fuq saqaja kullhadd jafu it track record ta karmenu fuq l airmalta.Xorti hazina taf xini li tamel xi sia u nofs fuq stage tistenna l arriva jew icempel l ambulanza u tamel sie tistenna jew ghal xejn b xejn tigi DCG tajjrek ghal xejn dik nahseb xorti hazina

  • Sofra Kebab
    Posted at 15:36h, 02 September

    @ Automobile Zebbug

    Ghalfejn qed tahseb hekk habib? Ha nitilfuh il-Franco u nitwekkew b’dak Delia zgur. Ara xi propoganda ha jkollu dak biex jitla. Tal-misthija. Taqtax qalvek Franco.

    • Automobile Zebbug
      Posted at 16:00h, 02 September

      Sofra – franco alla ta rgiel. Bhalma tkellimna dejjem jien u int. Dak is-salvatur u dejjem warajh.

  • Kukklu
    Posted at 15:28h, 02 September

    Vera li wara li rrizenja l-profs Brincat, il-ministru tas-sahha qal ISSA NISTGHU NAHDMU BLA TFIXKIL?? Jekk qal hekk ga maghzulin mid-dehra l-konsulenti l-godda li se jiehdu post il-Profs Brincat….m’hemmx xi ragel jew mara ta’ xi iben jew bint ministru iehor jew ohra hux? Nisperaw li le.

  • Automobile Zebbug
    Posted at 15:21h, 02 September

    Fl- Indipendenza se jaghti x jifhem li se mmorru ghall elezzjoni sa Novembru

  • Tas-south
    Posted at 15:15h, 02 September


    There were many ex MLP canvassers who contested with PN. There were many PN canvassers that contested or are contesting with MLP. What do you want to reach at that? One thing is for certain they always toed the party line.

    You call yourself a reformer. Even Mintoff was projected as one but rest assured there are no parallels.

    You say that the 5th district is a difficult district. Without disagreeing with you what are the second, third and fourth districts then?

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 15:26h, 02 September

      @ tas-south

      5th district was the most difficult in the last election. why?

      it is a Labour stronghold
      whilst PN elects two members of parliament, there were three cabinet members : ninu, louis and helen

      now can you indicate another district which was so difficult?

      • Angus Black
        Posted at 18:40h, 03 September

        I tend to agree with Franco here as far as previous elections were concerned and which he contested. Now I tend to agree with you however, Tas-South, because the ‘difficult’ person will not be part of the equation. It will be an easier district to contest in.

    Posted at 15:08h, 02 September

    Onor franco f gieh is sewwa u ghal gid ta dan il pajjiz ghax ma tressaqx vot ta sfiducja f dan il gvern u fil ministri inkompetenti kollha ? Matghaddix gurnata li ma nisimghux b xihaga gdida .Din tal ahhar serjissima , din hemm il hajja tan nies involuta.Dan mhux qed jistqarr xihadd li ghandu xi agenda jew intress politiku .Kultant lanqas temmen li ahna cittadini tal unjoni ewropea.Ma nahsibx li fl unjoni ewropea meta jigri xihaga hekk ma jirrezenjawx u ma jerfghux ir responsabilta.Din tal ahhar ta Tonio Fenech mhux tajba ukoll rega ma lahax il miri finanzjarji use jaghmel awsterita mit tindif fl iskejjel mill It ?Ghax ma ghamilx ekonomija mil brige to nowhere ,mit teatru bla saqaf ,jiritornaw dawk ii 500e fil gimgha .Dak kien falla il kunsill ta Birkirkara ,issa falla pajjiz imbasta jehodha kontra il profs Edward Scicluna . Daqsu jifhem dak!

    • kalkariz
      Posted at 18:59h, 02 September

      Viva Malta Tonio Fenech vera falla il-kunsill ta B’kara meta kien sindku u issa qed ifalli lil pajjiz imma ta lanqas ma jikalkulax in-nies bhan-numri, l-profs meta tkun gejja xi ellezjoni issibu biss wara jikalkulak bil-calculator daqs numru ghal listatistika.
      Darba fdajtek darbtejn le.

  • Demm Nazzjonalist
    Posted at 14:55h, 02 September

    Franco, jigri x’jigri Gonzi jibqa` l-ahjar ghazla.Ahjar minn Dalli zgur.

  • Kukklu
    Posted at 13:57h, 02 September

    X’ ghandu jghidilna Gonzi dwar dawn l-akkuzi tal-Profs Brincat? Xi skuA jew gidba hiereg biha? U l-Ministru Cassar x’ghandu x’jghid? Professjoni psikjatra gennu ministeru tas-sahha…forsi qed jipprepara biex ma jmutx bil-guh la jispicca minn ministru u kulhadd imur ghall-kura ghandu.

    • finish line
      Posted at 14:17h, 02 September

      Bhalissa il-Ministru Cassar qieghed quddiem il-mera jaghmel ezami ta’ profiling lil-pazjent. Ha naraw biex se johrog.

      • elfen
        Posted at 14:25h, 02 September

        wisq probabbli qed jidhaq dik id dahqa tas soltu wkoll………..ax peress li ghandu biex…..

          Posted at 17:06h, 02 September

          Yes Elfen. Cassar and the rest would be laughing all the way to the bank. They do not care now. Their loaves have been baked long ago, and they do not care to get re-elected. They would love to go into opposition and watch Labour squirm whilst hopelessly trying to get Malta back from the brink to which they led it. They light up their fat cigars, cap their large brandy balloons, seat their bottoms on fine leather armchairs and dream up schemes how to cause trouble for Labour in Government, to the detriment of all Maltese of good will.

    • De Giorgio
      Posted at 14:20h, 02 September

      Dalghodu f’Birzebbugia, Gonzi kull ma kellu xi jghid dwar dawn l-oxxenitajiet kien li “l-aqwa li nsibu nixtru c-cikkulata u t-toothpaste li rridu” ……TAL-MISTHIJJA!!!!

  • De Giorgio
    Posted at 13:53h, 02 September

    … Din id-darba l-vot ta’ sfiducja mhux fil-ministru Cassar biss irid ikun, imma fil-gvern kollu kemm huwa….l-problema hija wahda serja hafna, dan l-iktar gvern inkompetenti mill-Indipendenza l’hawn, kienu l-aghar 4 snin ghal Malta u hemm bzonn urgenti li gonzipn jitwarrab mill-poter illum qabel ghada !!

  • elfen
    Posted at 13:45h, 02 September

    Franco..I think you need to post an article on Dr. Brincat’ s allegations….very very serious

    • Ella
      Posted at 14:47h, 03 September

      Another topic you should post about is the ridiculous and insensitive IVF law being proposed? Why is the country going to be lumped with regulations which are going to make it almost impossible for women to conceive? Theu’re just taking couples for a ride cos the success rates of what is being propsed are low. And is it true that sperm banking will be ilegal? How about young cancer patients who might want to have children later on?

