Is this the time for a new party in Parliament to bring us in line with ALL other European countries?

Is this the time for a new party in Parliament to bring us in line with ALL other European countries?

Malta is the only European country having just two political parties in Parliament, mainly due to biased and flawed electoral laws not providing for a national treshold and a political mentality which must still be emancipated.

In the 2008 elections some 20,000 eligible voters chose to stay away from the polling stations. Some 20,000 eligible voters who chose not to vote. The votes are there up for grabs. The mentality must change. An average district quota is some 3,500 votes.

Possibly the protest vote and disgruntlement of voters,  due to the antics 0f arrogant politicians like Austin Gatt and his right hand man Manuel Delia who inflicted on Malta the Arriva fiasco, will increase this time round.

For example in the Tenth district (Sliema ., San Giljan, Gzira, Pembroke) there were some two thousand (2,000)  eligible voites which were not cast.

eligible votes : 24,006

votes cast : 22,013

 Just to give you an idea George Pullicino got 2048 first preferences, Francis Zammit Dimech got 1824 and both were elected

  • Myself
    Posted at 22:25h, 17 October

    Dan ukoll qieghed jistenna li l-proposti tieghu jintlaqghu u jsir xi caqliq fuqhom. Anzi ma qabdux il-proposti tieghu, serquhomlu, u tefawh il-barra… Fis-sitwazzjoni li qeghdin hawn Malta, hekk kienu jaghmlu kieku.

  • David Mario Fenech
    Posted at 17:52h, 17 October

    Franco, ifthu inti l-partit u semmieh Franco’s Zecchino d’Oro party. looooooool jew inkella Franco’s Minibugs Party loooooool u ħallina Franco, bye!!!!!!

  • Pawlu
    Posted at 17:52h, 17 October

    Franco, Wake up and do something yourself !

  • ta kafkaf
    Posted at 16:20h, 17 October

    some questions Franco.

    Is Mr S Zammit the same person who just before the local council election was swaying the incense burner at St Gregory’s parish posing as a sacrestan?

    Is he the same person who I don’t know how many many years ago was manager of the Tal Qroqq pool and purchased an inordinate amount of kerosene, that people started to wonder if the pool was being filled with kerosense? There was even a court case about this. Was he a prominent canvasser of Michael Frendo back in the eighties?

    When RCC lost his job in Dar Malta a lot of his fans were harping about what a good lobbyist he is and how we cannot afford to do without him. So the question arises is it OK to lobby if you are RCC, but not OK to be lobbied if you are a EU Commissioner?

    Further, if Commisisoners close their doors to lobby groups, what will lobby groups have to say about Commissioners?

  • Jonathan
    Posted at 15:12h, 17 October

    Thanks for sharing the numbers. They put the scenario in a new perspective. After all, this government has a relative majority of 1600 votes (over the next contender, Labour). Nevertheless, it remains a relative majority, not an absolute one. It remains a fact that less than 50% of Maltese votes cast wanted Lawrence Gonzi as Prime Minister.
    In view of all this, I guess it is time that he calls it a day and go back to the polls for a fresh mandate.

  • B.Attard
    Posted at 09:39h, 17 October

    Franco go for it. You will get my vote and of many other ex PN’s

    • johann ferriggi
      Posted at 09:02h, 19 October

      you should not even think about it, you’ll get much more votes than the previous election in my opinion,considering the fact that in this country we need more candidates like you who will perform on the people’s side (interest) rather than the party’s.

  • information seeker
    Posted at 09:07h, 17 October

    if it’s time for a 3rd party, then I would suggest Alternattiva Demokratika. They are the only consistent party around.

    I don’t think it should be a party managed by you or your friends

  • tony
    Posted at 07:57h, 17 October

    bongu franco , barosso kien malta ftit ijiem ilu il-bierah faqqat , tajt x,gara ??

  • niki micallef
    Posted at 05:38h, 17 October

    waqqaf partit inti ghandek cans kbir li tigverna jew ghal anqas titla fil parlament.Hekk jidher ix xol

  • Jolly Joker
    Posted at 01:10h, 17 October
  • Paladin
    Posted at 00:38h, 17 October

    Kompli ilghab il-loghoba ta GonziPN Franco ! Jekk tghamel partit gdid ISSA, GonziPN jiggwadanja u hadd iktar.Jekk VERA trid tehles minn Gonzi u Austin Gatt mix-xena politika, tghamlux issa l-partit, halli GonziPN jaqilaw it-tkaxkira li haqqhom jaqilaw fl-elezzjoni li gejja ! Imbagahd wara ghamel partit gdid kemm trid. Tanto huwa ipotetiku li titla. Iggib mijiet forsi eluf ta voti mid-distretti kollha globalment, imma ma titlghax Franco. Naf x’qed nghidlek.

  • Celly
    Posted at 23:23h, 16 October

    Three months today,since you started the blog.
    A marvelous idea indeed.

