I didnt need to show my Form IIC results. Daphne had said it !!

I didnt need to show my Form IIC results. Daphne had said it !!

The Malta Independent November 3rd 2011



 Quote :

 . . . were in the same class at school: at St Aloysius College, as it turns out, which has given us most of our politicians in recent decades. .. . . .. This ‘smartest boy in the class’ tag seems to have shaped their self-image. . . .. . It was Muscat’s classroom rival Franco Debono who scored the highest marks in a host of subjects and who walked off with several prizes every year. Muscat lagged behind because he lacks – even as we can observe today – the tenacity and single-mindedness which Debono, for better or worse, demonstrates on a regular basis.

Note the words ‘host of subjects’ – not just religion !

Note the words ‘every year’

Note the words ‘tenacity and single-mindedness’

 AUSTIN GATT              **                      **                          **                     **                           **                               **                         **        

The difference between me and Austin Gatt is that whilst my father was a civil servant, Austin’s father was a lawyer. Another difference is that whilst he NEVER worked as a lawyer I have worked extensively in court even at a very early age. I graduated in the same year of people my age, including Edward Zammit Lewis and Chris Grima, both friends and colleaguesand good lawyers.  We were in the same year St Aloysius and we graduated together. in the smae course there was gordon pisani but he stopped third year as legal procurator

i had skipped second year sixth form so I could have graduated two years earlier, but then I decided to leave and enter again in two years time since the law course did not open every year but every other year.  In my youth there wasn’t just books and study so i decided to leave and enter again when i would have, had i not skipped the sixth for second year.

 *                 *                *                   *                     *                       *

DCG’s father

Is it true that Michael Vella who contested the 1987 general election on the ninth district obtaining the grand total of 64 (sixty four) first count votes is Daphne Caruana Galizia’s father? Did she vote PN in 1987 or P.D.M. ? What a prat!

Just to give you an idea , Emy Bezzina got 97 first count votes in that election. Only Zammit Dimech’s brother, John fared worse than Michael tal-Lifts obtaining 12 (twelve) first count votes . .. .

This must factor prominently in her psychological conditioning and political insults : her father’s shameful performance in a local election. Can Joe Cassar profile please?

Minn meta saret daqsekk Nazzjonalista din? Minn meta hadu l-kuntratt ta Dar Malta fi Brussell?

Shame on Dr Gonzi for destroying the Nationalist Party through his intimate connections with these people, who are no Nationalists at all but pure opportunists.

At that time, when Daphe’s parent was gathering his grand toll of 64 first count votes for the P.D.M.,  my parents were followiung Eddie everywhere and my parents’ home at Ghaxaq, a few metres away from Tal-Barrani, was like a PN club.

Now they ended up with police security behind their door because of, inter alia Michael Vella’s (P.D.M) daughter’s hatred in their regards !

Shame on Gonzi for destroying our PN. He has scared off droves of genuine Nationalists, who whilst daphne’s father was contesting with the P.D.M. in 1987 they were following Eddie. Genuine nationalists who never got government contracts and consultancies but who are now utterly fed up of Lawrence ‘DCG’ Gonzi

And by the way, people who were in the same Law course have told me that Austin used to bully Gonzi even when they were students in the university law Course. Issa qed nifhem!

**                         **                       **                    **                          **


For those who are still going on with the Isle of MTV episode, it was not about two MTA tickets but above all it was a matter of principle.

Since it concerned just two MTA tickets to which I was entitled, it is even more serious, since memebrs of parliament should be treated with dignity especially with regards to very small, almost trivial issues.

As everyone recalls I have been speaking about the dignity of parliament for years.

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