  • Kukklu
    Posted at 13:40h, 02 September

    Ma nafx kif tista’ tkun minstru tas-sahha u ma tirrizenjax wara r-rizenja tal-Profs Brincat u l-akkuzi tieghu.Hemm bzonn li jkun hemm vot ta’ sfiducja fih fil-parlament Mhux ahjar jaqbad it-triq tal-irgulija u jirrizenja? Int tivvota kontrih fil-parlament Dr Debono? Zgur temmen li ghandu jerfa’ responsabbilta’ politika. Tafuhom l-akkuzi tal-Profs Brincat? Li kellu ndhil biex jghidulu liema pazjenti ghandhom jinghataw il-kura u min le…li f’Ghawdex mietu xi pazjenti minhabba xi kura moghtija min-nies li mhux professjonisti fil-qasam…biex ma nsemmx il-waiting list tal-Mater Dei ghall-operazzjonijiet, in-nuqqas ta’ sodod u mhaded, il-pazjenti fil-kurituri u l-ghazla tal-konsulenti…MELA META GHANDU JIRRIZENJA MINISTRU?? Kif ma jisthix Gonzi bitrack rekord ta’ ministru bhal dan?

    • X'riha
      Posted at 14:01h, 02 September

      Il-qasba ma issaqsaqx ghalxejn: l-ewwel kellna it-tgerfixa fuq konsulenti minghajr certifikati: illum jirrezenja Prof Brincat: il-qasba Franco ma issaqsaqx ghalxejn . Min suppost imexxi u hu accountable ghal ghemilu sar bla misthija! Its not about politics -Brincat mhux annimal politiku- its all about accountibility and ‘irgulija’ : kollha sparixxew taht GonziPN li kisser , qasam u gerfex lil Partit! ghandna bzonn rih ta bidla; keep it up Franco!

  • De Giorgio
    Posted at 13:09h, 02 September

    Habib, jidher car u tond li gonzipn tilef kull sens ta’ onesta’ …jekk qatt kien hemm !! Jidher car daqs il-kristall li dan il-pajjiz jismu Malta jinsab mahtuf minn klikka zghira ta’ nies, kollha migburin taht l-umbrella gonzipn.
    Int ghandek is-sahha tal-vot parlamentari tieghek biex twaqqaf dan kollu, illum qabel ghada…..Aghmel dak li ghandek taghmel biex titwaqqaf din il-klikka ta’ xibka ta’ hazen !!!!

  • joe camilleri
    Posted at 13:08h, 02 September

    Isma din vera li qed jinghad li il-ministru Cassar kien jissuggerixxi lil Dr Brincat lil liema pazjenti jibghat lejn id-dar u lil min idahhal minn flokhom? Jekk din tirrizulta ara vera tal-misthija. Nahseb li meta ministru jissuggerixxi jkun qed jordna bil-pulit. Nispera li din tigi ccarata u nittama li hi ahbar falza.

  • Sofra Kebab
    Posted at 12:05h, 02 September

    It’s not fair that this Manuel Delia will be backed and promoted by the PN instead of you Franco. You have been a PN activist since University days. Dan Delia x’qatt ghamel???

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 12:37h, 02 September

      @ sofra kebab :

      when i was at university I didnt limit myself to students protest unlike him but contested a general election at 24

      • Automobile Zebbug
        Posted at 15:16h, 02 September

        Int kellek kuragg…king int franco

        • Angus Black
          Posted at 18:42h, 03 September

          So is ‘il-King’, Jason Micallef.

          • MELVIN
            Posted at 20:32h, 04 September

            Le Angus nahseb li Pawlu Borg Olivier il KING ghax lanqas kapaci jibad email insomma lanqas il Prim Ministru ma ghandu fiducja fih ghax tefalu li Austin Gatt Tal GANG

          • MELVIN
            Posted at 20:33h, 04 September

            Le Angus nahseb li Pawlu Borg Olivier il KING ghax lanqas kapaci jibad email insomma lanqas il Prim Ministru ma ghandu fiducja fih ghax tefalu li Austin Gatt Tal GANG jejnu fil kampanja eletorali

  • Spiru
    Posted at 12:03h, 02 September

    Issa ma Helen D’Amato se taqbad ? Kellek bzonn gentlom daqs nofs kemm hi mara Helen. Dejjem hadmet sfieq ghall-partit, fis-skiet, u dejjem ghenitna lilna l-kostitwenti. Imissek tisthi issa. Int taf il-hames distrett ? U hallina. Kieku tafu kont taghlaq halqek u tahdem ghax il-hames distrett hu fortizza kbira Laburista. U mur ara – dejjem tpeclaq fuq kemm gibt voti – ma gibtx voti tal-Labusristi, kull ma gibt hadt minn ta’ Ninu u Louis u Helen. U ddahhaqx. Konna nammirawk kieku bis-sahha tieghek il-partit kien itella’ tliet siggijiet mill-hames distrett ghax kont tghid li gibt il-voti tal-Laburisti. Mela billi tpeclaq fuq il-voti li gibt ? Jien tal-idea cemplilha ftit lil Helen D’Amato u ghidilha ttik lezzjoni fuq kif veru tkun kandidat leali lejn il-partit mela l-paroli fil-vojt li ghaddej bih ? Jien kont mill-hames distrett, dejjem ivvutajt lil Helen ghax dejjem ghenitna u kienet veru sinciera u hadmet bil-kbir ghall-partit. Mur ara issa. Ejja nghidu l-PN ihallik tohrog fuq il-hames distrett – int, Tony Bezzina, Manuel Delia, u Schiavone – veru nkunu qeghdin illaqqtu l-qiegh tal-borma ha nghidlek…..Ma xxammarx il-kmiem u tara kif se tghin lil–partit jirbah ? Jien naqbel hafna mal-ideat tieghek, imma li issa se ddur fuq Helen ukoll, issa qed taqbez il-limiti tal-gentlomizza , dicenza u r-razzjonalita’.

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 13:41h, 02 September

      @ spiru :

      inti taf mara din il-litanija kollha jekk helen damato li hi minn bkara, kenitx canvasser kbira ta joe debono grech, l-ex ministru tal-Malta Labour Party, qabel saret nazzjonalista? taf jekk hux vera? qieghed f’posizzjoni tmeri din l-informazzjoni?

      • Toula
        Posted at 14:20h, 02 September


        Vera li l-familja ta Manuel Delia hija laburista?

