Your life on hold for four and a half years

Your life on hold for four and a half years

Stop and think. Does this government use the stick for four and  a half years and the carrot for the last six months? You are just a guinea pig? You have no rights, but just a vote, the vote. So that Edgar Galea Curmi can stay in Castille forever, having migrated there from Louis Galea’s ministry in Norman Bezzina’s time?

Does the government pretend it has the right to put your life on hold for four and a half years by creating problems for you or denying you your legitimate rights, then coming to the rescue a few months before the election when it needs your vote, only to give you back what it had stolen from you?

The Maltese people invoke their rights, they do not plead for charity or beg for favours. We have stopped being a colony for years now. The government has no right to foster and cultivate some internal neo-colonialist mentality and a great divide between ruler and ruled. In democracies that divide is bridged by representation and accountability.

No one should be applauded for solving the problems he himself has created, more so if created on purpose. Those who create problems should pay for their shortcomings, and should surely never  expect to be applauded when they pretend to solve them.

I have been insisting for the introduction of limited and regulated trapping for four years. This can be found in speeches in parliament and in the media. It is all documented. Now I hear that government is considering this proposal, another of my various valid proposals over these years. This only proves one thing : that someone has been capriciously denying trappers their legitimate rights, and putting their life on hold for years so that he is in a position to give them whate he has been denying them on election eve.

It’s trapping time. Not birds, but votes.

If trapping is introduced now, on election eve, I will consider filing in parliament a motion of no confidence in whoever was responsible for denying trappers for these years the enjoyment of their hobby in a sustainable and regulated manner possibly in the way  I had laid down in a detailed plan to the Prime Minister years ago and in parliament Sustainable trapping, in full respect for the environment could have been introduced years ago if government had put in palce a decent capture breeding programme.

I have been a bird enthusiast and bird breeder all my life so I have quite a good idea about the subject. And I can safely say that the people who have been deciding about hunting and trapping have absolutely no clue what they are talking about, starting from Richard Cachia Caruana.



  • filibertu
    Posted at 17:04h, 10 September

    ERBA SNIN U NOFS nistenna ghal dak li hu bid-dritt tieghi. Issa cempilli xi hadd irrangawli f’kemm ilni nghidlek, ghidtilhom grazzi hafna, l-vot ser tehduh, thablux raskhom, pero xhin nidhol gol-kamra tal-vot nivvota kontra.

