The party is being renewed or destroyed?

The party is being renewed or destroyed?

The PN is renewing itself so much so that Austin Gatt will be taking care of electoral campaign with/instead of Paul Borg Olivier, and he has already put our mind at rest that his children are already at the heart of the party too. Labour’s whispering campaign says Austin Gatt will be even stronger within the party after the next election.

Four years isn’t such a long time for people to forget that the PN’s last election campaign basically hinged on dumping all those people who had made the PN great to substitute them with new faces. That is what GonziPN was supposed to be about. New faces and a new way of doing politics. But has it?

The people of the fifth district wanted renewal, they wanted a new face and that is why they elected me overwhelmingly in the last election. There were no prairies in the last election but heavyweights contest : Ninu Zammit, Louis Galea, Helen Damato and others.

Four years ago the fifth district cried for change, overwhelmingly, and they chose me as their voice.

When I tried  to change things with valid ideas I found an Iron Curtain. The new faces who obeyed as yes men were appointed ‘abbatini’, whilst the Chief Priests remained the same.

Now what!? More new faces of disposable candidates and promises of renewal!?  They are the Chief Priests’ bait to lure votes so they can retain their hold. After that throw away. As the Italians say ‘usa e getta’.

It took me ten precious years of my life in politics to get elected and expect to be listened to and try to reform. Ten years in the shadow of politcal heavyweights with all the difficulties that involve.

Having to start a legal office on my own instead of employing myself with some high profile lawyer or architect  and trying to steal his clients later as others try to do, even trying to bask in their master’s achievements.

However will people swallow the ‘renewal’ and ‘new faces’ bait agin?  What  renewal? This is the march of the opportunists brigade. Where were these people? How did this country move on without them? The PN should NOT become a band of opportunist johnnie-come-latelies.

I contested my first election fourteen years ago. A twenty four year old university law student.

Because if you are still a pre-novice on the door step phantasizing about grandiose plans of renewal then something might be wrong in the psychological circuitry!

If you have just discovered you like politics at 40 or even later, was never before involved in politics, and the only thing you’ ve done is being approved candidate or maybe not yet, besides sending some vindictive message to the victim by mistake, and you think you are going to renew the party, then you suffer from megalomania and egocentrism bordering on delusions, and maybe just maybe you might soon need to  seek psychiatric care.  Or else you are going to steal the ideas of others!

Maybe George Pullicino was right about candidates submitting themselves for ‘scientific tests’ after all!

A friend of mine went to a new candidate in his mid-fifties and is not a lawyer. He told my friend he was contesting with PN so he will stand up to them if the party starts to abuse. My friend told him : ‘Are you serious? Havent you seen what they tried to do to those who stand up to them!’


  • francesca
    Posted at 22:36h, 06 August


    The electorate knows very well what gatt did to you and all about his fiascos. They will show it in the next general election.

    i value your arguments and the only thing i see you did wrong is rush rush and rush.

    But anyways, you have avoided my question rigward l’MLP, once more….

    I will keep wondering why.

  • Ix-Xitan
    Posted at 15:33h, 06 August

    Jiena smajt li missier Herman Schiavone kien bicca wahda ma’ Mintoff. Il-PN tah bizzejjed opportunitajiet lil Herman. Ilu johrog u qatt ma tela mill-1987. Jaqaw qed jipprova jikser xi record ta’ l-iktar wiehed li hareg u baqa l-art?

    Dan hareg fl-1987, fl-1992 ma hrigx, fl-1996 rega` hareg, fl-1998 ghal darba ohra rega` hareg u fit-2003 harget il-mara tieghu. Mela dan hekk joqghod jilghab, johrog u ma johrogx u daqqa tohrog il-mara. X’affarijiet dawn.

  • The Bribe
    Posted at 10:12h, 06 August

    Meta Herman Schiavone kien involut fil-klabb tal-futbol ta’ M’xlokk, ghaliex M’xlokk qatt ma setghu jiehdu ruh u kif telaq lejn l-Ingilterra biex jiftah restaurant M’xlokk telghu premier?

    Hemm xi konnessjoni bejnu u bejn Peter Hardshorts li nstab hati ta’ xiri ta’ players?

    Li kien hemm fl-ittra anonima jista` jkun ma kienetx ta’ natura kriminali pero kien hemm nuqqassijiet amministrattivi?

    Veru li ntbhatu haddiema tal-vern jahdmu f’postijiet partikolari?

    Missier Schiavone kien bicca wahda ma’ Mintoff. Wara li hadu l-gabana saru nazzjoanlisti?