      • Bellamy
        Posted at 23:20h, 02 September

        Franco, jiena lil Helen naf hafna aktar milli tafha int. Nikkonferma li hija minn B’Kara u kien hemm żmien fejn familtha kient habibha ma’ Joe Debono Grech. Imma billi qed tghid dan fuqha m’intix ser iccapsilha unurha. Meta Helen u familtha rrejalizzaw li kienu fuq in-naħa l-ħażin kien ghad hemm il-gvern Socjalista. Forsi kont ghadek aktar tifel mill-lum u ma tifhimx biżżejjed kemm dak in-nhar kienet haġa riskjuża li fil-beraħ turi li mhux biss ma’ kontx ghadek tappoġġa lis-Socjalisti imma fuq kollox tidħol b’ruħek u ġismek taħdem kontra tagħhom!! U dan kollu Helen għamlitu u b’ħidmitha għenet ukoll biex ir-reġim Socjalista jitlef il-gvern fil-1987.
        Għafejn qed taqla’ dawn l-affarijiet? Din mhix għira bazwija? Jaqaw għalik huwa dnub li Socjalist jingħaqad mal-PN. Tiftaħar tant li kienu hafna minn dawn li fl-aħħar elezzjoni bil-ħita tiegħek ivvutaw PN!!
        Meta ser tikber Franco? Tifel kont u aktar sirt! Kif ma tirrealizzax li issa mhux biss qbist il-limitu imma qażżist lil kulħadd.Tlift il-kreditu li kellek ma kulħadd, Nazzjonalisti u Laburisti, avolja dawn tal-aħħar fid-deher jappoġġjawk! Pero’ minn wara dahrek bejniethom jgħidu kemm int ċuc u vavu!!!!

        • Franco Debono
          Posted at 09:04h, 03 September

          @ bellamy :

          jien kont nazzjonalist minn dejjem. mi hal ghaxaq, u dejjm kont nazzjonalist.

          la tafha sew lil helen iccekja wkoll sew ghaliex ma baqghetx labour. imma qed niehu gost tikkonferma li helen damato kienet helper ta joie debono grech

          qed nghid dan ghax kien hawn hafna li ikkummentaw fuq il-lealta tieghi

      • Ex 5 distrett
        Posted at 14:54h, 03 September

        Franco, li naf hi li meta kellna bzonnha dejjem sibnieha, mhux bhalek. Kienet x’kienet qabel, kienet leali lejn il-partit, mhux bhalek. U nerga nghidlek, int m’ghamilt xejn ta’ barra minn hawn billi tlajt, ghax kull ma ghamilt hadt il-voti tal-ohrajn. Lill-PN ma tajtu xejn ta’ barra minn hawn ghax voti tal-Laburisti, bil-paroli tieghek kollu, ma hadtx. Ma kienx jehodhom, alla jahfirlu, Carmelo Caruana, li haddt daqsu ma ghamel gid liz Zurrieq, u l-ebda pecluq Laburist, ahseb u ara inti….. U jekk il-hames distrett kien dejjem iebes, u naqbel mieghek, ahseb u ara issa x’inhu gej – ha llaqqtu l-qiegh bik, Bezzina, tal-Arriva, u ta’ Marsaxlokk…….Ajmma hej,…..

        • mario allison
          Posted at 18:44h, 03 September

          at this very moment NET TV is still trying their very best to keep character assasinating Dom Mintoff… no wonder they are last in the ratings…will somebody pls tell them that the man is dead and buried…..will we do the same when eddie snuffs it??? shall we go through his life day by day and remind the world of his mistakes????

    • Kukklu
      Posted at 13:54h, 02 September

      Ghndek black on white Spiru.? Mela tmerix filkas.

      • Spiru
        Posted at 14:56h, 03 September

        Black on white xiex, fuq kemm ghenet lill- kostitwenti Helen ? Meta trid nghidlek minn xiex hargitna dik. Dik veru mara ta’ stonku, u l- King ta’ Hal Ghaxaq ma joqghodx hdejn gharqubha…….

        • mugly
          Posted at 15:09h, 03 September

          Mela jinten gharquba?????????

  • Big Fish, Little Fish
    Posted at 11:47h, 02 September

    DCG is a hired killer.

    (Of characters, needless to say, character assassinations)

    Angus Black is a volunteer idiot.

    (He’s competing with the Professional Idiot, to quote DCG, for Idiot of the Year.)

    Grow up Angus, and see the manipulation for what it is!

  • finish line
    Posted at 10:41h, 02 September

    Dalghodu fuq SundayTOM il-Profs Brincat ghamel allegazzjoniet serjissimi. Franco, inti fid-dmir (u anke shabek tal-Parlament)li titlob li b’urgenza jitlaqqa l-parlament u min ghandu jerfa r-responsabilta igorrha. Jew ahjar ikun ragel u jitlaq minn issa.

  • Demm Nazzjonalist
    Posted at 10:39h, 02 September

    Franco, wara dak li qrajt fit Times illum, inhoss li l-kummissarju tal-pulizija ghandu jibghat ghal Profs Stephen Brincat, ghal Ministru Joe Cassar u l-konsulenti tieghu.Jekk vera dak li qal il Profs Brincat dan huwa kaz serju hafna fejn post dawn in-nies irid ikun il habs.

  • nene
    Posted at 07:22h, 02 September

    we have been taken for a ride by the evil clique masquerading behind the PN veiles. I will only vote for God fearing politicians. no Franco no vote

  • chuck bartowski
    Posted at 00:56h, 02 September

    Anglu Kustodju
    li kont veru l’anglu kustodju kont tipprotegi lil franco li huwa fuq in naha it tajba u tikkastiga lil minn ghandu kilba ghall poter meta taf li il pajjiz mhux qieghed jitmexxi tajjeb b’dawn il problemi li ghandu hergin kuljum mill l’oqsma kollha.
    Ammetti li wara hafna snin fil gvern kullhadd jixba u ikun irrid bidla radicali.
    Forsi din hija ir-raguni li Dr. Franco Debono jixtieq li jara jew qed jara fil pajjiz u dan ilu jaghmlu ghal xhur shah issa.

  • Thorny
    Posted at 00:46h, 02 September

    Dr. Lawrence “DCG” Gonzi is just not there, is not hands on, IS HISTORY like his GonziPN!

  • P.Zammit
    Posted at 23:48h, 01 September

    It’s all about HIM …all the rest does not matter. He is the STAR !

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 02:50h, 02 September

      @ P.zammit :
      no. austin gatt is the star. he got 1300 votes in 1998. then eddie appointed him minister

      • P.Zammit
        Posted at 11:04h, 02 September

        One thing for sure Franco …Austin did far more for the party than you will ever do

        • Franco Debono
          Posted at 12:51h, 02 September

          @ p zammit

          did far more harm you meant?

          • Bellamy
            Posted at 23:25h, 02 September

            @ Franco
            Kellek bżonn kont ragel ta’ prinċipju daqsu! Kieku int illum alla tagħna n-Nażżjonalisti! Imma jaħasra rasek kibret wisq u spiccajt il-laughing stock ta’ kulhadd!!!

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 09:05h, 03 September

            @ bellamy :

            a hajr nispicca l laughing stock, ghax fis sahha they are crying about the minister not laughing!