  • Becky
    Posted at 23:13h, 16 October

    Beppe Fenech Adami illejla fuq One TV qal li Franco Debono ghandu zaqqu mugugha ghal Joe Cassar. Nahseb aktar hu ghandu ugieh ta’ zaqq ghax, minkejja l-gatekeeping kollu tal-pbs u t-times, qieghed jara l-oligarkija fil-kruha kollu taghha tigi esposta quddiem kulhadd.
    Barra minn hekk Beppe huwa ezempju tajjeb ta’ l-arroganza li tikkarratterizza t-tmexxijja ta’ Gonzipn. Tul il-programm beda ta kull darba jtellef lil kelliema l-ohra permezz tat-twerziq u l-interuzzjonijet tieghu .

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 08:31h, 17 October

      no comment

    • TOM's meddling into politics
      Posted at 09:37h, 17 October

      It-Times qeghda tipprova taqta barra lil dawk li m’humiex laqgha tal-klikka: dawk li qeghdin fuq l-gravy train, dawk jistghu jghidu li iridu, lilna li m’ahniex laqgha imma ahna liberi: tlett versi: mhux aktar! Araw kif issa f’daqqa wahda l-kummenti kollha favur l-klikka, ghax l-ohrajn qeghda taqta barra! Din fair play, din freedom of speech? Jaqaw natalino Fenech rega dahal mat-Times ukoll?

  • Mark Portelli
    Posted at 22:40h, 16 October

    Im With you all the Way…….and may i say im not the only one too

  • philip
    Posted at 22:30h, 16 October

    xjarek it tifel ta fenek adami li inti qed tugek zaqqek ghall ministru joe cassar.fuq il one tv .qala iktar min inti qed tugak zaqek.

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 08:35h, 17 October

      he has a right to opinion like i have right to mine

      • jack
        Posted at 19:10h, 17 October

        Franco – naqra Alka Selzer jew Malox u jghaddi kollox

  • Ninu iz zurieqi
    Posted at 22:05h, 16 October

    If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates. : )

  • Alouette III
    Posted at 21:51h, 16 October

    Wied Incita !

    Alla jbierek f daqqa wahda
    ciss kemm flus qeghdin jinstabu
    hux ta min fil-pront nghidulhom
    morru aqbzu minn Wied Babu

    Flejjes sibna biex inhawwlu
    sigar ma jiswewx karlin
    u li kellha ssir inkjesta
    Alla maghna x wahda din

    Din mhiex cajta l-ahwa huti
    wahda biss tiswa l-eluf
    lanqas haqq li l-antenati
    li zerghu sarilhom suf

    Konna zghar kienu jghallmuna
    d-dinja rota ahna l-fus
    u bir-rghiba illi ghandhom
    ma jarawx jghamew ghall-flus.

  • Ninu iz zurieqi
    Posted at 21:45h, 16 October

    Franco habib…..when your telling the truth, you dont have to remember anything.

  • Oracle
    Posted at 21:37h, 16 October

    La Piovra irnexxilha tilhaq lil John Dalli anke fi Brussell.
    Komda il-hajja ghal klikka.

  • Jon Mifsud
    Posted at 21:33h, 16 October

    Jekk u vera li qegħdin jgħidu dawn naqtghu figura tan-nejk. Qas jghaddi mill-ezami. GARANZIJA

  • Hassieb
    Posted at 21:30h, 16 October

    Il-lobby tat-tabakk hu b’sahhtu hafna u influwenti.
    Fejn hemm il-flus hemm il-poter.
    Xi hadd jaf min hu il konsulent legali tal-kumpanijji tat-tabakk hawn Malta?
    Nahseb li John Dalli hu skomdu ghal xi crieki ”okkulti”.