  • Fil-ministeru ta' George Pullicino
    Posted at 10:05h, 06 August

    Veru li l-Perit Bezzina ma jitlifx funeral wiehed fil-hames distrett u jattendi waqt li suppost ikun qieghed xoghol?

    Veru li l-Perit Bezzina qatt ma jkun fuq il-post tax-xoghol hlief biex jaghti struzzjonijiet lil impjegati tieghu biex jaghmlulu xoghol konness mal-kampanja elettorali fosthom biex jintbghat materjal fid-djar u jsiru telefonati mid-dipartiment tal-Gvern?

    U l-kummissarju ghandu jinvestigah fuq gurament falz lil Perit Bezzina?

  • Il-pony ta' Borg Hedley
    Posted at 09:56h, 06 August

    Nitkellmu fuq il-ponies. Mhux ahjar nitkellmu fuq il-ponies ta’ Tranter ta’ Zaren Vassallo jew ta’ Borg Hedley l-ex segretarju ta’ Tonio Fenech li refa kollox minn floku.

  • Isabelle is-Segretarja
    Posted at 09:43h, 06 August

    Lilek gew jikkundannaw Franco. Vera li Mario Galea kien fis-sakra fil-vot tal-BWSC meta minflok le qal iva imbaghad kellhom jivvintaw li Justine hadet zball?

    Vera li Mario Galea kien jew ghadu taht kura ta’ psikjatra u vera li ammetta hu stess? Imma dan minhabba x-xorb?

    X’relazzjoni ghandu mas-segretarja? Franco, inti qatt ma stajt tidhol fil-kabinett . Inti la inti mizzewweg u poggut forsi anke fil-Ministeru stess, la inti sakranazz u lanqas taht kura ta’ psikjatra u allura ma tikkwalifikax. Mhux ta’ b’xejn Fenech Adami qatt m’ghamlu ministru lil Mario Galea.

    Bilhaqq it-testijiet tal-kandidati ta’ George Pullicino qed niftakar.

  • dragonfly
    Posted at 09:42h, 06 August

    dear all,
    i see that you all have a particular hobby incommon , its called stone throwing it is the fashion nowadys. i wander what would you do in the same shoes as those you so lightly sling mud at. can you also tell me when and who made you judge and jury? what is your bussiness who is seen with whom . if people minded their own bussiness we would all be much better . may i be so bold as to suggest that when the time comes you do whats best for all not for one .

    • Mario allison
      Posted at 19:43h, 06 August

      Lovely words Dragonfly but wrong blog, post it on DCG’s blog,on this blog we dont throw things ,we know things

  • francesca
    Posted at 20:51h, 05 August

    would appreciate your feedback in regards the labour party. i have asked you three times and you keep avoiding it. forget about the pn for a minute and answer my question.

    what about the malta labour party? what is wrong or good with Joseph muscat at the helm?

    You are right in many things you’ve been saying, the is why i would like know what you have to say about the MLP.

    • francesca
      Posted at 20:05h, 06 August


      checking your blog again and you have not replied to my question above. I honestly wonder why.

      You do not have anything to say in regards whether Joseph muscat et al are good or bad to take over our country ??

      • Fleur
        Posted at 20:39h, 06 August

        Xi tridu jghid fuq il labour!
        Lil Franco n nazzjonalisti weggghuh mhux il labour. X Qed tistenna? DCG labour? Peter Darmanin labour?

        • francesca
          Posted at 20:52h, 06 August

          hallih ha jghid li jrid.

      • Mario
        Posted at 21:05h, 06 August

        Francesca is it true that the PN will have for a candidate someone who has been convicted of a criminal offence?
        Then Franco has been blocked just for disobeying the whip?

        Is this just?

        • francesca
          Posted at 21:28h, 06 August


          I only want to know what Franco thinks about labour. nothing more.

          I just want to know if its worth having muscat without any proposals or the pn with or without the few people that hurt franco. how many are there? ten?twenty? including austin gatt of course! ten? against the thousands that voted for Franco? ten? against half of malta who voted the pn?

          jifher car li dan il blog huwa semplicament biex ippattijilom lil dwan l’ghoxrin.

          Vendetta might be fair to franco but is it the fair to the PM? is it fair to half malta?

          honestly franco, i want to hear what you have to say rigward l’MLP. It should be a very easy question for you.