  • Anglu Kustodju
    Posted at 23:14h, 01 September

    “Lawrence Gonzi is the man I have dedicated a substantial part of my grown-up life following blindly and with utmost loyalty..”

    U hallina Dr. Debono 🙂

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 23:27h, 01 September

      @ anglu kustodju :

      i contested my first election at 24 in 1998

      • Angus Black
        Posted at 01:38h, 02 September

        Boo hoo Franco! Since 1998 eh?

        Please, please stop being ridiculous. Please, please stop shooting your toes off, if you have any left!

        Ara x-hongra kont tiftah kieku Lawrence Gonzi lahhaq lill Michael Gonzi Ministru tasahha! Kemm kont tghid li ghax huh, ghax tal-‘klikka’, tal-qalba…. Kemm tiflah tkun makakk?

        Franco, is-Sajf ghoddu spicca imma r-rih isfel ta Settembru mhux tant tajjeb ghalik ghax donnok qed taqta nifsek. L-argumenti qed jisfaxxaw fix-xejn, u m’inti tikkonvinci lill hadd.

        Ahjar tmur tqatta ftit granet hdejn il-bahar, igbed ftit nifsijiet ta arja pura halli forsi tikklirja mohhok. Tmurx lejn Delimara ta, hanini, li ma tmurx taqbdek xi allergija. Mur wasla sa l-Italja ta Fuq ghax hemm m’hemmx dhahen tal-HFO, forsi tad-dijzil u petlor tal-karrozzi, bhal ma ssib Hal Ghaxaq.

        • Franco Debono
          Posted at 02:52h, 02 September

          @ angus black :

          lawrence gonzi sacrificed his own brother biex taparsi mhemmx favuri u klikek.

          michael is a wonderful man

          • finish line
            Posted at 08:51h, 02 September

            Bil-kritika li qed taghmel Dott, inti qed taghmel xogholok. Ahna ma ivvotajnilekx biex tbaxxi rasek u dejjem tghid iva, ikun li trid int. Jekk jidirlek li qed tghid huwa ghal ahjar, hekk ghandek taghmel. Jekk il-partit ma joghgbux kliemek, ghandu jkeccik u mhux vici versa. Imma l-partit chicken u mhux kapaci jghidlek itlaq ghax jaf li n-nazzjonalisti ta veru, jaqblu mieghek.

          • salvino sciberras
            Posted at 10:10h, 02 September

            Michael is a wonderful man. Fl-ahhar ghedt wahda tajba.

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 13:00h, 02 September

            @ salvino sciberras :

            qed nistaqsik formalment jekk intix salvino sciberras membru tal kumitat ezekuttiv li se tiddeciedi dwar t-talba tieghi sabiex nirriserva d-dritt li nitlob rikuza tieghek in vista tal-pregudizzji gravi li ghandek fil-konfont tieghi uhud minnhom ibbazati fuq falsitajiet u kongetturi

          • Angus Black
            Posted at 19:36h, 03 September

            Re: Salvino Sciberras, li jien ma nafx min hu wisq anqas jinteressani.

            Mela nassumu li Salvino huwa membru ta l-Ezekuttiv li diga ha decizjoni unanima xi gimghat ilu u li int qed tappella. Allura il-kumplament ta l-Ezekuttiv huma kollha pregudikati kontrik? Kemm il-darba rrizenjajt u l-istess Ezekuttiv halliek tirrikonsidra d-decizjoni tieghek? Tahseb li sewwa nibqghu sejrin hekk? Issir ferm aktar hsara jekk l-Ezekuttiv idawwar id-decizjoni li diga ha, billi int komplejt bl-attakki tieghek kontra shabek stess u kontra l-Prim Ministru. Tinsiex, il-huta z-zghira qatt ma belghet il-huta kbira w int makku hdejn min dahhal l-ewro f’Malta, min kien sod fil-krizi tal-Libja u min beda progetti li hadd qabel ma ssogra johlom, wisq anqas jaghmilhom.

            Mela veru li kont ghidtlek li int il-MINORANZA w allura int u ftit ohra jaghmlu l-‘klikka’ li dahhalt f’mohhok w l-MAGGURANZA tal-Partit m’humiex klikka izda dawk li jaghmlu l-Partit b’sahhtu, gust u ma jhallu xejn spazju ghal minoranza li hlief deni ghal skopijiet ulterjuri m’ghandomx f’mohhom.

            Jekk il-PM jghajjat elezzjoni ghal Novembru, addio l- Private members Bill tieghek, w r-riformi li kellek f’mohhok. B’dan il-kjass kollu ma tkun irbaht xejn, la ghalik, wisq anqas ghad-distrett tieghek u ghal Malta.

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 09:21h, 04 September

            @ angus black :

            forsi ghalik d dinja se tispicca wara l elezzjoni. mhux ghal kulhadd hekk imma. malta ghandha hajja wara l elezzjoni. ir riformi jistghu isiru bil kwiet

        • mario allison
          Posted at 11:41h, 02 September

          angus,for a moment there,i tought you were reffering to micheal gonzi ,the archbishop.as you seem to be still living in the past pre dinosour era of 40 or 50 years ago

          • Demm Nazzjonalist
            Posted at 13:49h, 02 September

            @ Franco Debono nahseb li dak Salvino Sciberras.Kien fahhar lil Clyde hafna.Ovvja hux ghax Angelito ma Clyde qieghed sa fejn naf jien.

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 13:53h, 02 September

            @ demm nazzjonalist :

            jista salvino sciberras jinformana ghaliex qed jitbaqbaq filwaqt li jonformana bil-karigi li okkupa hu/ jew membri tal-familja tieghu taht il-PN halli wiehed jikkalkula x’inhu l-gwadann (jekk hemm) u allura nistghu nifhmu x ‘inhu l-motiv ghaliex qed imeri s-sewwa maghruf biex jehodha kontrija?
            allura jekk ghandu interess personali allura hekk mod iehor! nifhmu ahjar

          • BETTER FUTURE
            Posted at 17:08h, 02 September

            Good one Franco.

          • Angus Black
            Posted at 19:44h, 03 September

            @ Mario Allison

            You seem to be more confused than I feared.
            How can you mistake Michael Gonzi for Archbishop Gonzi? If I was referring to the Archbishop, I would have titled him accordingly so that minions like you would understand who I was referring to right away.
            Besides, how could Prime Minister Gonzi appoint a long dead person to any position at all?

            This should give an idea to all those reading this blog what kind of nincompoops adorn the Labour Party of which, judging from your writing here and in The Times, you appear to be one prime example.

          • mario allison
            Posted at 08:30h, 06 September

            I wonder who the minion is, i knew that the archbishop is long dead and enjoying his promotion down yonder,Iam no labourite puppet,i am me,Now i know who you really are ,you have given yourself up,i posted a couple of times on the TIMES ON LINE but suddenly they stopped my posts, somebody must have given you my email which is supposed to be protected, my post was meant to show you that you are still living in the past, i do not vomit bile ,i just say what i feel,which i have a right to do.i tried to post on DCG notebook but i suspect she/he does not fancy me..