    • Tony
      Posted at 07:46h, 17 October

      Can’t help but thinking that the few controlling people done it again. I am sure that Commissioner Dalli is well capable of defending himself, but i can’t help but think that it is another ploy to destroy him politically for strategic reasons by the hidden hands that are actually running the Country.
      Too many coincidents have been happening lately as the Car parks, the Public TV station, and hospital issues and the people involved makes it too obvious for us feeble minded public to believe that those representing us are actually doing it in the Public and Country’s interest.
      We might have progressed in many areas, but unfortunately we have not budged an inch in how politics is done, probably since Independence day in 1964. I say this with responsibility as a citizen that wish my Country the best as we the people are paying too much financially not to expect the best.
      I remember the old corrupt days under the old Labour regime, that you could touch, feel and live corruption, but still no body was held to account and corruption was hidden or evidence not properly collected to hold those responsible to account, but Lord Behold, fast forward 25 years and much of the same is in place. People have been replaced but the same, more refined corruption is still in place. Ay least under the Old Labour one could actually point a finger at corruption but now it is so well managed and refined that you can only call it institutionalized corruption.
      How else can one explain. that while under the old Labour we used to laugh at the telephone system, we used to say country of second hand equipment which nobody wants, a Country of buying obsolete equipment, fast forward 25 years and the Country is buying or subsidizing second hand equipment. Be it the busses from the UK, now the hospital the government is contemplating of renting with the intent of buying. the tons of Euros spent on roads with most of the roads still in shambles and those arterial roads that have been done to some standard (not European surely) are causing more congestion than in their old rotten state. But still nobody is accountable, a de ha vu from the 1970’s.Whole systems that the public have paid heavily through their active hard work paying unendingly through their taxes have ended up with a defunct public transport, defunct energy system, defunct state of the art hospital that did not even survive the Government legislation. Who in God’s name have been held to account? Nobody, but I am amazed how the political parties with their massive expense are still running, or is it a case where the public is indirectly subsidizing and sponsoring them with their taxes through these government projects. Are our accounts transparent enough to show that these projects cost as much as we pay? and may I ask why has it never brought up as a matter of urgency that the Country actually sponsors political parties on the condition that parties stop taking any kind of donations, I think I know the answer to that, and that is because it stops corruption dead in its tracks and it is not financially and politically beneficial to those who wants power.
      One can only suspect that all this is because even the political parties have not changed or improved, one could see the parties not being professionally run by the best but rather by their political bloodline, they are only there because of family history put them in a position where they are now rather like a private entity more than a political party.
      In a few words, I have been stunned by Maltese politics, and although I might not make a difference in the political landscape, I refuse to participate in exercising my right and vote. Although that there are a few who sacrifice their political career to try and change things they are still part of the bigger corrupt machine that will do everything in its power not to rock the boat. Zimbabwe will always be Zimbabwe and Mugabe will always be Mugabe no matter what other world leader might want to change there. While Malta will always be Malta no matter what European Union and Brussels might want to change. The only ways Malta will change is by going under water for a few days and re-surface with a clean slate and a new generation of politicians. Good luck in your uphill struggle and I can only wish for you and those with courage like you to succeed for the benefit of the collective Country and to encourage those that are not afraid of change. Thank you Franco even if it does not mean much.

  • Ninu iz zurieqi
    Posted at 20:49h, 16 October

    The goal in the end is not to win elections. The goal is to change society.

    • Eddy Privitera
      Posted at 21:42h, 16 October

      Xi tghid Franco dwar l-ahhar storja li ghadha kif harget u li fiha hemm imdahhal ex-vici-sindku ta’ GonziPN minn tas-Sliema, Silvio Zammit ??? Tghid kienet hidma ohra tal-Klikka tal-Hazen biex ikissru lil John Dalli minhabba l-kritika li ghamel lejn GonziPN ???

      • el bandido guapo
        Posted at 09:28h, 17 October

        I did so forget that the PN owns Swedish Match and that the PN also controls the European Commission and also OLAF.

        Your dreams are becoming ever so colourful Eddy, no doubt you will respond with abuse or an irrelevancy, because a proper logical retort you are incapable of coming up with.

        There’s a grouping for like-minded people, it’s called the Labour Party, have you heard of them?

  • XEWK
    Posted at 20:31h, 16 October

    Dr Debono imma l-elezzjoni li gejja b’xi mod ser tirrifletti dak li hafna dejjem xtaqu, xi forma ta one party government, ghax bhal ma nafu, kandidati li gejjin minn xehta tal-PN ser jikkontestaw mal-Moviment ta’ Muscat, li wkoll gej minn familja mhalta fit-twemmin politiku. Nies bhal Dr Manuel Mallia u Dr Deborah Schembri fost ohrajn, zgur ser igibu voti ta’ bosta ex nazzjonalisti, mxebbajn sal-ponta t’imnieherhom bil-hmieg li ghaddej f’wicc kulhadd. L-ahhar wahda tas-St. Philips. Gonzi donnu qed joghxa jsawwat lil partit. U veru proset tad-diskors mill-qalb li ghamilt il-bierah. Missu Muscat jekk jitla jiehdok konsulent mieghu, biex l-ideat genwini tieghek jistghu jigu mplimentati

  • Anthony Farrugia
    Posted at 20:19h, 16 October

    there are not only PN disgruntled voters but many PL voters are frustrated and also many young new voters who cannot stand this way of doing politics.

    However, Dr. DeBono, I have to add that notwithstanding your sharp criticism – which is highly commendable and I for one admire you for your guts and principle – at the same time the GonziPN administration is there because YOU are backing it till today. I am informed that all you had to do was write to the President of the Republic and inform him officially that you are no longer supporting this government and will not do so in parliament and then the OLIGARCHY would have NO OPTION.

    Instead you chose to criticise harshly and let them go ahead with this farce to the point that with YOUR participation we are going to have an unstable Xmas with all the consequences that we are all aware of.

    Give this country a real break please! Then start working on the 3rd party and watch out who to have on board with you!

