Updated : Fifth electoral district

Updated : Fifth electoral district


According to the recent local council election results, PN will only manage to elect one member of parliament from the fifth district. In the latest round of local council elections PN lost Safi mayorship, councillors in almost every locality including B’Bugia and Safi, and hundreds of votes.

If  those results were to be repeated in the next general election only one PN mp would be elected.

I have been contesting the fifth district since I was a university student. I contested that district for the first time in 1998 at 24. The people of  Zurrieq, B’Bugia, M’Xlokk, Safi, Mqabba, Qrendi, Kirkop are wonderful. My hometown Ghaxaq was removed from the district in the last election. Even though Ghaxaq is a Labour stronghold I was so loyal to PN I always contested with PN, even though I wasnt elected the first two times.

It is heart breaking to think that Lawrence Gonzi, aided by his chief strategist Daphne Caruana Galizia denied me the opportunity to continue representing the people of the fifth district in parliament.


  • Fleur
    Posted at 15:45h, 18 September

    Birds of a feather flock together…….What do you expect!

    Ha jkomplu jghaffgu fil borma.

    Melha jkun jonqosa…………

  • Malti Mdejjaq bis-sitwazzjoni
    Posted at 15:35h, 18 September

    Kemm ma hiniex niehu gost naqra dawn il-botti u t-tajjir!! Ejja nikbru ftit

  • John Dory
    Posted at 10:48h, 18 September

    David Casa is a great and honest man, he will do great things for 5th District in accordance with true Christian Democrat principles.

  • A. Monte bello
    Posted at 08:43h, 18 September

    New here. It seems many of of the blinkered people have migrated here.

    • Morpheus
      Posted at 10:17h, 18 September

      Starting with you

      • Grilled Angus Beef
        Posted at 11:16h, 18 September

        Morpheus; we are a movement and although the upper crust, or those who think they are want us to be illiterate Hammalli we are not. we are professionals, entrepreneurs, workers and so welcome A .Monte bello. At leat he/she will get a possibility to learn more.

  • Massimo Borg
    Posted at 07:50h, 18 September

    It is heart breaking to think that Lawrence Gonzi, aided by his chief strategist Daphne Caruana Galizia denied me the opportunity to continue representing the people of the fifth district in parliament.

    U fil post li jmiss iddikjarajt li irrizenjajt mill PN ahseb u ara kemm kont interessat nohrog ghal elezzjoni.

    Allura nista nistaqsi fejn il verita ghax iktar ma naqra iktar nithawwad

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Posted at 07:19h, 18 September

    Dr Debono.
    Fhemni din ghax jien indum biex nifhem. Jekk inti rrizenjajt mill-PN ghal ma nafx kemm il-darba, kif qatt jista jkun li “Lawrence Gonzi, aided by his chief strategist Daphne Caruana Galizia denied me the opportunity to continue representing the people of the fifth district in parliament.”

    Tlaqt jew ma tlaqtx. Trid titlaq jew ma tridx titlaq. Trid tohrog jew ma tridx tohrog. Illuminani ftit ghax ha nibda nithawwad sew issa!

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 08:59h, 18 September

      i had left but they didnt accept resignation. in fact they sent me vote for leadership contest last febuary.

      mhemmx x tifhem! i gtave them other chances maybe situation improves. it only got worse

      • Marcus Aurelius
        Posted at 13:12h, 18 September

        I know that you had left. You’ve been repeating that ad nauseam. But then you came back and then you left and then you came back and then you left again. At one point I lost count. Are you still a member of the PN? If not, why should it bother you that you have been banned from contesting? You had automatically banned yourself, no? If, after withdrawing a number of resignations, you are still a member , why do you still want to contest with a party with whose structures you are evidently at loggerheads. No one can keep you from representing the people of the 5th district. It is clear that you consider yourself to be the best around. So what is keeping you from contesting as an independent candidate? If the people of the 5th district are so inclined, they would surely return you to Parliament again? Or maybe you’re having doubts about who Franco Debono would be without the PN?