  • Southerner
    Posted at 23:14h, 01 September

    Kull min hu veru Malti ta riedha tajba ghandu johrog jikkritika daqs iljun
    dawn l-allegazzjonijjiet ta Dr. Brincat, u min hu responsabbli ghandu jwarrab
    jew jitwarrab immedjatament, possibli li f-dan il-povru pajjiz wasalna s-hawn.
    Il-knisja wkoll ghandha tghid taghha bla biza f-kazijjiet serjissimi bhal dawn.

    • Diandra Gauci
      Posted at 07:22h, 02 September

      F dan il povru pajjiz kullhadd jaf li qed jigru affarijiet bhal dawn u kullhadd jibza jitkellem ghax huwa fatt maghruf li hawn erbgha min nies li ghandhom is sahha u li jghidu huma jsir.
      Dan il povru pajjiz igerger u jonfoh u jissaporti u jibqa ma jghamel xejn ghax hekk maghamul il Malti.
      Nitkellem ma min nitkellem kullhadd migdum u mdejjaq li Malta ta erbgha min nies u kullhadd ihossu bla sahha li jista jghamel xi haga.
      Dan il povru pajjiz irid jara fejn halla l bocci biex jigborom u jerga jibda juzaghhom.
      Maltijja qabel kull hag ohra.

      • mario allison
        Posted at 11:44h, 02 September

        Diandra, a decent whistleblower act.a really independant magistrate with a lot of balls……problem solved…..excuse the pun ,dear

  • Demm Nazzjonalist
    Posted at 22:43h, 01 September

    Franco, nahseb li qed tinsa li l-Prim Ministru kien qalilna biex nivvotaw ucuh godda fl-ahhar elezzjoni.

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 23:26h, 01 September

      fil hames distrett kien qed jirreferi ghal helen damato. ibqa cert

  • Big Fish, Little Fish
    Posted at 21:50h, 01 September

    If this is true:

    What kind of obstacles did Brincat encounter, MaltaToday asked Brincat.

    “The list is endless, starting from the location for cancer services to objecting and being told which patients not to discharge and ones to admit.


    not only the Minister for Health should resign, but the PM too.

    Dr Debono please ask about this incredible allegation.

    WHO thinks he’s God and has the power of life and death over people???

    • Angus Black
      Posted at 02:12h, 02 September

      Hahaha MaltaToday!

      The Gospel according to Saviour.

      Enough said.

      Did anyone read the Ministry’s version of events and how Brincat objected to chemo-therapy being administered in Gozo?

      • Franco Debono
        Posted at 02:54h, 02 September

        @ angus black :
        most probably chaemotherapy in gozo was one of giovanna s electoral gimmicks. and a good professional did well to object. he gave his reasons why he objected.

        professional advice should be heeded

        • Ella
          Posted at 14:31h, 03 September

          Totally agree on this being one of Giovanna’s ideas. The sad thing about this whole saga is that we now have patients who are refusing to undergo further chemtherapy because they are terrified. The alarming statements made in the last few days have made people lose their trust in the system. And i’m saying this after having counselled a few people just this morning. There’s chaos reigning in patients minds out there- an official reaction and clarification are urgently required!

        • Angus Black
          Posted at 19:50h, 03 September

          Anything proposed by someone else is a gimmick.

          Any of your proposals is the best thing since apple pie, more likely ‘pie in the sky’.

          Hallina Franco ghax ma tqattax ftit hin biex tara x’ghandu bzonn Hal Ghaxaq u taghti daqqa t’id lill-Kunsill Lokali? Aktar minn hekk m’hemmx cans li tasal.

      • Demm Nazzjonalist
        Posted at 08:23h, 02 September

        Dan Stephen Brincat mhux hu l-mara ta l-Speaker Michael Frendo?Jaqaw Michael mhux hiereg?Tghix ghaliex Michael?

        • IL VERITa
          Posted at 12:42h, 02 September

          Il mara ta STEPHEN BRINCAT hi oht MICHAEL FRENDO. STEVE u huh MARK , il PN lahhquwhom kapijiet ta dipartiment meta kellhom biss xi 35 sena wara in 1987 meta spicca li strike tat-tobba ”FOR SERVICES RENDERED.” Min dak inhar HADD MA SETA GHALIJHOM. Dawn kieku fost il medical students li marru l ingilterra meta beda li strike FIN 1977. Waqt li shabhom hawn issawwtu fuq kastilja ghax riedu jibqu hawn Malta jistudjaw, huma kienu min tal ewwel li dabbru rashom ,u issetiljati tajjeb hafna go Londra f appartament lussuz li kien xtralhom missierhom in-NUTAR BRINCAT li kien maghruf sewwa li jaghmel xoghol lukrativ ghal klikka li kienet tmexxi il pajjiz dak izzmien,. Go Londra ghamlu ghaxar snin shah jiktbu kull gimgha ghal , gazzetti lokali kontra il Gvern ta dak izzmien u kontra isservizzi medici ipprovduti mil gvern ta Mintoff dak izzmien u jheggu favur il professional boycott tat tobba li iddecidew li jghatu isservizz taghhom lil pazjenti Maltin waqt li strike.


      • Angus steak sar iswed mahruq!
        Posted at 14:10h, 02 September

        Mur ikteb fuq Times, Angus Black; hemm ma jaghmulekx censura bhal m a jaghmlu lilna kull meta niktbu xi haga favur Franco u kontra GonziPN: jew mur ivvomta fuq il-blog tas-sahhara…..dik li m’ghandix x’taqsam mal-Partit!!!!! Tghadduna biz-zmien min ghalikom!
        tafdahx lil Angus Franco, dak ippappija tajjeb hafna u hafna ma GonziPN; mhux se jdardar l-ghajn li timlieh bil-flus!

        • Angus Black
          Posted at 20:04h, 03 September

          Mhux hekk, Stejk mahruqa ghax spiss immur nigbor cekk minn Kastilja ghal ftit kitba hawn u bnadi ohra imma mhux fit-Times ghax ili li gejt iccensurat hemm peress li ma tantx nirrispetta l-attitudni tal-PL u wisq anqas l-istorja vjolenti w falluta tal-passat tieghu. Ara kieku kont ‘Censu Figolli’ w ohrajn li jiktbu kontra l-gvern, kieku kollox sew u kollox jghaddi. Allura lit-Times abbandunajta w nhalli lill haddiehor jiddefendi lill-PN. Pero nibqa nsegwi l-grajjiet xorta wahda biex inkun naf x’inhu ghaddej.
          Ghall informazzjoni tieghek, l-unika raguni li nuza isem iehor hi li kemm il-darba gejt mhedded u inkitbu stejjer foloz fuqi w m’ghandi l-ebda intenzjoni li nahli flus fix-xejn nikkumbatti l-injoranza, l-abbuz, u l-qlajja tal-merhla Mintoffjana w ta Muscat.