  • Cynical intelligence
    Posted at 19:40h, 16 October

    More parties means less dependance on single minded governments which automatically over a number of years reduces direct government related corruption(perceived and not). Along with a financial police……real financial police, not a VAT department that muscles up with pedlars and jelly tots it with the ‘business’ men that have built an empire out of public robbery.

    Russia’s communist party survived for as many years due to the imposed ignorance of the people. How long will Malta take to spring out it’s post independence political oscillation??

  • jerry
    Posted at 19:07h, 16 October

    The votes you quoted were from 1 district. GP got 2600 and FZD got 3700 on two districts whereas FD got 2300 votes on two districts. So what is the argument?

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 19:09h, 16 October

      example : district ten. this is not a contest but an example.

      figures quoted are correct

      • jerry
        Posted at 19:29h, 16 October

        With the same argument Gonzi was elected in 1996 with 1876 first count votes on a difficult district on his second attempt

        • David Caruana
          Posted at 00:12h, 17 October

          Which part of ‘NOT’ don’t you understand jerry? It’s NOT a competition on who got most votes but a simple example to give a good idea of what 2,000 votes mean!

          Read again. This time, try to understand!

          • jerry
            Posted at 09:30h, 17 October

            I wanted to point out that FD is trying to compare that there are MPs who were elected with less votes than him and made ministers

          • Celly
            Posted at 11:41h, 17 October

            Jerry, what you re pointing out is the conclusion of your prejudice.

          • jerry
            Posted at 13:37h, 17 October


            I am not prejudiced. I am just reiterating and comparing what Franco does

      • david farrugia
        Posted at 23:02h, 16 October

        however many don’t give a damn re all and even if there are 3 or a thousand parties they will still stay away from casting their vote.

  • ex pn
    Posted at 18:29h, 16 October

    My suggestion that the electoral laws are changed to reflect the first preference votes and without having lost votes (almost a quota in each district).

    A seat in parliament represents 1.54% approx.
    There should be a national threshold of say 5%, so a party obtaining 5% across the country should be represented in parliament.

    Each district should have its quota by dividing by 5 instead of 6.

    This will elect 4 members from every district, after taking in consideration the non transferable votes lost in the counting.

    If a party obtaining the national quota does not have a candidate remaining in the race, then the electoral commission will allocate seats to the last “falling” candidates of that party in preference to the last obtained votes as a percentage to the quota of the district. 5% will attract 3 seats in parliament.

    Then the electoral commission shall take into consideration the percentage of first count votes and allocate the remaining seats to the remaining candidates by putting them in order according to the percentage their final vote reflects with the quota of the district.

    The drawback in this system is that there will be districts that may have 6 candidates elected and others they may have only 4.

    But today with 69 members, we have districts that have 6 members so I don’t too much of a problem.

    This would reflect exactly the first preference votes.

    • Veritier
      Posted at 19:14h, 16 October

      “If a party obtaining the national quota does not have a candidate remaining in the race, then the electoral commission will allocate seats to the last “falling” candidates of that party”

      This party would be sending their leader to Lourdes on his knees praying that he’s not elected, so they are given three seats instead of one.

      I must have got this wrong.

    Posted at 18:24h, 16 October

    If the third party is there to keep the ruling government on its toes, I would definetly subscribe to the notion.

    But I would be rather sceptical of a similar situation. If the third party is in coalition with the government, its fortunes are closely tied to that of the governing party. Should the government fail, its coalition partners would also fail. Locally I do not think that the coalition partner would rock the boat cause neither party would trust it ever again.

    But nonetheless why not, the more the merrier. If Ciccolina and Pozzi made it to parliament ………………………

  • 500EUROS
    Posted at 17:53h, 16 October

    John Dalli resigns .
    i hope this is not another frame up by the evil clique.

    • Edgar Apap
      Posted at 18:30h, 16 October

      Dont Bet On It . The Evel Hand Of Gonzi Pn Is Far Reaching .

    • D. Scerri
      Posted at 18:42h, 16 October

      Don’t worry, Johnny Cash is perfectly capable of f*c*ing things up all by himself.

  • Veritier
    Posted at 17:29h, 16 October

    Plenty of “support”, Dr Debono.

    Where are the votes?

  • Mike
    Posted at 17:28h, 16 October

    By your calculations and reasoning, those 20,000 uncasted votes are all Nationalists. Somehow that seems a bit far fetched.

    Apart from that an uncast vote is not a protest vote – such would be a vote against the party the voter wishes to lodge a protest.

    Uncast votes reflect the growing apathy among the population towards the political scene in our country.

  • Ganni Borg
    Posted at 17:27h, 16 October

    @ Dr.Debono
    Taf bir-rizejna tal-kummissarju J.Dalli?

    • il-Bully
      Posted at 18:10h, 16 October

      @Ganni Borg
      I am no lawyer but spreading the word as it is being reported by the local Times, I propose we hold horses until Mr. Dalli say his side.
      Going on the merit of what the Times is saying I ask how many on the Government with no majority ought to have resigned?

