Riformi Kostituzzjonali (13) : Maltatoday 3 t’Ottubru 2011

Riformi Kostituzzjonali (13) : Maltatoday 3 t’Ottubru 2011

 Monday 3 October 2011 – 07:49

Doors flung open to Constitutional changes

President George Abela is set to kick-off the national debate on changes to the Constitution next April, as calls for reform have gained momentum over the past few weeks, and both government and the opposition are expressing ‘readiness’ to move forward.


President of the Republic George Abela is set to kick-off the national debate on changes to the Constitution next April
Karl Stagno-Navarra

While Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi has reiterated his call to the Opposition to return to the Parliamentary Select Committee in a bid to discuss “matters of national importance, including changes to the Constitution,” Labour leader Joseph Muscat said that he is “envisaging a Constitutional Convention that would give birth to a Second Republic.”

But while Labour remained non-committal on its participation within the Parliamentary Select Committee, President Abela has seemingly taken the bull by the horns this week by politely ‘inviting’ Labour to return to the Parliamentary Select Committee.

“It is high time that the Select Committee on Constitutional reform and strengthening of democracy reconvenes,” Abela said when visiting the Broadcasting Authority last Wednesday.

But he also went a step forward later in the week to reveal with MaltaToday that he will convene the President’s Forum in April and initiate the debate on changes to the Constitution and institutional reforms.

A spokesman for the Presidency told MaltaToday that the President “may exercise the role of a prime mover to stimulate discussion on a number of Constitutional and institutional issues that many believe should be addressed.”

Senior aides at the Palace described President Abela as “keenly supporting” calls for changes in the Constitution, and is set to involve the political parties, constituted bodies, social partners, the media and the general public in the national debate.

The Union Haddiema Maghqudin has also joined the foray calling for Constitutional changes, and will launch a document later this month detailing the changes (see overleaf).

Over the past weeks, President Abela reportedly received individual MPs from both sides of the House and informally discussed the changes envisaged for the Constitution and reforms to national institutions.

The Presidency refused to comment about these meetings, but sources have confirmed that similar talks have been held with Deputy Prime Minister Tonio Borg, who is also Leader of the House.

Among the changes which are being envisaged to launch the ‘Second Republic’ are the method of appointment of the President of the Republic.

According to Nationalist backbencher and prime promoter of the changes within the government bench, changes to the method of appointing the President is the “mother of all amendments.”

At present, the highest Office of State is appointed by a simple resolution of the House. A method which Debono considers as “highly inadequate” and is calling for a two-thirds majority vote in Parliament to reflect national consensus. In the absence of a two-thirds, an absolute majority would suffice to avoid Constitutional deadlock.

MaltaToday is informed that talks have meanwhile started towards reforming Parliament, granting its long-awaited autonomy from government, and more accountability from Ministers and MPs to the House.

Speaker Michael Frendo who has so far not been involved in the talks, welcomed the move and considers the news as an “important development in Malta’s democracy.”

Speaking to MaltaToday, Frendo reiterated his stand that parliament needs autonomy to guarantee the balance of powers between the executive, the legislature and the judiciary.

The Speaker expressed his wish to see the new parliament, currently being built near City Gate in Valletta, to have the right “soul” and start operating as an autonomous entity.

Alternattiva Demokratika – the Green Party – has welcomed the recent developments, and expressed its willingness to participate in the national discussion.

“If a specific proposal is made public, AD will comment after discussing it internally,” said AD’s home affairs spokesman Carmel Cacopardo, who added that his party had submitted proposals some three years ago to the Parliamentary Select Committee.”

Malta’s Constitution will soon be 50 years old and has been substantially amended twice: in 1974 and in 1987. Subsequent amendments revisited the 1987 amendements.

MP Franco Debono insists that should the country not embark on a serious discussion regarding essential constitutional reforms now.

“I wonder where our democracy will be in 20 years’ time,” Debono said.

He added people are not greater than the institutions they occupy, and stressed on the dangers to have a parliamentary system, being run on Presidential lines, without the Presidential safeguards and separation of powers.

The presidential system is based on strict separation of powers between legislature, executive and judiciary. Within a Parliamentary model there is no watertight separation between legislature and the executive, but rather ‘checks and balances’, where separation of powers are diluted.

“Besides separation of powers, the Constitution must provide for a balance of power between three organs of the state, and none should be able to ride roughshod over the others,” Debono said.

The independence of the judiciary is safeguarded in both systems. However the method of appointment to judicature could also impinge on the independence of the judiciary.

One of the major problems today is that the country’s democracy is run on a model of a strong executive and a weak parliament due to lack of resources, communication facilities, lack of autonomy, and outdated standing orders.

The list of changes goes on to include changes to the appointments of the boards and roles of the Electoral Commission, and the Broadcasting Authority, while changes to the electoral system is also on the cards.

While a draft law on party financing has finally been completed and will be published as a White Paper in the coming weeks, Debono has meanwhile managed to secure another important novelty to the House, as Parliamentary Committees will now be broadcast via webcam.