  • Il Poplu Malti
    Posted at 20:15h, 03 September

    Dr.Franco Debono, many times I am in agreement with what you say, but this time you got all wrong, except the fact that trappers did not receive what they were promised. Bird trapping, especially finch trapping, should be abolished for the common good of the Maltese population.
    I come from a trapping family, my father has been a trapper all his life. During most of his lifetime, he trapped finches, but he was hindered from enjoying his hobby to the full due to his work commitments so that he could provide for his family. I have accompanied my father when he was out trapping for several years. My father retired in March 2009, exactly after the trapping ban came into effect, on 31st December 2008. I am not justifying this government for not delivering what has been promised to the trapping community, but because I agree with the ban, even if this means that my beloved cannot trap anymore.
    Finch trapping is selfish. For the enjoyment of 4000 people, 400,000 citizens cannot enjoy a finch in a garden, be it private or public. The only finch song we get to here is from the aviaries of our trapping neighbors. Do you agree with the land grabbers like those at Marsaxlokk? They do have a right to enjoy their hobby, camping by the beach, but not at the detriment of the rest of the Maltese population. That is what trappers do, as their hobby has obliterated all the local finch population. Besides, many trap on public land, were they build their hide, many times clear protected garigue and public land becomes of limits for the rest of us, just like the beach at Marsaxlokk (theoretically, you can take your children to play next to the public trapping site, as you can take a spot between the caravans, but in actual fact can it be done?).
    Trappers say that it is not due to trapping that there are no local finches, but because Malta is what it is. They bring the example of Comino, that has been a bird sanctuary for many years and has no resident finches. Since you know a thing or two about birds, you do know that this is not correct. There are no finches on Comino because the habitat, exposed rocky ground is not what they are after. In fact, despite the persecution, a very few pairs of finches do breed annually on Malta and Gozo, since the habitat is good for them. If Comino was suitable, finches should breed there, not on the other islands. Trappers say that their hobby has been banned for four years, but the finches have not increased. This is true, is illegal trapping is still rampant, just like wader trapping (you can follow this on Birdlife’s facebook page. Should one visit all the other Mediterranean Island would immediately comprehend that these are island are just like ours, disturbed, dry and sunny, but full of finch song. The only difference is that the trappers deprive the rest of us from the enjoyment of these birds. Just as there friends, the hunters have deprived us from crows (Jackdaws), Barn Owls, Kestrels and Peregrines. And just in the same manner, we, the Maltese Population, are the only ones on the entire European Continent that cannot enjoy crows, owl, falcons and finches due to the selfish few. Is that right?
    The FKNK has said explicitly that the trappers just want to trap. Nothing else. Therefore, as you know, there is no derogation that can be applied. Wherever trapping derogations were applied, it is because there was some valid excuse – songster in Spain, breeding in Belgium etc. By the way, these are on the way out as well due to rampant abuse. The Maltese trapper just want to trap, he does not want to ring, he does not want to breed, he just wants to trap. This is not justifiable on its own under derogation. The Spring hunting concession was achieved not because hunters just want to hunt in spring, but because they convinced the court that autumn is not a valid alternative. While at it , I agree that the Spring passage of quail, and especially turtle dove, is much larger, but the autumn catch is nowhere near that declared in the carnet de chasse. This is filled up at the end of the hunting season (up to five months after the birds were shot), but amazing the Commission accepted this data… So, as you know, we have no Silvestristi in Malta, as stated by the trappers themselves, they are not interested in breeding finches, therefore why would the Commission allow a trapping derogation? The only way forward would have been scientific bird studies, were birds are trapped and released, but their organization did not want to listen.
    Many times your contributions help improve the life of the Maltese population. This time, with your plan, you just want to get to the government. The common good would be finches for one and all, and not just for 4000 disgruntled trappers. I would appreciate your reasoned opinion on the above.
    Thank is advance, Dr.Franco Debono.

    Posted at 23:43h, 31 August

    Jekk il-moviment socjalista progressiv u liberali qabel l-elezzjoni jwiegħed xi haġa lill-kaccaturi u n-nassaba jiena l-ewwel wieħed li ma nivvotalux.

    • cikku l-poplu
      Posted at 21:10h, 05 September

      u lil min ezattament trid tbellaha li int xi darba vvutajt lil LP. Li kieku int verament laburist,


      • cikku l-poplu
        Posted at 21:15h, 05 September


        u lil min ezattament trid tbellaha li int laburist u xi darba vvutajt jew kont ser tivvota lil LP. Int qed tinqeda b’dan il-blog ghax issa qed jaqghalkom fil-qalziet wara tant zmien tiddettaw kull decizjoni li tittiehed fir-rigward tal-kacca u l-insib.

        Li kieku int verament laburist,

        1. ma kontx taghzel dak in-nickname


        2. ma kontx tirreferi ghall-partit Laburista bhala moviment progressiv u liberali b’mod daqshekk pappagallesk.

        Ghax ma tghid li int lifa minn dawk li taparsi jhobbu l-ghasafar u jobghodu lil ghajrhom.

        Finalment, nawguralek minn qiegh qalbi li issa toqghod tindanna bhalma ghamiltu lilna f’dawn l-ahhar ghoxrin sena.

        Bye indannat

  • Dar Malta fi Brussel
    Posted at 13:42h, 31 August


  • Thorny
    Posted at 08:30h, 31 August

    It seems to work for the Nationalist Party 4 years pain and a year of freebies INVOICED after the election is won and lost!