  • 500EUROS
    Posted at 17:23h, 16 October

    Thousands of people that last election voted PN now it dosen’t mater what Gonzi and his clique do as thousands already switched to PL and thousands will not vote .
    Unless you have a several PN present MPs to run for new party it would be difficult to have members elected .

    • ex mlp
      Posted at 20:32h, 16 October

      hafna qed jghidu li nies qalbu mil pn al pl. mux fil kaz tieghi! jien dejjem issaportjajt l mlp imma jidispjacini nghid li b joseph ma narax futur. pozi biss u sustanza xejn fid diskors. imbad warajh nara lil karmenu vella, debono grech, trigona.etc etc. fejnu nl pasrtit gdid li wegheduna? jikkmandawh huma. imbad nara lil anglu…u halluna. dawn kolla ghamlulu hafna hsara l partit. jien ghalkemm kont ahmar nisthi meta niftakar fi zmien li konna hemm fuq. le il pl ghadni ma nistax nafdah jiddispjacini. forsi gonzipn mux perfett, imma almenu naf fhiex jien. ghad irid jasal dak iz zmien li nerga nafdakom pl….sorry. imma l-ewwel nahseb fija u f’familti.

      • jason calleja
        Posted at 22:38h, 16 October

        Ex MLP…


      • Della Valle
        Posted at 22:54h, 16 October

        Impresjonajtna ex mlp… hallina tridx lol

      • bulldog
        Posted at 23:29h, 16 October

        ex mlp: Lol l-anqas tidher li nazzjonalist prim,le l-anqas xejn, minghaliek trid tbellalna r-ross bil labbra. Tridna mhighaliek nemmnuk anki nazzjonalisti stess qeghdin jidhqu bhiek, mil kitba tieghek int qatt ma kont Laburist anzi pjuttost nazzjonalist tal qalba sew, mur dahhaq fic-cirku ta Silvio Zammit bhala buffu forsi jdahhlek b’xejn

      • Xlukkajr
        Posted at 23:51h, 16 October

        exmlp…go tell it to the marines!!!! Dahhaqtni wahda siehbi!! Il-kumment tieghek qisu xi editorjal tan-Nazzjon. Jien bhalek se naghmel, nivvota PL ghall-ewwel darba ghax jien sahhet uliedi tigi l-ewwel u bid-duhhan tal-BWSC m’hemmx futur!

      • Alouette III
        Posted at 18:40h, 18 October

        ilek xejn ma tmur tqerr ?

    • Cikka
      Posted at 21:32h, 16 October

      Kemm tahseb li fadal boloh li jemnuk, sur ex mlp !

  • josephine
    Posted at 17:21h, 16 October

    why don’t you try the MEP elections instead, with those elections you would only need to arrive 6th in the race of total votes and you would end up with a MEP seat in brussels, where you can make real changes to the maltese system

    • Veritier
      Posted at 17:27h, 16 October

      What changes can MEPs in Brussels make to the local system?

      • Cynical intelligence
        Posted at 19:28h, 16 October

        Idiot!!! The local parliament will become just a middle manager at this rate. In which Europe are you living? The one presented by Gonzi, or the real one?

        • Veritier
          Posted at 20:46h, 16 October

          You’re one hell of a vote catcher, Cynical intelligence.

          Ara ddaħħlux miegħek lil dan bħala PRO, Dr Debono.

          • Cynical intelligence
            Posted at 10:06h, 17 October

            Yes Veritier….l.I was waiting for someone like you to save me. But I ask myself if you are not so interested in what Franco has to say what are you doing on this blog?? Is it not that deep down in some corner of your conscience you know he is right? Stop playing the ‘boy wants to be part of club’ , peer the pressure and grow up. Votes or no votes, Malta needs to start talking and discussing real communal issues, and this blog might be a start. You need to throw the wheat up in the air to separate the husks and collect the grain!!

          • Veritier
            Posted at 11:51h, 17 October

            Correction, Dr Debono.

            Scratch PRO. Insert Blog Director.

    • Chinese Jar
      Posted at 00:49h, 17 October

      Mela dak ha jitlaq mid-dar u jmur joqghod Brussel?

  • Fullstop
    Posted at 17:02h, 16 October

    Fl-elezzjoni 2008 minn dawk li tefghu il-vot, aktar minn 5000 vot gew mormija!! f’kuntest fejn partit rebah lill-iehor b’1500 vot. Minn hemm tkompli tinduna kemm il-ligi eletorali ghandha bzonn tinbidel u thaddem sistema biex kull vot mitfuh ikollu valur fuq ir-rapprezentanza fil-parlament.

    • Veritier
      Posted at 17:15h, 16 October

      Nagħmlu mod li għandek numru ta’ voti f’idejk li kollha bejn wieħed u ieħor għandhom miktub fuqhom “Morru xxejjru kollha kemm intom” fuqhom.