  • bebbuxa
    Posted at 21:20h, 01 September

    xejn..,hemm mohhok! f’min hemm jew kien hemm mieghek fid-dstrett. ghalfejn dan it-tbaqbieq kollu biex terga tohrog kandidat taht prim ministru skond int gidieb? erga ghidlina kemm batejt u sagrificcji ghamilt. extremly loyal! bhalek ikunu il-leali f’team. wiccek infurrat.

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 22:21h, 01 September

      @ bebbuxa :

      i have presented both declarations by the Prime minister. you are free to reach your judgment.

      see also what profs brincat said about the disaster brought about in Health by RCC’s Joe Cassar

    • Angus Black
      Posted at 02:19h, 02 September

      Franco has lost all credibility (a long time ago).

      It pains me to criticize him, a Nationalist [sic] MP and I honestly wish he would stop his silly tirades, but he seems unable to get unstuck from his unhealthy fixation. His ego is so huge it took over his reasoning completely.

      I actually wish him a few restful weeks to clear his mind and resettle into his profession where his bread and butter will come from for at least the next decade before he embarks on any new venture.

      • Fleur
        Posted at 07:40h, 02 September

        Angus,arent you supposed be on holiday,or was it Daftne?
        You are set on discrediting Franco, but although you are goood at distorting facts,you will not succeed as Franco has always been consistant.
        Unlike others.
        Give up! Its only a matter of time ormai.You must be so worried that your priveledged position would be compromised.
        No wonder that you fight and argue relentlessly.

      • bulldog
        Posted at 09:23h, 02 September

        Issa gejjin attakki sfrenati min kull naha mindu gie min btala llum il gran che, qeghdin jiprovaw jintimidaw lil Franco min kull anglu. Angus Black ghandu/a nstruzzjonijiet ma erba li jqabbadom hu/hi biex johorga qatta bla habel ghal Franco, Angus Black x’tissielet ghal gildek , xi haga hemm biex ilek titfa kummenti ta fernezijja, xi kultant turi l inti iddisprat/a, dan l-ghagier kollu ,ikkalma,ikkalma, issa jiekol kulhadd il cake,mhux inti biss , xorta se tiehu int taf, allavolja, kont egoijist/a u blajt kemmm flaht, issa inti komdu/a , issa tkomplix b’din l-atitudini ghax sa kemm tigi l-elezzjoni min jaf kemm sejjer/sejra tohrog gideb zul min hemm bhal ma ilek taghmel fuq dan il-blog min mindu beda. L-ahhar nifs donnu fadallek int ghax tidher li qieghed/qeghda tghajja, huda bil mod ghax nisimaw li forsi jtiru l-platti ghax issa miskin min ikun hdejk LOL, ha jehel ta kolllox. Jien nissigerixxi li min hu hdejk imur il-palazz il belt u jissellef dak l-armar tal kavallieri.

        • Angus Black
          Posted at 20:14h, 03 September

          Bulldog u shabek, ieqfu ghax it-titli li qed taghtuni qed ineffhuli rasi w dalwaqt issir daqs ta Franco!

          Mela nibdew:
          Ghandi pozizzjoni gholja.
          Nircievi struzzjonijiet mill-Prim Ministru.
          Nithallas mill-PN.
          Nissielet ghal gildi.
          Ghandi pozizzjoni pprivileggjata.
          Jien Daphne/sehibha..etc. etc.

          Ma nistax nieqaf nidhak! Imma bil-kurzita tibqghu – ghax kieku tafu….hahaha

      • mario allison
        Posted at 11:59h, 02 September

        angus, il parir li tajt li franco nahseb ahjar tiehdu int.Almenu franco ghandu xoghlu stabbilit, lilek il propabilita hi li narawk l ETC

        • Angus Black
          Posted at 20:18h, 03 September

          Jahasra kemm int fidil!

          U jekk jien ‘tal-klikka’, int tahseb li l-futur tieghi mhux fis-sod, jitla min jitla? Daqs kemm il-futur ta Franco mhux fis-sod specjalment jekk jitla l-Lejber u jlahhquh magistrat! Imbaghad kemm tibqghu tghidu li Franco minn dejjem kien onest u ta subajh dritt?

      • Grilled Angus Beef
        Posted at 14:00h, 03 September

        Hi Angus how nice to read you, and in such a pleasant mode.
        I see there is improvement and that you are not negative, vindictive and destructive as always. This is a Good sign. Malta id finally changing.
        Always hoping the PL get elected soon, it shall be nice to see some others besides Franco to re settle in their profession ( if they have any).
        Austin Gatt will be retiring from Politics and I should imagine he shall have go back to his office to be able to maintain his family. So shall Dr. Gonzi – I hope the raise they have just given to the judiciary will help them when they shall be appearing in front of them to defend their clients.
        As for Franco, I do agree that a few days off would do most people involved good. Maybe an invite to spend a few days in the country such as Bidnija would be nice. Before accepting one must make sure the dogs are tied up and the Lady of the house is not running around naked !

        • Angus Black
          Posted at 20:22h, 03 September

          Nah – Bidnija? Too close to the Sahhara!

          As to the ‘lady of the house running naked’…I don’t suppose Franco will will be appalled!? Do you think?

  • Melvin
    Posted at 20:16h, 01 September

    Dawn draw jigdbu qabel l elezjoni ta Jeffery ametta Gordon Pisani li gelu iqarraq bil poplu niftakru ta EFA fuq Alfred Sant ukoll

    • Angus Black
      Posted at 01:51h, 02 September

      Melvin, tghidx cucati!
      Qabel ma taqbad targumenta, irrispondi din id-domanda zghira:
      Ghaliex Sant, li kellu f’idu il-kuntratt ta JPO ma affrontahx? Ghax harab mill-PBS? Ghax ma marx imqar fuq One TV u wera l-kuntratt u qara x’kien fih?
      U la l-PN u l-PM ma kienux jafu bil-problema sahansitra sa lejliet l-elezzjoni, x’alternattiva kellhom? Wara kollox ma gidbu xejn – irrepetew kelma b’kelma x’kien qed jghid JPO. Sant kellu c-cans imeri lill-JPO ul-PN imma ma setghax, ghax kieku kien jikxef lill min ‘issellef’ il-kuntratt originali u taghulu.
      Hemm, tajtek ir-risposta jien stess.
      Jew taf l-istorja kollha jew ahjar ma titkellem xejn, wisq anqas tiddefendi lill min hu espert fit-tghawwig tal-verita.

      • Diandra Gauci
        Posted at 07:08h, 02 September

        Mhux ahjar spjegajtilna ta meta EFA gideb fuq Alfred Sant lejlet l elezzjoni.Ghidilna kif wara li l hsara tal gidba kien lahaq l aghan tieghu…..EFA gie ddikjarat mil Qorti ta Malta li kien qed iqarraq.
        Angus hadt holiday mil blogg favorita tieghek biex tintefa hawn tghawweg il fatti.