The move is intended to serve as a better means of communicating with the electorate and an experiment for future broadcasts of plenary sessions.

This article appeared on the Sunday edition of MaltaToday

  • Daphne quotes Franco
    Posted at 07:25h, 05 June


    Daphne has come to this. She is now quoting Franco. I have this nagging feeling that she secretly admires Franco but can t come to terms with this fact and is struggling with her dilemma.
    She is using Simon s Aquarium safehaven as an example for her descriptions.
    You are so predictable DCG whatever you might think.

    • Pensjonant
      Posted at 13:20h, 05 June

      Min ikun qed jeghreq jaqbad ma’ kull-tibna. Mrs ‘iced buns’ (Tant kienet drat bl-‘iced buns’ moghtija lilha lil zewgha u lil uliedha fi zmien gvern Nazzjonalista li issa ghandha kilba ghalihom avolja jhaxxnu) issa hi ffaccjata bil-krtika li l-blog taghha kienet wahda mill-kaguni tat-telfa tal PN li hu tant ghaziz ghaliha.

      Iva Daffy dahhalha f’rasek. Hafna u hafna u hafna (fosthom jien) ivvutaw Labour ‘to spite you’. U ma jisghbbihomx, mhux billi qed tahseb int. Ghamlu hekk ghax qazzizthom bl-attakki personali u l-insinwazzjonijiet tieghek fuq dak, dik u l-ohra li l-uniku tort li ghandhom hu li jew huma nisa isbah minnek jew li ghandhom fidi Laburista jew li ma kienux parti mis-sistema Gonzi PN. Dak mhux’ freedom of speech’. Kompli sejra hekk u kompli imtela bl-arja. Hekk aghmel halli darb’ ohra ikollna repetizzjoni tar-rizultat ta’ l-elezzjoni li ghaddiet.

  • Pensjonant
    Posted at 15:16h, 04 June

    Mhux ta b’xejn is-sahhara saret qisha konka. mohhha mhux biss fl-‘iced buns’ imma ukoll fl- ‘iced buns’ by the bagful’…tant li qalet li ghandha bizzejjed biex terga tiftah il-hanut ta’ Blackley li kien hemm il-Belt…Keep them coming Daffy. Keep us in stitches. But be careful because, thanks to your ‘iced buns’ fixation, you are becoming a Humpty Dumpty. Not that we mind really…we’ll have more to laugh about.

    Posted at 12:46h, 04 June


    • Miss Piggy
      Posted at 22:29h, 04 June

      Jason Azzopardi jaqlali l fwied nisimghu jitkellem. Maaaaa kemm jeqred biex jghid kelma. Le hi Jason ma togobni xejn, mitluq wisq u taqtali nifsi.

  • Paul McCartney
    Posted at 23:13h, 03 June

    U halluh lil Blue, miskin. Allahares ma hawwnx hu fuq dan il blog ghax qisu miet kollox hawn. Hasra ghax kien blog interessanti u civili ukoll. U Blue, ghalkemm kulhadd jaf x kulur hu, moderat hafna u mhux kattiv jew pastaz. Ma jdejjaq lil hadd. Fih tip insomma it titanium soldier!

    • Red Ruby
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      Ma miet xejn Paul McCartney 🙂 .
      Hawn ghadna!
      Meta jkollu l-hin jitfa’ blog Franco, hawn inkun!

    • blue titanium soldier
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      thanks most appreciated meta tridu norganizzaw ikla , basta jigi Franco

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        Muux ovvja li l aqwa jigi Id dottore. Inkun nista fl ahhar nintroduci ruhi mieghu.
        Nghidlu li tghidx kemm nammirah jien. Imma kos….jien ma nafx nahdem Arlogg tal lira!

        • Pitirross
          Posted at 09:08h, 05 June

          Ms piggy filkas tih xi haga ohra…. M’hemmx ghalfejn arlogg tal-lira bilfors! 🙂

          • Miss Piggy
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            I m blushing :-0

        • blue titanium soldier
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          mela ha tistiednu lil Tonio ukoll?

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    Fejn hu Blue?
    X’tiftaħ u tagħlaq il-bibien u t-twieqi bħalissa Blue!
    “Il-bieb miftuħ għalik”
    “U l-bieb miftuħ għalik ukoll”!!!!
    The only way is up Blue!! LOL

  • blue titanium soldier
    Posted at 17:51h, 03 June

    Issa qighed nikkonferma khemm int ghadek nazzjonalist u il P.N. qighed jigri go demmhek, anka il karatru tieghek P.N.
    Lewwel gennintna warajk fuq dan il blog u issa tlaqtna bhal l erbgha fost il gimgha. Imbilli titfa xi post lhemm u lhawn ma tkun qighed tghamel xejn hazing.

    bhas soltu inselli ghalik

    • Pitirross
      Posted at 22:52h, 03 June

      Istra Blue kif kissirtu naqra Malti!
      Jiġifieri inti b’din il-post hawnhekk qed tammetti li l-PN abbanduna lin-nies li kienu jappoġjawh. Hux hekk? Qed nifhem sew xi ktibt int?
      Il-Pn għadda romblu minn fuq kulħadd….ħlief erbgħa tal-klikka!!!