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 21:51h, 06 August

            @ francesca
            napprezza t-ton moderat.
            imma ghalikom kollox biex tpatti. jista persuna jitlob gustizzja? jista persuna jitlob li jkun stmat skont il-hiliet tieghu skont il-kapacitajiet tieghu, skont il-validita tal-ideat tieghu?
            u allura jekk il-partit lili mhux talli stmani hazin u ma tanix l-opportunitajiet li ta lil manuel delia u claudio grech, talli, ghall-ideat li hrigt bihom u li hafna nies jaqblu maghhom il-partit ikkundannani lili u ohrajn.
            dan il-fatt l-istorja ghad trid tiggudikah bhala mument ikrah hafna ghad-demokrazija mhux biss fil-partit izda fil-pajjiz.
            Li jkollok karattru bhal austin gatt jaghmel li jrid, hadd ma jista ghalih, accountable lejn hadd, jisbalja darba wara ohra u jibqa hemm, imbaghad jien nigi ikkundannat sempliciment ghax m’obdejtx il;-whip dan hu mkument ikrah hafna ghad-demokrazija.
            allura x’irrid? irrid demokrazija f’sahhitha u gustizzja. irrid nkun stmat daqs haddiehor. haddiehor sbalja aghar minni, gab pajjiz gharkubbtejh u qisu qatt ma kien xejn.
            li ma tobdix l-whip mhuwiex, zgur daqsekk serju.
            l-kastig tieghi, jekk kellu jkun, kellu jkun hafna inqas minn ta manuel delia, li minhabba fih, fl-ahhar mill-ahhar kelli nastjeni.
            hafna mill-inkwiet minn jannar ‘l hawn gie minhabba li austin gatt thalla fil-kabinett

          • Joe Vella
            Posted at 06:49h, 07 August

            ghidt hafna u ma ghedt xejn franco. ghidilna car u tond:
            x’tahseb dwar Joseph Muscat bhala PM?
            tahseb li l-MLP ahjar mill-PN? ghaliex?
            Min mill-MLP tixtieq tara bhala MP?
            Min mill-PN tahseb li jkun jew tkun l-ahjar bhala MP, ministru u PM?

            Domandi semplici ghal xi hadd bravu u facli li tirrispondi jekk m’intix skifuz.

  • Frankist
    Posted at 20:28h, 05 August

    Biex il partit ikun imgedded,nies bhal Franco irridu u mhux xi kandidat laghqi!
    Ghalfejn jittiehdu l voti fil parlament jekk hadd mhu liberu biex jivota kif jemmen?

    Kollox ghal wicc in nies jghamlu!

    Keeping up appearances……NO FRANCO NO VOTE

  • Antoinette
    Posted at 19:48h, 05 August

    Milli qed nara il kandidati tal pn issa jghazluhom biex ikunu yesman li ma jmurx terga tinqala listess sitwazzjoni li ghaddejjin minna bhalissa .Lir ribelli ma jriduhomx tal klikka, allura nghid jien dan rigress mhux progress fil pn.

  • tat times
    Posted at 19:47h, 05 August

    U dan kif it times hsibhom biex jimbuttaw lil Herman Sciavone biex ikun kandidat,mela jaqaw diga qed jistidinhom ghal xalata t-ikliet b’xejn, li jghamel fir restaurants tieghu?

    Vera l gabban fuq l-art tal gvern?

    Missu ma jkunx leali Herrman lejn il PN!

    Wara l elazzjoni ta 1998 tal labour ghamluha cara li jekk jergghu jitilghu,dik il gabbana li kerrhett ix xatt ta M’Xlokk ikolla ttir min hemm.

  • Ikliet bxejn MXlokk
    Posted at 19:46h, 05 August

    U din x’hini tal hames distrett?

    Mela L Perit Toni Bezzina li gej min familja Laburista u li qatt ma deher imkien mal partit,issa qed jghidu li baghat haddiema tal gvern tal public works jahdmu fil kazin tan Nazzjonalisti taz zurrieq.

    Bil banda beda!

    U lil-Herman Schiavone ma kienux halluh johrog ghax kien baghat lil haddiema tal gvern jahdmu fid dar tieghu jew ma nafx fejn?
    Ghalhekk ma kienux halluh johrog?

    Mela la ma kienux hallew lil Schiavone issa kif ha jhallu l Bezzina?

    Lil Delia ntih in number 1

  • Tal Gabbana
    Posted at 19:44h, 05 August

    Dal Blogg hsibtu fuq dak ix xlukkajr tant leali li hu jew il familja tieghu akwistaw gabbana tiswa l mijjiet ta eluf fuq art tal gvern u li trendi pagatella sabiha kuljum.

    Missu ma jkunx leali lejn il PN!

    Mbaghad tisimghu jitkellem tahseb li ta gidu ghal partit! Jew! Xi San Domenico Savio!