      • salgister
        Posted at 08:45h, 02 September

        Ghax Alfred Sant tant hu gentlom, li ma riedx icappas qabel ikun cert li l-kuntratt kien wiehed originali. Ried il-fatti f’idejh kollha biex ikollu biex jiggieled. Ghalhekk ma harigx il-kuntratt qabel. L-affermazzjoni tal-kuntratt li hu genwin wasallu tard biex jaghmel effett. Imma l-fatti hemm kienu. Iva zbalja Sant m’affrontahx lil JPO. Swietlu l-elezzjoni. Imma naturalment dik kienet manuvra min-naha tal-PN biex igibu lil Dr. Sant dahru mal-hajt. Naturalment, u din il-PM ghadu ma talabx apologija ghaliha, kulhadd jaf li l-elezzjoni tat-2008 giet misruqa lil-Partit Laburista bil-gideb u bil-protezzjoni ghal-korruzzjoni msemmija! Il-PN kien jaf kollox u xorta pprotega lill-korrotti, tant li wara l-elezzjoni ghamlu miinn kollox biex itghajruh, jew ghallinqas igieghlu jirrizenja!

        • konsulent blue eyed
          Posted at 14:17h, 02 September

          Alfred Sant gwejd t’Alla: ara min se jifmhu lil dan li iggradwa f’Harvard. Hawn hi, jemmnu lil sahhara li iggradwat bhal mature student fl-arkejologija; u li Angus steak mahruq …..li kieku mhux ghandu pattattu l-isfel anqas kapaci ikakki; viva l-konsulenzi li irrendu ghax mhux kemm taf imma lil min taf mill-klikka!
          NB Nispera ma jiskandalizzawx ruhhom dawk li mangia santi u caca diavoli!

        • Angus Black
          Posted at 20:38h, 03 September

          U ghoqod kwiet salgister! Milli jidher, int w bosta ohrajn isegwu biss dak li jaqblilhom u mhux l-istorja kollha!

          Kien in-nutar li ghadda l-kuntratt lill Sant? Ma nahsibx ghax in-nutar ma jzommx kopja ffirmata.
          Kien dak li ftiehem ma JPO ghall izvilupp tal-Mistra? Ma nahsibx li ried ikisser dak il-ftehim ma JPO!
          Tghid gie mir-Registru Publiku? Ma nahsibx ghax kuntratt irregistrat hemm ma kienx ihalli dubju dwar jekk kienx genwin jew le.
          Tibqa possibbilta wahda biss….

          Sant mhux ghax kien gentlom ma zvelax x’kien fih il-kuntratt, imma ghax ma setax jikxef min kien tah il-kuntratt li sa ftit qabel kien fil-pussess ta JPO w hadd aktar. Mela mur lura ghamel wiehed u wiehed flimkien u l-jig-saw-puzzle tkun komplita w taghtik il-vera stampa ta kif u ghaliex, Xejn ma nghidlek li min ghadda l-kuntratt lill Sant kien fil-vicin hafna…
          Tghid ghalhekk Sant harab mill-PBS u ma riedx xi gurnalisti jistaqsu dik id-domanda kritika w wahhal fil-Press Badge li kellu JPO?
          B’dan kollu mhux qed nghid li Sant ma kienx gentlom, imma mhux fuq din il-bicca ghalkemm kellu idejh marbuta!!

      • bulldog
        Posted at 09:40h, 02 September

        Sorry Angus Black ghandek zball, Dr.Sant ma kien jikxef lil hadd min tghahulu ghax dak easy kont iggibu, jew issibu min departiment tal gvern, ghax jigi rregistrat, forsi kien hemm xi hadd li rrimarkalu li hareg kuntratt bhal dak, kull ma ghamlu maru biex jgiebuh. Dr.Sant tawh parir hazin ghax kieku ha konfront ma JPO waqt il press conference kien jerbah l-elezzjoni zgur mhux forsi, imma Li kellu Dr.Sant kien jimxi by the book, jahseb li bil qorti jkun solvut kollox imma f’sitwazzjoni li kienet, kif mexa Sant ghax kienet affari spontanja li kieku hareg juri kollox kien ikisser lil JPO u li PN tant hu hekk qabbattu lil Peppi kif kelu jiprepara ruhu, rega ghamel dak l-izball li haseb meta gideb fuqu Eddie Fenech Adami ta l-elezzjoni generali li qallu li ma dahhallux it-tifel L-Universita, kient gidba li n-nies l-ejliet qabel l-elezzjoni emmnuha biex jiehu vantagg politiku li wara ghax Sant kif dejjem kien jimxi rett u fetah kawzi kien tart wisq ghax il ftira dak il-hin trid tiekola, u Dr.Sant kellu mezzi kolla kif seta hareg rebbieh, imma darbtejn mexa by the book , fil politika ma tistax timxi hekk, trid tkun aggressiv mhux palidu, Dr.Sant bniedem onest wisq.

        • Angus Black
          Posted at 20:52h, 03 September

          Skuzi, imma Sant li kien Prim Ministru, ilu fil-politka snin twal u tigi tghidli li nghata parir hazin, u hadu?
          Ara l-kummenti ta hawn fuq b’risposta lill ‘salgister’ u forsi tiehu ftit hjiel. Kienu qalu li Sant ma kienx zgur bil-kontenut tal-kuntratt – hrafa. Sant kellu l-original, iffirmat u kien jaf x’fih. Kieku wiehed fetah investigazzjoni, kieku malajr kien isir jaf li l-‘kopja’ harget mir-Registru Publiku.
          Kieku Sant mexa bil-‘book’, aktar u aktar messu ffaccja lill JPO ghax allura ladarba harab, halla korruzzjoni ghaddejja. Tinsiex li Sant kellu l-kuntratt granet QABEL l-incident tal-PBS. X’kien qed jistenna?
          Din l-istorja m’ghandha x’taqsam xejn ma EFA u ma rridx naqbad polemika dwar il-kustjoni tad-dhul fl-universita fi zmien il-Labour ghax dik storja ohra, u twila. Biss nghidlek li kien hemm hafna li riedu jiehu kors f’dak li kienu interessati u l-‘ministru’ ma halliehomx u kellhom jghazlu dak li ried il-‘ministru’ u spiccaw iggradwaw u abbandunaw il-professjoni li ggradaw fiha!

      • Melvin
        Posted at 10:50h, 02 September

        ANGUS li EFA gideb fuq Sant nahseb li cucata ukoll hux??Il fatti huma li Gordon Pisani AMETTA hu stess li ha lil JPO ghand DCG biex tohorgu minna .Dan Gordon Pisani bil gurament kien qed jixed??