    Today it’s a different story and more than anything there are HEALTH ISSUES in electing back the PN to power and the Power Station and the use of heavy fuel oil!

    Yes hopefully the Maltese Electorate will vote wisely this time for the sake of our children’s future especiall helthwise… GonziPN has left nothing, squandered all, sold all !

  • mark
    Posted at 06:37h, 31 August

    hi prosit ta dak kollu li et tamel allavolja nixtieq li tmur naqa oltre u tivotta kontra ax emmini dan il gvern kissirna jadi min fuq kulhadd isu romblu jien bhala illum ex nazzjonalist inheggek tohrog indipenenti ax billi jajruk ahna bhala poplu nies bhalek ghanna bzonn jihdu hsieb linterress tana ma nafx ghalxiex daw l attaki kolla mela ahna nejxu al partit suppost il kontra il partit u gvern jeghex alina

  • kont PN ma ghadnix, u ma jiddispjacinix
    Posted at 06:25h, 31 August

    Go dan il-pajjiz meta ser tithol il-ligi ta l-accountability, fejn hi il-kultura tar-rizenji u min f’din l-ahhar legislatura kellu jirrezenja, u fuq xiex? Il-ministri li ghandu Gonzi huma kollha nodfa tazza, qrabathom etc? Fuq xiex irrezenjaw Ministri barrananin?

  • Decision making ta GonziPN=O
    Posted at 22:11h, 30 August

    Kif Joseph ghalaq halq il-kamelejont Grima f’hakka ta ghajn u Gonzi hlief idur mal-lewza fuq Daphne ma qaghadx?
    Mela Gonzi qed jahseb li ahna n-nazzjonalisti naghag ta bendu u ma nafux li daphne..kif qal certi Sciberras aktar lura f’dan il-blogs- ‘hi it-tarka’ ta Gonzi PN? Malta kollha taf barra Gonzi; vera jghix fl-arja!

  • mario allison
    Posted at 21:12h, 30 August


  • Gramshi
    Posted at 19:50h, 30 August

    Franco ħeżżeż l-status quo ta’ kif kienet issir il- Politika u ħoloq sisien ta’ kif għanda tkun il-Politika. Minkejja l-eta’ ta’ Franco, jiena konvint li b’dak li qiegħed jagħmel sejjer ibiddel il-mod li issir il-Politika. Prosit Franco!

  • sturdut
    Posted at 19:28h, 30 August

    Fittex ohrog ghal elezzjoni li gejja Franco ha nivvutawlek tal-hames distrett u ggibhom nkwetati lil kanditati l-ohra ax bhalek qatt ma kien aw u qatt mu se jkun aw. u ohrog indipendenti u tara kif issib ruhek fil-parlament terga u tejdx kemm jinkwetaw dan in-nazzjonalisti li haduha kontrik ax trid is-sewwa

  • L-Ghawdxi
    Posted at 19:06h, 30 August

    Meta JPO nduna li postu m’għadux fil-grupp parlamentari tal-PN , qabad it-triq tal- irġulija u telaq mill-grupp.
    Illum b’dak li qed tagħmel, specjalment wara d-deċiżjoni tal-Esekuttiv li ma tħallik tikkontesta l-eleżżjoni mal-partit, jidher ċara li nti postkom m’għadux f’dan il-grupp. Illum jidher ċar li inti ddikjarajt gwerra kontra l-PM u kontra kulħadd fil-PN.
    Nistaqsik, u nitolbok twieġeb bla tlaqliq, GĦALIEX MA TITLAQX MILL-PARTIT? Pass bħal dan jgħinnek żgur issalva il-ftit żejt li baqgħalek f’wiċċek.

    • mario allison
      Posted at 20:47h, 30 August

      JPO qatt ma tista thalltu ma Franco ghal dawn ir ragunijiet….
      Inqabad f att ta gideb
      Inqabad fil fatt jilghaba ta pampalun ta l amjent u kien lest ifotti il mistra
      Inqabad fil fatt li ghal flus lest li jghamel kollox


      FEJNU IL PARAGUN??????????