      X’valur fuq ir-rappreżentanza fil-parlament għandu jkollhom dawn il-voti, skont il-liġi li għandek f’moħħok?

      • Fullstop
        Posted at 17:41h, 16 October

        Il-voti li jien tkellimt fuqhom m’hummiex voti mhassra imma voti tal-Alternativa u Azzjoni Nazzjonali li b’kollox gabu l’fuq minn 5000 vot.

        Jien li qed nghid hu li kull vot ghandu jkollu valur f’percentagg nazzjonali u mhux fuq livell ta’ distrett. 5000 vot fuq livell nazzjonali kwazi ghandek zewg kwoti.

        • Veritier
          Posted at 20:51h, 16 October

          Skużani. Fhimtek ħażin.

          Hemmhekk naqbel miegħek mija fil-mija. Rappreżentanza proporzjonali għandu jkun il-punt tat-tluq f’kull ideja għal tibdil fil-liġi elettorali. Id-dettalji kif dan jintlaħaq għandhom dejjem ikunu sekondarji.

  • Thorny
    Posted at 16:54h, 16 October

    YES YES YES, just DO IT Franco DO IT and let the Nationalist INTEREST triumph again!

    It’s certainly not to be found in the Nationalist party or what’s lft of it , if it was ever there !

  • Tea
    Posted at 16:47h, 16 October

    I believe that Malta definitely needs new political parties in the scene – though will the PN and PL be willing to cut their ear off by revising pertinent electoral law?

    • Veritier
      Posted at 16:50h, 16 October

      Fat chance.

        Posted at 17:20h, 16 October

        True! Leaving other options to be explored, such as the revival of the PN to follow Joseph Muscat’s new Movement. Maltese opinion just cannot remain fossilised as at present. In fact, there have been major changes since Independence; and now with the Church’s hold clearly out of the way, the road lies ahead for real democratic balance to be achieved.

        There are clinks in the armour that are more like wedges. And these will grow and others will gather around them to create a democratic political scenario for Malta.

        • Veritier
          Posted at 21:08h, 16 October

          NEW movement? You’ve got to be joking.

          When was the last time you scanned the faces sitting in the opposition benches?

          When JM presents his new cabinet and puts some flesh in the otherwise empty titles, logos, and backdrops, I may change my views.

          But until then, I’m afraid your new movement is as new as I am.

          • BETTER FUTURE
            Posted at 10:44h, 17 October

            So just because there are Judiciary group photos with ex Judge Arrigo, would that classify all judges as corrupt? Just asking a rhetorical question? Also if you are the age you claim to be, you should be the first to acknowledge that positive experience counts as much as youthful vigour!

            Muscat has created a new Movement which encompasses all sectors of the nation, yourself included in you wished (of course entirely up to you). Now I find this a healthy move towards firmly eliminating the strictly two colour politically-static scenario on the island.

            The PN did the same 28 years ago by embracing various factions and thoughts but did not define a name for it. Is it the time to reactivate that situation, i.e. after this coming huge election loss?

  • Demm Nazzjonalist
    Posted at 16:27h, 16 October

    Iva Franco l-isem tal-partit ghandu jkun PN2 bil-kandidati nazzjonalisti li ma qablux ma Gonzi .

    • Veritier
      Posted at 16:46h, 16 October

      Fighting the old with the old? Not likely.

      What you need is ex-PN voters, not ex-PN candidates.

        Posted at 17:25h, 16 October

        What you need are party members from both sides of opinion that are willing to better the local political scene. This does not necessarily mean a new party, although it does not exclude it. Change needs to come from within. Look and learn from the Labour Party. Would one have imagined the change from Mintoff to Muscat, even just 10 years back?

        • Veritier
          Posted at 06:49h, 17 October

          I was just pointing out that any new party would fare better if old faces were left behind.

          Yes. I looked. And I learned. And I came to different conclusions than yours, conclusions which, although you say you champion the cause of the unbiased observer, you rarely seem to give space and allowance for.

          You’ll forgive me if I don’t share your enthusiasm about the choice of leader. All I see is hollowness, tangible enough for any eye not fixed and gazed can see. I see no “THIS is what we stand for”, but rather more frequent “we do not have a problem with changing our position” statements, proof, if there ever needed to be any, that the initial “position” was never thought out but was rather more of cheer-catcher.

          • BETTER FUTURE
            Posted at 10:56h, 17 October

            The fact that I am replying to your posts proves you completely wrong, and paints you as one trying to gain political mileage out of an honest contribution to a debate. More like a person with a hidden political agenda that would proudly parade with the present powers.

            Your gaze (just try to it straight) should enlighten you to a situation where Muscat is reacting to an entrenched spoilsport, and political power base that will call the shots (elections) only when it suits the clique’s agenda and not the national agenda. If you stare long enough I am sure you will catch some action.

            Surely you do not expect Muscat (as youthfully brash as he might sound to you!) to shout beforehand the PL’s manifesto before Gonzi decides hux?