      • mario allison
        Posted at 12:10h, 02 September

        Angus, is soltu, thawwad u tawweg, Sant ma harigx il kuntratt ghax kien hemm xi imecilli u tah parir ihallih sa l ahhar ,bhala tatika, li ma hadmitx ghax il magna qarrieqa tal partit labghet bl emozzjoni tal poplu.ARA MA TIGIX TEJDLI LI GONZI U IL PARTIT MA KIENUX JAFU BIL KUNTRATT QABEL TA!!!!! ANKE X HIN INPIXXI JIEN IKUNU JAFU AHSEB U ARA ,LI GHANDHOM IL BLUE EYED BOYS F KULL ROKNA U F KULL DEPARTIMENT, F DAN IL KAS TA JPO.IL MEPA,L INSINWA, SA GHAND DAPHNE KIEN GHAX IPPUBLIKAT ELENKU TA KEMM HA JIBDA IDAHHAL KERA KUL XAHAR…..

        • Angus Black
          Posted at 20:59h, 03 September

          Qed tghid cucata ohra. Ma rajtx lill-Sant ixejjer ‘kopja’ tal-kuntratt fuq il-PBS granet qabel il-Press Conference’ li suppost saret meta Sant harab ghax ra lill-JPO hemm bi ‘Press Badge’?
          Rigward il-kumplament tal-banalita tieghek, ghandek kronologika difettuza u tkomplix tinsisti ghax tkun int li tkun qed thawwad u taghawweg il-verita, intenzjonalment jew accidentalment.

      • Grilled Angus Beef
        Posted at 14:11h, 03 September

        Angus again you let your emotions take over your senses !
        We have read to day that Franco has a document that can prove the Dr Gonzi lied about not trying to buy Francos silence or vote.
        The cat is now out of the bag and we all know, how the PN managed to spin everything that happened in their favour. Maybe this was Joe Salibas tactic? Well now it is the PN and their close associates including major bloggers that seem to have lost their credibility. People are not stupid, and this political turmoil has made people think and reflect, not just take for good whatever the PN propaganda machine dished out.
        My only huge concern at the moment is violence. After the show of force we saw on TV when hardened criminals were mustered under the supervision and guidance of Ernest Tonna at PN HQ, I am very much afraid these people will try to create trouble so that the PN can spin it onto the PL – who is for 1 united Malta, not red or blue!

        • Franco Debono
          Posted at 14:46h, 03 September

          @ grilled angus beef :

          apart from document which i have in my possession on the 1st june 2012 it was the Prime Minister himself who admitted negotiations had taken place and this results from link above.
          so even if i had no document it was PM himself who confirmed negotiations

          • Angus Black
            Posted at 21:12h, 03 September

            I remember the PM himself stating on television and reported in the Times that ‘negotiations were held or were ongoing, so there was no attempt to hide anything as everyone expected that some arrangement could be reached. The letter proves nothing because when people ‘negotiate’ it constitutes automatically a ‘give and take’ situation unless one of the parties acts in bad faith and tries to blackmail the other.
            Here Franco is on the wrong side for two reasons:
            1. There is no ‘buying’ involved here – no money was intended to be exchanged, it was perhaps – continue to support the government for whom he was elected in exchange for..whatever’
            2 Normally when two gentlemen meet to negotiate and irrespective of whether agreement is reached, negotiations remain confidential unless there is explicit consent by both parties. That has never entered Franco’s mind but the PM chooses to take the high road and never accused Franco of acting in bad faith.
            Now Franco has ‘the letter’ which he is using as leverage against the PM. Such gentlemanly conduct!

            No, people are not stupid, they read Franco like a book and most of its chapters are appalling and surreal.

    Posted at 19:50h, 01 September

    Franco, as if we had any doubt.

    • Angus Black
      Posted at 01:55h, 02 September

      I suppose you take every Franco’s word as the Gospel truth?

      The Gospel says that ‘you should treat your neighbour as you would others treat you’. If only Franco remembers that verse, once in a while instead of going helter skelter against his own ‘brothers’ the Nationalists of whom he repeatedly claims to be one of them, in fact, a Nationalis above all Nationalists!!

      What a fraud.

      • Franco Debono
        Posted at 03:01h, 02 September

        @ angus black :

        one of the chief strategists of the PN made dr gonzi believe she could control everything for him through character assassinations and instead she broke everything for him

        she could not even defend RCC! moreover she proved to be RCC’s undoing.

        franco debono is defending himself from the evil clique. and he wont give up

        • Demm Nazzjonalist
          Posted at 06:39h, 02 September

          Fuq the deeds of the evil clique ghandek ragun Franco ghaliex jekk inti ghaddejt ftit minn dak li ghaddew tlett persuni hemm barra u li t-tlieta minnhom jippontaw f’persuna wahda fil-PN allura ghandek ragun biex tbiegh.Hemm oxxenitajiet miktuba, telefonati anonimi recorded, theddid, u din il-persuna tibqa` fil-PN.Fuq the evil deeds ta wiehed mil-evil clique nghidlek kemm trid li trid u kif jahdmu.U tiffissax fuq DCG ghax hemm min ihammeg u ma jidhirx.

        Posted at 07:25h, 02 September

        Angus black — I leave the gospel to priests or their false defenders/manipulators. It cannot be denied that Gonzi(DCG/RCC/etc)PN must be the best example of spin at its most deceitful. At least, il-Gonz, whilst dreaming on in the stupor he lives in, and his Government’s acidic gatekeepers excel at something, although not a characteristic to be proud of. Not the best of characteristics for a Governing party, mind you. That is what this Government will be remembered for; black soot and HFO cancerous deaths, and wanton waste of money re a sacred cow built to his honour at our main city gate. What a way to go!

      • mario allison
        Posted at 12:13h, 02 September


        • Angus Black
          Posted at 21:48h, 03 September

          Tell DCG what exactly, Allison?
          That I am paid by the PN? Doesn’t she as well?

          I expect an answer from you Mario because I often meet DCG for a glass of wine or two. Maybe we can get you on board and start you on your way to becoming a millionaire as well. We are not selfish and like to share.

          • mario allison
            Posted at 08:50h, 06 September

            let’s tell DCG to answer the never ending list posted by grilled angus beef ,and then we meet and talk.i like fine wines maybe from tuscany? if you don’t mind,glad to hear that you like to share ,i had the impression that you always eat alone,maybe you can prove me wrong

      • bulldog
        Posted at 17:36h, 02 September

        Brothers and Sisters dear Angus Black, you missed out the sisters, cause its coherent with the PN to overlook women, lets not forget that it was a labour Government , to introduce that women acquired the right to vote.

        • Angus Black
          Posted at 21:53h, 03 September

          What exactly is your point, bulldog?

          Reminding us perhaps that it was Sir Paul Boffa who was instrumental in giving women their right to vote and introduced Social Services who later Laburisti claimed that Mintoff had introduced?

          How boring!