      • Angus Black
        Posted at 21:51h, 30 August

        Il-paragun semplici hafna. JPO inqabad f’gidba, inqeda bil-Partit biex akkwista d-divorzju li kellu bzonn minflok ma nefaq anqas minn elf ewro u mar gabu minn Sqallija, u Franco inqeda bil-Partit biex deffes saqajh u minghalih li se jitla s-sellum zewg staffi zewg staffi meta haddiehor kien hemm qablu w ghadu jistenna, mhux ghax mhux kapaci daqs jew aktar minnu imma ghax ghadu mhux iz-zmien li jilhaq ministru. It tnejn bla pacenzja, wiehed ghax ried jerga jizzewweg u l-iehor ghax ried jilhaq ministru w ddikjara li ma jridx jahdem ma l-imghallem. Kieku kien impjegat f’xi negozju, kieku ilu li tkecca bhal ma se jigrilu ftit gimghat jew xhur ohra. J’Alla l-elezjoni ssir illum qabel ghada biex Malta (mhux il-PN biss) tehles minn bniedem li hlief jirikatta l-gvern ma ghamilx dawn l-ahhar erbgha snin.

        • Franco Debono
          Posted at 22:25h, 30 August

          @ bl istess argument kieku tonio fenech, austin gatt jew dolores cristtina jew carm mifsud bonnici kienu jahdmu ma negozju kienu jitkeccew?

          u jekk min sbalja ma jitkecciex ma jidhirlekx li l haddiema l-ohra li jaghmlu xogholom sew se jirribellaw bil kbir?

          • Melvin
            Posted at 23:51h, 30 August

            J’Alla l-elezjoni ssir illum qabel ghada biex Malta (mhux il-PN biss) tehles minn bniedma (dcg) li hlief ixerred il MIBEDA u il HDURA u TIPROVA TIPROVOKA BIEX FORSI IL LABURISTI JAGHMLULHA XI HAGA U JAGHMLU 25 sena ohra hemm kif qal AUSTIN tal bodygaurds

          • Angus Black
            Posted at 17:29h, 31 August

            Kieku Tonio Fenech, Dolores Cristina, Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici w Austin Gatt kienu impjegati ma xi negozju ma kienx ikun hemm xi zatat jismu Franco Debono biex jevalwa xoghlom!

          • Melvin
            Posted at 21:08h, 31 August

            Ezatt Angus kien ikun l imghallem li ikeccijhom jew tigijhom is suduzjoni u jitilhu imma il problema hi li l imghallem hazin iktar minnhom KULHADD JAF LI XOGHLOM MA GHAMLUHX TAJJEB

        • Grilled Angus Beef
          Posted at 10:40h, 31 August

          Hi Angus, so nice to see you back – as always nothing positive.
          Your argument is void as often, which is a pity, as I am sure you have your own head.
          Keeping to your line of reasoning, Gonzi should have sacked half of his Cabinet for non performing. We must grant him the fact that he knew and declared even before he started that he did not have any material to work with. Yet in the light of gross failures I do not think if Gonzi was an entrepreneur he would have allowed his executives to squander all his capital to tampon on mistake after the other.
          In fact this is why I floated away from GonziPN. A year or so back, I had written to Dr.Gonzi highlighting some national problems that could have been avoided. He answered me giving me full details of what he was doing or trying to do, but did not answer my questions. I wrote back telling him that I have no connection whatever to Government but my bread and butter depended on my performance and that is the way it should be. Still he kept beating around the bush and did not give me any answers.
          Gonzi is not “l-imghallem” as you put it, and this is the crux of the problem. At best he could be the CEO, but it is the PEOPLE who are the Board of Directors!
          Employees like Austin Gatt, Dolores Cristina, Tonio Fenech etc. etc. in an industrial environment would have lost their jobs 4 years ago.
          No industry would tolerate all these claims of corruption and incompetence, unless it had KODAK as its idol.