    U fuq kollox,dil lealta kolla! Dan missieru ma kienx bicca wahda ma Mintof, jorqod u jqum mieghu?

    Jien lil-Delia ntih in no 1.

  • Thorny
    Posted at 19:22h, 05 August

    You had a chance and missed it Franco!

    You should not have abstained and got the motion on Dr. Gatt’s popularity be passed by the Speaker’s Vote!

    You had your chance and lost it!

    Just do it next time Franco! JPO did it and nows gets consulted on every vote Dr. Gonzi takes!

  • il-meinrad
    Posted at 16:29h, 05 August

    u l-iehor il-perit bezzina vera li qabbad lil haddiema jiehdu gurament falz? allura kif ma tressaqx li hu komplici f gurament falz
    wiehed aqwa min iehor dawk li thajru ghal hames distrett
    fejn hu l-kbir louis galea il-king
    u l-kbir carmelo caruana

  • il-meinrad
    Posted at 16:28h, 05 August

    habib tieghi qalli li lil missier herman kienu ighidulu tax-xitan u kien bicca wahda ma mintoff.
    imbaghad hu jew l-familja hadu l-gabbana li kerrhet ix-xatt ta mxlokk u saru PN.
    gabbana fuq art tal-gvern li l-labour kienu ghamluha cara li dik eye sore fuq art tal-gvern u kella titnehha.
    il labour ma regax tela min dak iz-zmien

  • Dottore
    Posted at 16:27h, 05 August

    Franco Debono tkellem fl-apert u kien dejjem car. Franco Nazzjonalist u mhux opportunist! Franco kien jixraqlu ministeru u minjaf x’riformi kien jaghmel. Ara x’qed nitilfu. Franco ara ma taghmilx bhal JPO!! Ibqa ggieled biex tkun kandidat! Jixraqlek tissejjah nazzjonalist. Jien nazzjonalist sal- mewt u int ghalina ezempju! Jien nivvota dejjem izda jekk ihalluk barra, naghmel minn kollox sabiex tinbidel l-amministrazzjoni prezenti u int tkun parti mill-grupp PN

  • il-meinrad
    Posted at 16:26h, 05 August

    herman schiavone vera li bicca wahda ma wiehed min mqabba li fil-guri ta meinrad calleja kien ikun dejjem mal-mara ta meinrad?
    mela l-gabbana, haddiema tal-gvern jahdmu ma nafx fejn, ikun ma dak li nqabad bit-tbabis fil-futboll mhux ta bxejn ma jriduhx kandidat lil schiavone.
    missieru kien bicca wahda ma mintoff. jekk minix sball dawk marsaxlokk jghidulhom tax-xitan

  • ex pn
    Posted at 15:59h, 05 August

    kien bicca wahda Mintoff he!!! Issa qieghed nifhem umbad ha il gabbana u sar lejali tajba din hemm xi wahda ghalija

  • No Franco No vote
    Posted at 15:51h, 05 August

    Dak Herman li missieru kien bicca wahda ma Mintoff??

  • ex pn
    Posted at 15:44h, 05 August

    il kandidati tal 5 distrett kolla b xi haga min bil gabbana min b l arriva min ha lin nies jahdmu waqt hin ix xoghol go kazin tal pn x jonqos

  • lejalta
    Posted at 15:32h, 05 August


    Dak Herman dak dilettant bhal peter li meta telaq hu mxlokk telghu first division?

  • 5 distrett
    Posted at 15:16h, 05 August

    Dak Herman Schaiavone li jkun ikun ma Peter Hardshore li kien
    instab hati ta xiri ta plyers??

  • francesca
    Posted at 15:04h, 05 August

    franco, I (and many many others) am very disgusted by how you are trying to end (for the time being) your political career.
    Sometimes i ask what was your initial real agenda for contesting with the PN. it shows clearly that your aim was not for the love of the country but only to reach the highest posts within the party. Half of Malta (not the including the 2000 something) did not know you from adam until you were elected under the pn ticket. you should thank and respect this fact every day.

    now with this blog, i can only hear attacks on the pn as if you are a pure labour breed. From the comments that you are receiving and uploading…you cannot deny that you are mainly attracting labour supporters.
    You seem to have another aim now. to have gatt and gonzi and some other you hate or not agree with, out of scene andyou’ll be back after 4 years to contest again under the pn and under a new leader.
    The horrifying fact that malta will be under muscat who has not proposed one single concrete proposal does not bother you at all. to reach your aim you are doing your best to destroy the pn, so the election is lost and you will wait for your next try. This is pure egoism.

    you do not need to point out to the electorate about gatt’s fiascos etc etc, they (especially the floating voters) can do that for themselves. they are much smarter than you think.

    you are only praising the pn with the same two words…that the pn is the ”best alternative”, but i have not heard one single point on why we should avoid to have labour in gov.

    this blog has made it more obvious that you do not care about what will happen to malta and the Maltese, under joseph….all you want to see is gonzi and gatt as losers…and you, joseph muscat,leo brincat, joe deb grech, karmenu vella, alex xib trig and the other tough guys…as winners.

    i check this website every day, hoping to read a post with your smart way of criticizing and destroying anyone who does not appeal to you…hoping that soon enough THE MALTA LABOUR PARTY will be one of them.

