Citizenship and the IIP

Citizenship and the IIP

90% of the Maltese population are completely disinterested in constitutional reform and 90% of the remaining 10% have no idea that Chapter 3 of the Constitution of Malta deals with Citizenship.

What does this mean?

That one of the greatest controversies of the past six years – the IIP, or selling passports as it is more commonly known – lies at the heart of the Constitution.

The matter has been so contentious there is an ongoing criminal inquiry about money laundering and bribes.

No one waited for any CONSTITUTIONAL Convention to plough ahead with the IIP !
Because constitutional reform is about consensus! Yeah! Indeed . . .

Rather than the mantras of religion and neutrality why don’t we go immediately to the real stuff any reform should have been immemsely concerned with – citizenship ! If we are not ready to do that any reform is fake and ridiculous.

The Constitution has only 124 sections and sections 22 till 31 are about Citizenship. Almost 10% of the Constitution is about and deals with CITIZENSHIP but I wouldnt be surprised if not more than 1% of the population is aware of that!

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