        • Franco Debono
          Posted at 13:13h, 18 September

          malta is the only european country having just two parties in parliament


          the electoral law makes it impossible for new parties to make it to parliament!!

          • Marcus Aurelius
            Posted at 13:24h, 18 September

            I didn’t speak of a party. I asked about you. Would appreciate getting a reply for my questions. I guess there is no need to repeat them.

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 13:26h, 18 September

            considering your name i thought i didnt need to spoon feed you or that you were utterly stupid.

            the same reasoning applies even more to independent candidates obviously

          • Marcus Aurelius
            Posted at 13:37h, 18 September

            Is this the only answer you can think of? Democracy demands respect. How do you expect others to respect you when you blatantly insult others without provocation? I only asked simple legitimate questions. Do you feel that uncomfortable answering such simple (maybe stupid?) questions?

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 13:40h, 18 September

            why dont you answer it yourself then? do you expect to answer for me as well, besides asking me?
            my answer is that : the electoral law is wrong, it needs reform.

          • Marcus Aurelius
            Posted at 13:42h, 18 September

            I rest my case.

  • sturdut
    Posted at 00:54h, 18 September

    franco tista pls twegibni b’sempliciment iva jew le? Insa lil xi 4 mdejqin bihom infushom, Qieghed tinduna kemm hawn nies ihobbuk u li jixtiequk tohrog ghall-elezzjoni?

  • cikku l-poplu
    Posted at 23:50h, 17 September

    David Casa, Manuel Delia, Claudette Pace!!: b’dawn iridu jirrisplejsajw lil Dr Debono tal-klikka gonzipn? Anqas jibdew hdejh! Minn kemm ilni nsegwik Dr Debono, jiena fhimt kif tridu tkunu intom il-generazzjoni zghazugha tal-llum li tohorgu lil dan il-pajjiz mill-medjokrita li waqajna fiha. Wara r-rebha tal-PL fi ftit xhur ohra u l-gid li mistenni johrog minn din il-bidla, u ghaliex le grazzi ghalik ukoll, jien nispera li Dr Muscat jattwa hafna mill-idejat li hrigt bihom inti. Dan huwa l-kontribut tieghek lejn pajjizna li m’ghandux jintilef. Dr Debono nemmen li inti se tkun f’posizzjoni tajba li tkun kap tal-pn u thabbatha ma’ Dr Muscat b’idejat friski moderni ghal gid ta’ Malta taghna. Nawgurlakom it-tnejn.

  • grima.d
    Posted at 19:33h, 17 September

    @ Franco, Dr Gonzi did not deny you the opportunity to continue representing your 5th district constituents. As far I know, you were only banned to do so on the NP ticket in the next general election. There’s a difference, and an expert in democracy such as you should know this.

  • ta kafkaf
    Posted at 19:17h, 17 September

    Franco the most subtle media is the programme Xarabank by P Azzopardi. Jilaghba ta l-iblah, onest, sincier mohhu miftuh ecc…pero sottili immens u l-anqas dawk ic-cwic tal PL ma jindunaw meta jidhru fuq il-programm tieghu minghalijom qed jaghmillhom xi pjacir.

    • Salgister
      Posted at 08:23h, 18 September

      Kemm sejjer zball. Tal-PL jafu fejn qeghdin ma’ Peppi Azzopardi. Imma ma jridux jilghabu l-loghba li laghab Dr. Sant billi bboycottja Xtarabank! Meta l-PL ibbojkottja xtarabank, bata!

  • Grilled Angus Beef
    Posted at 18:05h, 17 September

    David Casa will miss life in Brussels.
    According to a staunch PN, ex member of Austin Gatts’ Secretariat before he had several clashes with the law and was sent to Brussels, Casa had organized a little pub in Brussels that flew th Maltese flag.
    There Casa could enjoy his lifestyle away from any paparazzi.
    Also remember that DCGs’ son was stationed with Casa in Brussles.