      • blue titanium soldier
        Posted at 17:53h, 04 June

        sewwa fhimt pitirross imam serrah rasek li min fuqi maddiex u tal klikka minhiex imam li taw bis sieq lin nazzjonalisti stess ma nistax inmerija

  • Ming Vase
    Posted at 01:12h, 03 June

    @ Ganni Borg
    The vile blogger has always had a fixation on shoes – one of many fixations. Don’t you remember her commenting harshly on Alfred Sant’s shoes when he appeared on television some years ago. Are there pills to cure this sort of obsession? Could some psychiatrist perhaps advise her?

    • Pensjonant
      Posted at 17:15h, 03 June

      U issa fis-sapjenza infinita taghha qed tipponta subghajha jew ahjar id-dwiefer taghha lejn John Dalli ghax kien f’tieg meta xi zmien ilu kellu certifikat mediku li permezz tieghu la seta jivvjagga u l-anqas jesponi ruhu ghall-sitwazzjonijiet ta’ stress. Veru li l-hatba milli jkollha ttik. Insiet is-sahhara kif, fejn jaqblilha hi, iggib skuza bl-emigranja biex ma titlax il-qorti (meta xi kaz ikun qed imurilha zmerc) u fi ftit jiem wara ghageb ta l-ghegubijiet, jghaddilha kollox (meta f’xi kaz iehor tahseb li jkollha r-rih fil qaghla)

  • blue titanium soldier
    Posted at 20:39h, 02 June

    Dottore kieku kelli naghmel in number plates tal karozza tieghi bl initials tieghi jhalluni tghid? jew jahsbuni xi ministru?
    bhas soltu inselli ghalik

    • Pitirross
      Posted at 22:30h, 02 June

      Blue….. Mela inti jismek G….. u kunjomok M……?!

      • blue titanium soldier
        Posted at 17:43h, 03 June

        qwazi hemm imma bil kontra

    • Frosta
      Posted at 11:07h, 03 June

      Titan ghall pn the only way is up ghalik u ghall PL xhini mela?? SKY HIGH ghadu lanqas beda.:)

      Massive office and retail development proposed at MIA .If it were to become a reality, the project would employ approximately 1,200 people.

      Il pajjiz rega kiseb il-fiducja man.

      • blue titanium soldier
        Posted at 17:46h, 03 June

        min jola hafna jiehu lagbar tisbita u min hu fil baxx jola jista.
        rigward m.i.a. proset tajjeb hafna ghall kulhad u jekk tridu iktar xoghol ifthu lis smart city xtahseb 🙂

      • Pitirross
        Posted at 19:49h, 03 June

        Veru Frosta……hawn ċertu trankwillita li konna ilna ma naraw bħalha mill-inqas sitt snin. Ħallih lil Blue jifraħ b’rixu….m’għandux mod ieħor miskin!!

        • blue titanium soldier
          Posted at 22:39h, 03 June

          u alla hares in nitfu ghax tghidx khemm nimla imhaded, u il miskin taf min hu ux?

          • Pitirross
            Posted at 09:19h, 04 June

            🙂 lol

          • blue titanium soldier
            Posted at 22:03h, 05 June

            hekk ahjar siehbi u ejja niqpaw hbieb ghax jien dejjem rispettajtek u qat ma ajjartek, fil politika vera ma naqblux imma kieku fuq xiex ha nitkelmu

  • zzzzzzpffeww!! zzzzzzpffeww!!
    Posted at 00:59h, 02 June

    Write us something, anything, even about Ghaxaq festa if you like.
    You seem to have gone dead cold mamma mia.
    Unlike Daphne mela, cos she s dileriously ranting and telling lies about you.
    Why have you gone quite all of a sudden?
    Something more interesting must be taking up your time…..hmmmm
    Wonder what that would be

    • Hokkli dahri minn taht u jien inhokk tieghek ukoll!
      Posted at 14:58h, 02 June

      Ahjar tghidilna is-sahhara kif it-tifel taghha spicca diplomatiku go Brussels; u kif ir-ragel taghha ha nofs miljun minn tender li hareg mill-caretaker Government ta GonziPN li issa sar SimonPN !
      Allura qeghdin indabru xi karlin mill-tal-kotba u tal-bolli bhalissa jew? Hekk id-djar tal-kuntentizza nixfitilhom in-nexxiegha ta Kastilja?
      Hemm chance ta xi commission minn taht jew?

    • Pensjonant
      Posted at 15:09h, 02 June

      Vera dott. ‘About time issa’. Mind you nifimha l-pozizzjoni tieghek wara l-hatra li nghatajt u d-dmirijiet li ggib maghha. Insomma f’idejk. Dejjemurejt li kont taf x’inti taghmel. Awguri dejjem.