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 15:11h, 05 August

      @ francesca :

      i have been extremely loyal to lawrence gonzi for years, until it became clear he was being held hostage by the clique.

      i have offered dr gonzi help even recently. i still feel sorry for dr gonzi. i tried to give good advice before this started.

      for others i feel a little less sorry

      • francesca
        Posted at 15:38h, 05 August

        what about the labour party…?

        • francesca
          Posted at 19:56h, 05 August

          why do you feel so relaxed and so easy to criticize the PN, the prime minister amongst others and then afraid of saying 1 single thing in regard Joseph Muscat and the labour party?

          why franco? for the love of the country?

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 20:32h, 05 August

            i have been extremely loyal to the PN and lawrence gonzi. i asked for nothing. i didnt get thousands or millions in retainers or chairmanships as others have done
            i got nothing, but was happy to be loyal. i deserve gratitude for my contributions not condemnation by people who have been having it so good for years and who deserve condemnations themselves for the arrogant way they treat people from all walks of life
            but when i started getting the insults I HIT BACK. HARD
            those who started the insults have much to answer for
            i can tolerate a lot, but no one will touch my dignity

          • Joe Vella
            Posted at 06:46h, 07 August

            no on want to touch ur dignitry franco. u better see that u r agoing 2 make joseph musct PM

  • NS
    Posted at 12:25h, 05 August

    @ Franco Debono – Franco, you look very angry towards PN and their leadership style. I must admit that you are right in most of the issues raised. One simple question, If you are feeling uncomfortable in this group, why don’t you follow JPO and resign from the party? I think that your resignation will be justified considering all your arguments raised versus the Government and the party since January 2012….

  • HP Baxxter
    Posted at 11:54h, 05 August

    These are all sour vibes. Therese’s acumen is second to Montesquie.

    • Mario allison
      Posted at 12:10h, 05 August

      This is reality.this is MALTA

    • Cikku l-poplu
      Posted at 07:39h, 06 August

      Jolly HP ……Ma va caccar; Montesquie

  • La Roudette
    Posted at 09:54h, 05 August

    Dr Cachia Comodini is judge material.

    • Mario allison
      Posted at 11:52h, 05 August

      dr.cachia comodini is a P.N. Candidate If you haven’t noticed. What do you expect her to say? She has just started in politics, mela trida tispicca bhal franco ghada qas biss bdiet!!!

  • Mario allison
    Posted at 09:53h, 05 August

    In my opinion when a person discovers that at 40 he has discovered a new vocation that of serving the people in parlament,without him ever lifting a finger before .is all hogwash. He will be there for a quick buck!!! He would have seen how his friends and collegues have become so rich and powerful in 5 years , and he will want to be like them. we still have some decent politicians but …alas… They have been given the cold shoulder, that is why this country needs urgent changes in every aspect,it has fallen to the dogs.

    • Joe
      Posted at 21:23h, 08 August

      So is that why Manuel Mallia, Yana Mintoff and a lot of other new faces are going to stand for electoin with the PL? Are they joining now to be on the gravy train?

  • sarkozy
    Posted at 09:47h, 05 August

    Ghandek xi komodina ghall-irkant?

    • HP Baxxter
      Posted at 11:59h, 05 August

      Sarkozy, you are so sad

      • sarkozy
        Posted at 12:08h, 05 August

        HP Baxxter I am sad that your law firm garnered more than 500000 euros thanks to contract vetting while other lawyers coming from Nationalist proletariat are struggling to get started

        • Cikku l-poplu
          Posted at 14:26h, 05 August

          way to go sarkozy, give the HP (sauce?) a taste of his own.

          • Cikku l-poplu
            Posted at 14:31h, 05 August

            No wonder then why the HP is so vociferous on the Malizia blog.

            Talk about a pig’s snout happily munching in the trough.

          • Vroom Vroom
            Posted at 20:32h, 05 August

            m’ghogbitux din lil baxxter…