          • Veritier
            Posted at 12:13h, 17 October

            Your act of replying to a post proves that post wrong. Completely.

            OK. Got it. Your way or the highway.

            Didn’t bother reading beyond that first sentence.

            Why bother with Maltese politics at all? Being a god is more fitting for you.

          • BETTER FUTURE
            Posted at 08:41h, 18 October

            Thanks for the compliment. But no thanks. Being God would involve too many “right” decisions.

            As you might have guessed, I am not enamoured with religion and more so with the local Roman Catholic church, which I consider outdated, hypocritical and obsolete. Now those are only the nice adjectives!

            I prefer humanity to Godliness, where I would enjoy both “right” and “left” decisions. Would you like the “God” post?

          • We are behind you
            Posted at 10:06h, 18 October

            You haven’t got much of an eye for detail, have you?

            On the other hand, perhaps you do. In which case, Dr Debono’s trait of being too quick on his feet for his own good has brushed off onto you.

            In any case, try rereading my last line. I always try to be as accurate as I can in what I write, even paying attention to subtleties such as letter case. Not bragging, by any means; just pointing things out.

            If I had to have “the God post”, things would happen too slowly for you.

            I did tell you earlier that yours are some of the posts on this blog which I bother reading. So you don’t need to give me your religiosimeter readings in every other post.

          • BETTER FUTURE
            Posted at 12:12h, 18 October

            Change of name? Do you sport many of them?

          • Veritier
            Posted at 12:38h, 18 October

            Nah, was just checking your level of attention.

            But if there were more, you’d be able to spot them from miles away with the astuteness that you sport, surely.

            I’ll overlook your not spotting this one, for there was only one post under that alias, said post the purposes of which were fewfold, none of which was deceit of our host, I might add.

      • Tea
        Posted at 17:53h, 16 October

        @ Veritier – Allow me to contradict you.

        In my view, a new political party should first and foremost promote and support (1) the supremacy of Parliament and (2) democoray above all. The (new) Party’s manifesto should be alluring not only to ex-PN voters but to all the electorate. It would entail a new attitude and a better way of doing politics.

      • Veritier
        Posted at 06:22h, 17 October

        @Tea: Rare etiquette, yours. It’s always a pleasure to come across people who contradict with style and substance, as opposed to those who contradict just for its own sake, or who bring nothing more than parrotings of radio of TV broadcasts or bites of “x’qal il-leader” to the table, or a string of hollow name-calling as a proud exhibit of their pitiful ignorance.

        You’ll understand that mine was in response to the “PN-” part of Demm Nazzjonalist’s argument. Any party, old and new, would hope to garner as wide a voter base as possible.

        The primary aims that you set out for the hypothetical new party are honourable, to say the least, but in today’s world I’m afraid those who go into politics with those aims at the top of their list are only few and far between. I’m not saying that they’re not on the list, but they’re almost never at the top. Today’s behaviour in parliaments across the world is more about scores and manoeuvres for more scores.

        Still, agreed, that’s what they SHOULD be. But let’s keep our feet on the ground and not delude ourselves.

          Posted at 10:58h, 17 October

          Just because of the presence of some nuff apples are you promoting a dictatorship?

          • Veritier
            Posted at 12:07h, 17 October

            Can’t connect what you’re saying.

            Still, promoting a dictatorship? What on earth gave you that idea?

            Mentioning dictatorships, it wouldn’t be so bad in theory, would it? Think about it. Drastic problems call for drastic measures. You’ve got brilliant utopic ideas to clean the local political landscape and “restore democracy”. I’m not being sarcastic here; just building a hypothesis. We’ll make you a dictator for 3 years, enough time to clean the law books. I’d have no problem with that. The only problem with that would beyond any doubt be for you to stick to your preset agenda when you find all that power on your hands and to relinquish that power at the end of the 3-year period.

          • BETTER FUTURE
            Posted at 12:23h, 18 October

            Yes! You are right, about a dictatorship that is.

            In practice, this was Mintoff’s way, and somehow, seeing those times of great changes, it worked for the time needed for the system to somewhat sort itself. Before it went haywire that is, because of the human dimension involved, again named Mintoff. What would a nation pay for a leader similar to Singapore’s? He must have been born under a magnificent star! Look at all our leaders and compare. Look at Singapore and compare.

            Re your offer to appoint me dictator, thank you but no thanks. I would not even trust myself. It has something to do with being human, I suppose. Rather stick with democracy, with all its shortcomings.

          • Veritier
            Posted at 12:47h, 18 October

            I just called my framemaker and ordered a 24×24 platinum frame with “BETTER FUTURE and VERITIER agree: Dictators serve a useful purpose.” in oversized print.

          • BETTER FUTURE
            Posted at 16:22h, 18 October

            We might even share the cost!

  • Veritier
    Posted at 16:23h, 16 October

    This should be an interesting de-chaffing exercise.

    Let’s see how many Labour supporters from the other posts will egg you on in this vein.