    • Is-sekkieka tholl ilsienha!
      Posted at 20:36h, 02 June

      Veru li hemm wiehed li ibigh it-toilets,il-pixxiri; is-sinkijiet u is-showers li issa lahaq ukoll fotografu ‘paparazzu’ (flok pupazzu) tas-sahhara? Hekk smajtha tghid is-seksieka sahhara go party li kont mistieden! Taf izzommha l-kelma ukoll! Mur afdha Joey!

  • Pensjonant
    Posted at 19:15h, 01 June

    L-istrategija suppost gdida tal-PN qed tkompli hierga. Dak tibdil !! Mela s-sahhara ccekcek il-kuccarun li ghandha fil-kaldarun mimli velenu li ghandha. Tohrog tghid fost isterizmi ohrajn li l-Labour sejjer lura ghal zmien mintoff, li jrid jaghmel sarima lill-oppozizzjoni, li hu paranojku u li diga’ qabdu paniku tant li qieghed f’mentalita’ ta’ assedju. Dan kollu ghax il-PL hareg stqarrija fis-sens li l-PN qed juza l-kuntatti tieghu fil-Parlament Ewropew biex jimmina l-progett li suppost ghandu jwassal ghal rohs fil-kontijiet ta’ l-elettriku. Is-sahhara ‘gives the lead’ u l- PN ‘follow like sheep’ waqt jizfnu ghar-ritmu tal-muzika stunata taghha. Tara l-istqarrija taghhom hi kwazi photokopja tal-blog tas-sahhara fuq l-istess suggett.

    Ikolli nghid pero’ li f’okkazjoniet simili li jistghu jsehhu l-quddiem, il- PL ghandu jwarrab ghal kollox stqarrijiet bhal dik li hareg. Xogholu hu biss li jirribatti lil PN bl-istess metodu u fl-istess forum permezz tal-kuntatti li suppost ghandu.. Wara kollox il-PL ghandu l-kuntatti tieghu ukoll fil-Parlament Ewropew. Ghall-anqas hekk nahseb u hekk ghandu jkun. IL-PL m’ghandu xejn x’jaghmel hlief jattwa l-programm elettorali tieghu korrettament u bi trasparenza. Xejn izjed u xejn inqas.

  • Rambo
    Posted at 21:22h, 31 May

    Iva possibli li anqas fil partit il-Pn ma jaf xhini Meritokrazijja li bhall issa tant il-pn u is-segwaci tighu qeghdin jippruvaw jaghlmuna fuqa?? Possibli li fil-pn ma hemmx Nutar-Perit-Tabib ectetc,li hu kapaci jkun fit-tmexxijja tal-partit?? biex taxxaqa issa harget wkoll li is-segretarju generali ser ikun Avukat iehor.mela issa ghandna it-tlett leaders is segretaarju u il-president tal partit huma kollha avukati,Dan ghax ma jiblulux ismu il-partit u jsemmuh Il-Kamra Ta L-Aukati??

    Illum il-Fenka dik li kienet u ma nafx ghadiex responsabli mir-registru marittimu minghajr ma taf kemm hawn tankers igorru LNG u kienet giet F Bondi+ tghid li 4 biss hawn ipprezentat ir rapport tat telfa lill Buzu.Dehru ferhanin mhux hazin bih ghax ma tantx deher li hu ohxon u fih x-taqra,nista nikkonfermalkhom bil-quddiem li mill klikka ma hu ser jisemma fih izda ser ikollhu iktar min nofsu iddedikat lill Franco.

    klikka ta Avukati li fi zmienhom hallew il-qorti jigi mandra ahseb u ara kieku alla hares qatt xi darba jerga jigennen il-poplu malti u jerga jafdahom bit tmexxijja tal-pajjiz kif igibuh.Gas down ghall gol hajt.

  • ajma ahh!!
    Posted at 14:55h, 31 May

    Tafx hemm differenti u komuni bejn il Pl u l Pn ?
    Il PL jghati inkarigu lil min ma jimmeritahx u l PN ma jghatix inkarigu lil min jimmeritah.
    F kelma wahda, t tnejn, li huma ma jafux xi tfisser il kelma MERITOKRAZIJA.

  • Ganni Borg
    Posted at 11:44h, 31 May

    Jahasra ma nafx x’naqbad nghid….pero DCG nahseb li qed tiffissa.

    Issa sa qbdet maz-zraben li jilbsu Joseph Muscat, Owen Bonnici, etc:


    Dan wara ma nafx kemm ilha iffissata fuq xaghar Joseph Muscat:


    Hemm bzonn naraw x’namlu halli ma tkomplix tiffissa aktar u jigrilha xi haga he he

  • Spiro the dragon
    Posted at 11:00h, 31 May

    kemm isek qed toqtlu ftit ftit l blog dottore. irriduk energetiku ahna bhal qabel

    • Pitirross
      Posted at 19:41h, 02 June

      Xbajt nghidlu Spiro jien. Ma jridx jaf. Ha jgerrex lil kulhadd! Il-blog ta’ Franco sar parti mill-hajja ta’ hafna minna li niktbu regolarment. Ejja Franco qum naqra fuq tieghek u itfaghlna xi haga faqa. Il-festa t-tajba lill-Ghaxqin kollha.