    • Ghafsa ta qalb!
      Posted at 19:32h, 17 September

      Franco oqghod attent ghax anke l-bocca u DCG se jisforzaw jikkontestaw l-hames distrett: attent l-aktar mill-Bocca ghax dan se jitla elett ma l-ewwel count. Imbaghad ghal DCG tant kemm ihobbuha nies li se tkun eletta bipartisan minn kull Malti tal-hames distrett; kemm inhobbuha! Viva GonziDCG!

      • A. Monte bello
        Posted at 08:45h, 18 September

        Kumment banali

        • Grilled Angus Beef
          Posted at 11:22h, 18 September

          agreed A. M. some people are simply stupid!

  • J Mercieca
    Posted at 17:59h, 17 September

    Franco, who’s fora would you suggest to the people? As in, which is the most even-handed and objective, in your opinion, if there is any?

  • joe camilleri
    Posted at 17:55h, 17 September

    Viva HMARman tal-gabbana

  • Morpheus
    Posted at 17:51h, 17 September

    David Casa niddubita jafx fejn hu il-hames distrett, nilghab imhatra ghal-kemm tridu li l-anqas jingabar min dan id-distrett dan is-suppost stilla ta’GonziPN maghruf ghal kemm isaqsi mistoqsijiet stupidi fil-parlament Ewropew.

    • A. Monte bello
      Posted at 08:47h, 18 September

      Morpheus nahseb qed twawwad lil David Casa ma Joseph Cuschieri!
      U bil-provi!

      • Morpheus
        Posted at 10:13h, 18 September

        Il-fatti huma li Joseph Cuschcieri telgha fil-Parlament Ewropew u telgha darbtejn fil-Parlament Malti. David Casa li maghruf ghal iktar mistoqsijiet stupidi fl-Ewropa ser johrog fuq distrett li kif ghidtlek ma jafx fejn hu. Tista tghidilna ghax qisek int Montebello sirt in-nahqa ta’hmar ta’David Casa x’ghandu dan Casa komuni mal-hames distrett . Li smajt jien hu li David Casa iktar huwa espert tal-gnien tal-Gzira.

        • Morpheus
          Posted at 10:15h, 18 September

          A. Monte bello hawn ghandek il-prova ta’kemm hu gharef David Casa http://www.europeanvoice.com/article/imported/andor-makes-careful-first-showing/66856.aspx
          issa ghidli int xi provi ghandek fuq Joseph Cuschieri.

          • Grilled Angus Beef
            Posted at 11:25h, 18 September

            Morpheus, naqbel miehek. Listess Delia, mghandux idea fejn jibda il Qrendi u fejn jispicca l Mqabba.
            Gonzi jahseb il n nies tha 5 distrett ghadhom dawk ta 20 sena illu benneja illierati.

  • jack
    Posted at 17:05h, 17 September

    @ Franco – issa li sirt politikament insinjifikanti dejjem tista tibda karriera bhala canvasser ta’ Manuel Delia jew David Casa.

    • sturdut
      Posted at 17:55h, 17 September

      redikolu ta’ bniedem. issa naraw kemm sar politikament insinifikanti. l-anqas ghandu bzonn jaghmel home visits franco u l-kulhadd ikaxkar ax hawn ruxmata nazjonalisti mxebbghin u KOLLHA lilu jivutaw, vendikazjoni al PN u sew jamlu

      • Paul Azzopardi
        Posted at 08:02h, 18 September

        u ma min ha johrog franco ghal elezzjoni? ara vera sturdut

        • sturdut
          Posted at 14:24h, 18 September

          Ghal rasu, jew jaqad partit iehor. stordut int mela jien

          • Paul Azzopardi
            Posted at 08:34h, 19 September

            mal partit tal farfett jew?? jew il laburisti bi hsiebkom tivvutaw lilu u mhux lil joseph?