    • Anzjan
      Posted at 17:04h, 16 October

      Franco, in my opinion, any individual who today tries to launch a new party in Malta will get exactly the same results as the feeble Alternattiva. This will continue to apply as long as what you rightly refer to as the “biased and flawed electoral laws” which we currently have are still in force. On the other hand having a successful third party with elected representative/s in parliament in no way guarantees a more democratic environment. On the contrary it could create an ambiguous scenario like we had these past few months with JPO as independent.

      I personally think it would be political suicide to launch your own party now. A labour victory now seems inevitable in 2013 and any small fledgling party you may start will just be swept aside in the expected landslide. What I would like to see in your regard – and I am writing this both as a PL supporter and as a staunch admirer – is for you to take a short break from active politics until all the present ballyhoo dies down, then after a short period offer yourself as a consultant to the PL in government for the implementation of various democratic changes which you have been championing these past years. Everybody can see that your ideas/initiatives on many changes you have been proposing also coincide 100 percent with New Labour’s views. Then if you feel comfortable working with the PL in a consultancy role, decide whether to join the PL bandwagon or else whether to go your own way for the election in 2018.

  • genn
    Posted at 16:20h, 16 October

    To create a new party you need, among other things:
    – a creditable leader with no chip on his shoulder
    – a reliable set of candidates who enjoy good standing in society
    – a manifesto.

    Which of these do you have?

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 16:23h, 16 October

      i just posed a question based on facts about political situtation in MALTA. not about me!

      1)malta only european country with just two parties in parliament
      2)some 20,000 voters did not cast vote in last election

      • genn
        Posted at 16:24h, 16 October

        Oh, sorry. Then I misread your intentions.

        • Ray Borg
          Posted at 11:49h, 18 October

          Maybe he would be where you stated he would be Chinese Jar. However the fact remains that irrelative on which wagon one rides, Franco got the balls rolling, he threw the peddle in the water, peddle started the ripple/s and then after a ripples… who knows, it may die a natural dead or it may grow into a Tsunami. It was Franco Debono that had the guts and the willingness, (for whatever reasons at this stage is irrelevant) to stand up and be counted. I am of no political party, I listen to all, and when the times comes I will cast my vote according to what I feel is right for me and my country. And this is where Franco`s arguments comes in, his voice is being heard by floaters, who after all counts for a party`s victory in an election.Therefore my advice to all political parties is to take note that there are also people out there that can decide with their own minds. Coming back to Franco, he is still young… and in time he will find again his place in the local political scene, (and it would be a shame if he would not). He would not be the first politician to do so and nor will he be the last.
          But coming back to political jibes like yours, Chinese Jar, I do not believe it’s the way forward, rather a step in the wrong direction. Put up a good argument and maybe people will reply either positive or negative to yours. But I have read most of your replies and they are simply, insults.

          Needless to say, I do understand that you do not have to agree with me.

      • Chinese Jar
        Posted at 00:51h, 17 October

        So what if there are only two parties in parliament? How is that bad? The whole of Malta is the size of one constituency in Britain, if that.

        • Franco Debono
          Posted at 08:31h, 17 October

          even the smallest countries have more than two
          san marino has FIVE

    • Shylock
      Posted at 16:35h, 16 October


      Bla flus la tghannaq u lanqas tbus , u ma tirbahx elezzjonijiet lanqas.

      • Franco Debono
        Posted at 16:37h, 16 October

        and laws on party financing first and foremost

        • Chinese Jar
          Posted at 00:52h, 17 October

          Well, you’re not going to be in parliament to help enact them, are you, Dr Debono.

          You’ll be somewhere else – Cafe Cordina/ Law Courts? At home feeding your birds?

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 08:30h, 17 October

            you like birds? i have canaries!. . . .you send so much comments we will become friends one day. . chinese jar!

  • D Borg
    Posted at 16:17h, 16 October

    unfortunately, some non voters do this simply to send a message to ‘their’ party that they have are crossed because a right/favour they percieved was not fortcoming…

    Nonetheless the greater majority of non voters are truly let down by the PN/PL and show their disdain in such manner – unfortunately however they will not change anything by doing so.

    One NEEDS to vote for CHANGE – whereas not voting still retains the status quo.

    The crux of the matter is the flawed electoral law – devised and retained by the PNPL – that makes it so undemocratically and unproportionally difficult for third parties or independent candidates to be elected.

    Dr. Debono you should really consider contesting the next election on a national scale, HOWEVER you need to garner support from civil society and foreign institutions, to pressure the PNPL duopoly to change the electoral law.

    Having just yourself and JPO thinking independently and objectively over the last few years, has been instrumental to the changes introduced and the abuses being uncovered and/or toned down.

    Malta needs to break the PNPL duopoly which is hindering our development – in both economic and social aspects.

    • Chinese Jar
      Posted at 00:53h, 17 October

      Sharon, you are obsessed. No need to post this link under every blog-post.