      • Miss Piggy
        Posted at 22:42h, 02 June

        U jekk nghidlek jien biex izomm il blog going…..x tghamel dottore, taghti kasi?
        Forsi trid tisma l magic word dott?
        Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese. 🙂

        • Pitirross
          Posted at 19:50h, 03 June

          Għidilna liema hi l-magic word Ms Piggy pls.

  • Miss Piggy
    Posted at 08:12h, 31 May

    Dhalt nara x hinu jigri hawnekk.. Leeee hiiiii, qum naqra fuq tieghek ta ghandek kollox rieqed hawn.
    Naqra spice nkun irrid jien…..maaaaa how boring.
    Ejja Dottore give it to us.

    • Pitirross
      Posted at 22:34h, 02 June

      U veru boring sar ta!

  • Lady Justice
    Posted at 01:30h, 31 May
  • Pitirross
    Posted at 22:58h, 30 May

    Franco, itfaghlna xi haga bis-sens ghax ghejjejna naqraw fuq riformi kostituzzjonali…. U min ma tantx jifhem fil-gustizzja, u dak kollu li ggib maghha, bhali, jiddejjaq. Perswaz li ssib xi haga interessanti fuq xiex tiktbilna xi zewg kelmiet. Filkas, kontra qalbi, ikolli nhalli dan il-blog. 🙁

    • J.A.
      Posted at 20:43h, 31 May

      Naqbel mieghek Piriross, fil-fatt, aqta’ lil Blue, ħafna mill kontributuri li kienu jagħtu sehemhom b’mod regolari, jidhru li diga’ waqfu.
      Dr. Franco aħna persważi mill kontribut li inti tajt fil-parlament favur riformi fil kostizzuzzjoni, għalhekk appoggjajna lis-stand tiegħek, iżda issa għidilna xi ħaġa ġdida li nistgħu b’mod vivaċi nikkummentaw dwarha.

  • We care
    Posted at 08:42h, 30 May

    Dottore nimmagina li ghandek hafna x tghamel bhalissa.
    Jinteressana nkunu nafu kif miexi x xoghol
    u fiducjuzi min bicca xoghol tajba ghax maghmula minnek. Il hobz tiehlil min jaf jieklu!

  • :-)
    Posted at 05:18h, 30 May

    Hugs and Kisses

  • Daffy Duck
    Posted at 21:57h, 29 May

    Jaqaw isemma rcc f din il blog biex Daphne regat harget qatta bla habel kontra Franco.
    Zommu got tajjar ta hiii!!

    • Frustrazzjoni u l-fossa tas-sahhara
      Posted at 15:10h, 30 May

      Tant kemm ghandhom x’jaghmlu l-ex ministri tal-klikka li reghet giet ikklownjata; li hafna minnhom-ex ministri- jiktbu fil-fossa tas-sahhara biex inehhu id-dwejjaq u l-frustrazzjoni li ghandhom! Keep them coming!!!!!

    • blue titanium soldier
      Posted at 19:04h, 30 May

      khemm gie gustus hux fdak litrat

      • Miss Piggy
        Posted at 08:20h, 31 May

        OH YES Soldier!

  • Daffy Duck
    Posted at 21:55h, 29 May

    Dik il giddieba prima, holqot xena fejn qed tghid li int qed tikteb fuq il blog taghha.
    Mur emminha ehhhh, peress li qatt ma qbadniha f gideb iehor drabi ohra!

  • blue titanium soldier
    Posted at 18:41h, 28 May

    skont ma qallilna wang wang kelna innaqsu id doza tal politika

  • Ganni Borg
    Posted at 13:19h, 28 May

    X’sar min dak li qalet Anne Fenech:


    Ser tibqa fl-ezekuttiv jew ser twarrab.

    Xi hadd jista jilluminana fuq din?

  • rcc
    Posted at 07:15h, 28 May

    Jekk ma nilghabx inhassar????

  • Ex-pn
    Posted at 22:57h, 27 May

    Kemm iggustajtu lil Simple Simon jghidilna li hu ghandu zewg subien, Beppe ghandu 3, u Mario ghandu 2. X’ghaxwa kellu fuqu jghidilna li kollha subien! Kemm deher li jghoggbuh, forsi ghax jibqghu jgorru l-kunjom u l-PN jibqa’ mghobbi bihom. Komplu ghaffgu fil-hama li hallejtu

  • NINA
    Posted at 18:45h, 27 May

    Issa lill Michael Fenech Adami jonqos jikkontesta ghal xi kariga .Ta min iqabbduh imexxilhom il finanazi bhal ma kien imexxi il finanzi fil kunsill lokali ta Birkirkara

    • Francist
      Posted at 23:10h, 27 May

      Mhux kariga gholja ghal Micheal ta!
      U ifimni 🙂

      • blue titanium soldier
        Posted at 18:19h, 28 May

        ghalfejn mhux daqs joseph fih allinqas mhux qiesu min ta wicchom wiehed ghax joseph propju wiehed minnhom u meta issemmuli familja Fenech Adami baxxu raskhom

        • dudu
          Posted at 20:26h, 30 May

          Nbaxxi rasi mela le, biex inhares lejhom hekk ikolli naghmel.