      Posted at 17:58h, 17 September

      Jack, don’t you think you had better stayed in the box? Or you believe that the musty air therein will contaminate your thoughts more obnoxiously than presently?

    • Fleur
      Posted at 19:35h, 17 September

      Think out of the box Jack….or else let your hair down with Jill,it might straighten you out.

  • Joe ta Hal Ghaxaq
    Posted at 17:04h, 17 September

    No Franco no vote!

    • P.Zammit
      Posted at 20:02h, 17 September

      No vote ..thank you.

    • Leli
      Posted at 10:03h, 18 September

      No Franco no vote ?!?!?!?!?!?! Int bis-serjeta ??????????????
      Iffirmajt bhala Joe ta’ Hal Ghaxaq u Franco qas biss jikkontesta d-distrett tieghek – mela nahseb ilek no vote !!!!!!!
      Kumment BANALI iehor.

      • Franco Debono
        Posted at 10:07h, 18 September

        jista jkun min hal ghaxaq imma jghix bbugia jew zurrieq . .. jew go xi garaxx il-belt valletta

        • Fleur
          Posted at 15:38h, 18 September

          Lol! Good one. 😀

        • Leli
          Posted at 16:58h, 22 September

          Ok FUNNY – thanks 4 d reply ta !

  • Malcolm Farrugia
    Posted at 16:31h, 17 September

    Hekk sew mela lilek mhux ha jhalluk tikkontesta l’elezzjoni generali(sakemm DCGonzi Pn ma jergax jaghmel u-turn ohra) u minflok ha jikkontesta David Casa fuq il-hames distrett. Mhux hekk, kemm ghamilt sew jien li ma ivvutajtx lil GonziPn fl’2008. L’anqas biss joqod fejn id-dell ta Eddie Fenech Adami, mhux billi hareg jghid “Par idejn sodi”, “Finanzi fis-sod” u ma nafx kemm ivvinta u harref, GonziPn spicca il-laughing stock ta Malta w il-madwar!


  • david farrugia
    Posted at 16:27h, 17 September

    there are various ways to express anger…you closed your ears and didn’t listen so what happened it’s your own being. I told you so back then when it still wasn’t too late in the day to reverse the way of things. We need politicians who speak out but surely not blackmailing his colleagues and his party.

      Posted at 18:09h, 17 September

      Colleagues are fellow travellers that respect your principles as much as they respect theirs. Franco is a cut above the run of the mill politicians milling around the clique waiting to be offered crumbs. Could this be because they realise they are insignificant non performers; and they have to bow to the clique’s commands for the blessing of crumbs?

      Franco is a visionary, that will go the extra mile and walk the plank if need be, for respect and constitutional embodiment of said principles; all for the common good of all of Malta’s citizens of goodwill. Franco could have played the others’ game and lazied down in the plush parliamentary seats. The fact he did not proves his valour and worth.

  • Martin Tal Bahrija
    Posted at 16:26h, 17 September

    No Franco No Vote!

  • Tonio Micallef
    Posted at 16:06h, 17 September

    inewsmalta.com is now reporting the the candidature of Herman Schiavone might also be approved by PN Executive tonight.

    • daniel
      Posted at 00:37h, 18 September

      Ha jaqtaw figura mela… Harsa ta brigant ghandu hermann

      • sturdut
        Posted at 14:26h, 18 September

        l-ajnejn mera tal-qalb

    • Fleur
      Posted at 15:44h, 18 September

      Birds of a feather flock together…….What do you expect!

      Ha jkomplu jghaffgu fil borma.

      Melha jkun jonqosa.

    • Fleur
      Posted at 15:45h, 18 September

      Birds of a feather flock together…….What do you expect!

      Ha jkomplu jghaffgu fil borma.

      Melha jkun jonqosa….