        • Anzjan
          Posted at 10:18h, 31 May

          Lejn Eddie Fenech Adami ghandi certu rispett avolja qatt ma qistu bhala l-Prim Ministru jew President tieghi. Imma lejn ibnu Beppe – ommima x’antipatija ta’ bniedem! Ftit ghandna politikanti li sabu ruhom fil-parlament (miz-zewg nahat) li huma bhahan u ordinarji bhalu. Fatt: kieku kien kunjomu Borg jew Camilleri, kieku l-anqas biss jingabar!

    • Moreof the same or back to the past!
      Posted at 07:59h, 28 May

      We cannot solve our problems with the same people and thinking that created them in the first place’! Issa jonqos fl-equation l-ex ministru Chris Said! Nigu:
      OTTU jew number 8.

      • blue titanium soldier
        Posted at 18:26h, 28 May

        I like the equation including Chris Said although I would have left Simon out but who knows we might be surprised, the only way is up

    • Tik tokk, tik tokk?
      Posted at 08:05h, 28 May

      Minn kien il-ministru responsabli ghal Gozo Channel li taht id-dikasteru tieghu sar dak-serq (nofs miljun ewro jew aktar) isir f’dawn l-ahhar 6 snin minghajr ma kien jaf x’qed jigri?
      Mhux ta b’xejn li l-finanzi tal-partit marru l-bahar bhal finanzi tal-Gozo Channel!

  • Josef Laspina
    Posted at 14:07h, 27 May

    Dear Franco, I would like to enquire regarding the possible future changes the EU might carry out in relation to its member states. How would the Maltese Constitution for this second Republic change if the EU implements a fiscal union ? Or rather would the Constitution need to include this – ? – could you please produce a post on this topic or expand for us to understand further the EUs power expansion.. thx…

  • Orlando Ellul Micallef
    Posted at 09:03h, 27 May

    Qed toghgbok il-meritokrazija laburista, Franco?!?

    Din it-tip ta tmexxija li ridt??….. Int hadt sehemek ghax kont xi moving billboard – fil-parlament laktar – ???

    • L-istess arblu tar-razza: mizbugh mill-gdid!
      Posted at 14:35h, 27 May

      L-arbli tar-razza ta Mifsud Bonnici, Demarco u Fenech Adami huma il-maghzulin u l-creme de la creme tal-PN!
      Illostra, hadd minn barra dawn it-triuvurat b’kunjom komuni mhu tajjeb? L-ohrajn laqgha u sagristani u paggi ta the same klikka?

      • blue titanium soldier
        Posted at 18:39h, 28 May

        @ L-istess arblu tar-razza: mizbugh mill-gdid!
        Guido Demarco kien il vici kap li dejjem xtaqtu inthom u xeba jaddikom min ghajn il lapra.
        Eddie Fenech Adami bellahkom, rebah lil kull kap li kelkom inclus mintoff fl 81 sahansitra gelkom tbidlu il kap darbtejn u biddel wicc Malta u qalana mit tielet dinja
        Ugo, Carm u Poala Mifsud Bonnici it tlieta li huma ghamlu xoghol siewi ghal pajjies hafna aktar milli ghamel lunika imbicilli li ghandom gor razza k.m.b. iz zero.
        Voldieri jekk vera skond iz zokk il ferha ghandna zmien glorius riesaq lejna u intkom diga qedin taraw il maltemp fuq ix xefaq

        • Pitirross
          Posted at 23:58h, 31 May

          Blue…. ghal liema maltemp qed tirreferi? Zgur mhux ghat-tsunami li ghadda minn fuq il-Pn dawn l-ahhar hames snin… U l-urugan, li lahaq il-qofol tieghu fid-9 ta’Marzu li ghadda!

    • He is still beck there!
      Posted at 17:57h, 27 May

      Aqta minn ghadu kumbinazzjoni avukat tal-Gozo Channel?
      Dr Andrew Borg Cardona!
      Il-kerha sahhara fuq l-blogs taghha iggib ritratt ta 20 sena ilu( meta ghamlet ‘nose job) tghidx kemm qeghda tikteb fuq l-meritocracy!!!!

  • paul fenech
    Posted at 06:33h, 27 May

    Veru li il blogger wicc ta ragel DCG, is sahhara tal bidnija se jghamluha Kumissarju tal klieb sezzjoni tad drogi ? Ghandha bicca ta mnieher qishu il qamar kwinta u kapaci ixomm meta id droga tkun ghadha 20 mill barra min malta . Prosit insomma dr.Muscat an excellent choice

    • Vigilant
      Posted at 14:31h, 27 May

      @paul fenech
      I think you might be wrong about DCG, as far as I know she is working evenings at the Eden Century Cinema were they are using her Big Fat Ass as the I-Max Screen! 🙂

  • paul fenech
    Posted at 06:27h, 27 May

    So PN has become a peoples party ? so they are admitting they were a party for crooks and clique.

  • Blue titanium soldier
    Posted at 23:10h, 26 May

    Skond iz zokk il ferha
    Eddie + Guido = 15 il sena fil gvern
    Beppe + Mario = ghamlu il kalkolu wahedkhom

    For P.N. the only way is up

    • Frosta
      Posted at 22:30h, 27 May

      Blue,i like your blog posts cos each time i reads them you succeeds to makes me smile. 10x 🙂

      Very simple maths
      E + G = 15 years in power
      B + M = 15 years in opposition.

      Total Bill With Buzz = PN Gas Down In The Wall.

      Blue it is not a difficult mathematical problem to understand the writing is on the wall. 🙂

      • blue titanium soldier
        Posted at 18:22h, 28 May

        GONZI = 9snin finanzi fis sod
        joseph = 9 weeks finanzi fil bod

        • Frosta
          Posted at 21:00h, 31 May

          Blue ma tridtx tighallem:) iva anqas somma ma taf taghmel??

          Joseph = 36000 vot +
          Gonzi = 36000 vot –

          Nahseb qabzu it 3% deficit Gonzi U l-ex vici il-Buzu,X-tahseb??

        • Pitirross
          Posted at 00:14h, 01 June

          Blue….inti trid ticcajta, gej bil-finanzi fis-sod? Ta’ min kienu fis-sod il-finanzi…….ta’ Malta jew tal-PN? Ha ha ha ha LOL. Kullimkien mifqugh bid-dejn, deficit splodut u l-haddiema jistennew il-paga ta’ Marzu. Hallina Blue…. Qed tkanta vittorja kmieni wisq int!!

          • blue titanium soldier
            Posted at 20:32h, 02 June

            le habieb minhiex inkanta vittoria, imam bhal ma ghidlek lewwel the only way is up

          • Fleur
            Posted at 07:47h, 03 June

            Il lajs Blue kemm qed tghid sewwa u kemm int filosofiku u fin fi kliemek.
            Sewwa qed tghid li the only way is up. Meta tmiss il qiegh u ma tistax tinzel iktar l isfel min hekk……ovjament the only way is up. Taf li qed tghogobni llum!
            Issa li jmiss huwa META dik il meta ha jindunaw il fejn iridu jaqdfu biex jilhqu dak id dawl.
            Its only a matter of time ghax vera THE ONLY WAY IS UP.

  • paul fenech
    Posted at 21:48h, 26 May

    li il PN issa veru spicca u kulhadd irealizza lil partit tal klikka u aktar min nofs tiuzzana siggijiet ma ghandhux gahx itellha . ilhom ghexieren ta snin jirnexxilhom jidhku bil polju u jbellawilhu li gvern ghal haddiema ! issa wara li tkaxkar b 36 elf (u min jaf kemm fottew aktar voti u bezzaw nies li jhekk jivutaw Pl jitilfhu xgholhom ) darba ohra il pn l-anqas jingabar u bid dejn li ghandhu u purcinell ta erba soldi bhal simple simon fit tmun ,GAS DOWN GOL HAJT . lAKTAR BDAK IL PATALOTT BEPPE QISHU NUFFATA . L-AHAQ AVUCAT GHAX IRRANGALU MISSIERU GHAX VERU PAPRU . IL PN PROPJETA TA DEMARCO U FENECH ADAMI ! IMEXXIJIN BIEX MA JIGILDHUX BEJNIETHOM MIN NOFS BNIEDEM XMUN IC CIRINEWW.

  • joe camilleri
    Posted at 17:14h, 26 May

    Tal-PN issa ghandhom TLETT STOOGIES barra minn leader ma jiswiex karlin. Ghax ma jizzewgux ghand xulxin Demarco, Fenech Adami u Mifsud Bonnicijiet ? Mur ara meta l-hanin Mulej jibghatilhom il-frott kemm ikollna jew statisti jew genji jew imbroljuni ?

  • id dar centrali fic centru tad dinja
    Posted at 16:12h, 26 May


    We are family
    Simon, Beppe, Mario and Pauly
    We are family

    Lala la la la….

  • Dallas / Dynasty
    Posted at 10:27h, 26 May

    fenech adami
    mifsud bonnici

    borg olivier

    • Storja tal -fewdalizmu politiku f'Malta.
      Posted at 11:21h, 26 May

      Il-familji nobbli u aristokratici tal-fewdu tal-PN igeddu lilhom infushom u jaghtu l-wirt tal-fewdu lil uliedhom! Viva l-PN medjovali: viva l-opposizzjoni medjovali!
      il-motto il- gdid: more of the same’ and ‘lura fil-passat ta ilma stagnat’!
      Madoffi mhemm hadd kapaci li ghandu kuljomu bugeja, butitgieg, pace,borg, vella, grech,bonello,catania ,aquilina,portelli, cardona,??????????

    • Il-wirt ta l-istess familji.
      Posted at 12:01h, 26 May

      X’hin tidhol f’tal-Pieta, hlief ritratti ta l-istess nofs tuzzana familji ma tarax: il-buznannu, in-nannu, iz-ziju, l-kugin, missierijiet, ecc. B’dan’ l-inbreeding’ ta l-istess familji fil-leadership tal-partit se insolvu l-problemi futuri tal-pajjiz?
      Tista tkun Mr jew Dr Nobody, imma jekk ikollok kunjomok tal-klikka, tista tkun l-akbar cuc ghax il-pozizzjoni tieghek fil-leadership se tinteret zgur!
      Jiddispjacini ghal Claudet u Bugeja; forsi kien ikun hemm nifs zghir gdid imma b’dawn fejn konna bqajna!

      • Pitirross
        Posted at 16:34h, 26 May

        Dak mhux inbreeding jgħidulu imma cloning!

      • Blue titanium soldier
        Posted at 23:15h, 26 May

        @ Il-wirt ta l-istess familji.
        Mela ghadek nazzjonalist? Xtinkwieta ghalina?
        Il bieb miftuh ghalik ukoll

        • Belti sal ponta ta mniehri
          Posted at 20:47h, 28 May

          Il-bieb miftugh qallek Johnny, da zgur, spazju hemm kemm trid.

      • J.A.
        Posted at 20:26h, 29 May

        ‘in breeding’ maghruf li mard u skerzi tan natura igibu.
        U kollha subien ghandhom ta’ xi hlew! ma nafx kif mit tlieta ta’ DCG hadt ma dahal f’din il-klikka prestigguza, nobbli u fewdali.
        let’s wait and see

  • New Generation / Same Families
    Posted at 10:26h, 26 May

    mifsud bonnici
    fenech adami

  • People 's Party
    Posted at 10:25h, 26 May

    so the PN has now become a People’s Party


    the SAME people

  • the PN doors are open to everyone
    Posted at 10:24h, 26 May

    fenech adami
    mifsud bonnici

  • the emperor
    Posted at 10:23h, 26 May

    fenech adami
    mifsud bonnici

  • louis XVI
    Posted at 10:22h, 26 May

    fenech adami
    mifsud bonnici

  • 'Chronicle of an election foretold'
    Posted at 08:47h, 26 May

    We all know how the Bidnija creep is harping on ‘meritocracy’ in Malta, however she conveniently forgets ‘meritocracy’ in her own camp!
    How come its the same old families that manage to get ‘elected’ in the same old party?
    Where is meritocracy in all this except that unless you have an’ aristocratic surname’ and unless your family forms part of the same clan,(clique) call it what you want-you wont be allowed to pull the string?
    Harping on meritocratic Malta? Before you accuse others ; take a good look at ‘your’: meritocracy’: its more like ‘Chronicle of an election foretold’; not by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but by the same old lackeys who eagerly go under the tables to collect and eat crumbs that fall off it!

    • Viva tal-klikka
      Posted at 08:08h, 28 May

      Meritocracy? Saqsi li Dr Andrew Borg Cardona li kumbinazzjoni kien u GHADU avukat tal-Gozo Channel (biljetti b’xejn ukoll)?

  • Rambo
    Posted at 01:13h, 26 May

    L-ahwa tiftakruh il-film The Good – The Bad – & The Ugly bit tlett protagonisti jkunu cowboys ?? Dan il-film tant kien kiseb success li dawn it-tlett cowboys kienhu kissru il- Box Office bil-profit.

    Il-lejla il-Pn wkoll ipprova jaghmel xi haga simili u ghazel biex jahdem film f-dawn il-hames snin li gejjin bil-protagonisti jkunu tlett avukati mhux cowboys.

    Jekk wiehed jara naqra id-differenza bejn is success tat tlett cowboys u is success tat tlet avukati tal pn johrog, li filwaqt li it-tlet cowboys kissru il-box office bil-profit,it tlett avukati maghzula kissru il-Box office Ta malta bid-djun, kissru il-Box Office tal-partit tahghom stess did-djun wkoll u il Box Office tal-voti b-37000 vot min taht.

    Jiena nahseb li biex forsi jiksbu naqra success dawn it-tlett avukati il-film li jridu jahdmu f-dawn il-hames snin ghandu jkun jismu The Biggest Horror Movie u nahseb li bhala extras jekk jinkludu mahhom lil Toni l-arluggar u lil Cobra tal-Bidnijja il-biza tohrog izjed naturali u il-maltin jitwerwru.hekk bis forsi jinkiseb naqra success.