          • Angus Black
            Posted at 17:57h, 31 August

            Of course I never offer anything positive. That is because in certain quarters in which you habitate, ‘truth’ is an inconvenience and should be avoided at all costs.

            “In fact this is why I floated away from GonziPN. A year or so back, I had written to Dr.Gonzi highlighting some national problems that could have been avoided”. True, but then like Joseph Muscat, your hindsight is 20-20. Two sayings come to mind: ‘If you fail once, try and try again’, and “Better to have loved and lost than not having loved at all’. Two sayings which both you and Franco should think about.
            “Floated away from the PN”? Smart, very smart. Would you mind telling us who you ‘floated to’? I suppose you happen to be one of those who didn’t vote in the EU referendum, because if you voted ‘Yes’ and you now float to Labour, you are toying with the possibility that should they win, they will try their darnedest to make unreasonable demands on the EU resulting in possibly the termination of membership.
            With regard to using the word ‘imghallem’, I can tell you that there is no direct translation into Maltese for ‘CEO’ – can you think of one? I was writing in Maltese and ‘imghallem’ is actually the closest one can come to ‘boss’ And yes, Dr Gonzi is Debono’s boss, like it or not!

          • Grilled Angus Beef
            Posted at 14:49h, 03 September

            hi Angus – well to be as usual honest, I was not to keen on EU. Dr. EFA himself had called me and asked me why I was so much against it and if I needed anything which I did not get in order to shut up. It was my dear friend Dr. Mario Demarco who eventually convinced me EU was good for us.
            Not that I owe you any explanation or anything, but just to show you there are still a few people in Malta who have ideals and are not ready to become political prostitutes I shall also tell you that I tried discussing matters with Dr. Gonzi on more then one occasion, sometimes face to face.many. Each time he would reply but not answering, just deviating the matters. There were 2 final straws before I floated to PL. one was in a bar, in Balzan, where a kukkanja of PN supporters ( many financial ones) gather for a drink. In comes an ex Austin Gatt secretariat blue eyed boy and after a few drinks he starts to tell us what life in Brussels is all about. About Clubs flying the Maltese flags, about people being sent there just to be out of sight including DCG son opening and closing the door for Casa. He also went so far as to ask what was wrong with paying a little something to get permits at MEPA- “What are 5 /10,000 euros as long as you get what you want?”. And we pay! to most of us who have to sweat to pay the wages and salaries due to our employees this was not at all music. In fact, 2 of us that day swore we would not vote PN or float away. Now, not having ever asked or expected anything from political people or parties, except that they do their job, I decided to vote against the party that had betrayed my ideals. the other straw was when having lunch with a friend of mine who is in Dr Gonzis secretariat I was told ” pity we do not have a fierce opposition, as that would help Gonzi to control his ministers. Once the opposition do not control Austin, George, Giovanna and Cristina – Gonzi cannot talk to them as they go into a frenzy – so dear Angus I hope I have given you my reasons why I have floated away from PN to PL. I want to give this young man( JM) a chance, I want to see how the PN will react? I want to see if the perpetrators of all this mess will vanish or become stronger within the PN hierarchy.


        • EX PN
          Posted at 13:50h, 31 August

          ANGUS BLACK JPO inqabad f gidba u gara???Haduh ghand DCG u dahku bil poplu kollu dawn in nies gidibin bil provi ametta li hadu Gordon Pisani lili l ewwel wiehed serquli il vot ghax emmintom

      • L-Ghawdxi
        Posted at 00:02h, 31 August

        L-ewwelnett tgħallem meta tikteb, ikteb eżatt. JPO mhux chairman tal-MCAST imma chairman tal-Malta Council of Science. Din għall-eżatteżża!!!
        It-tieni inħlejt tikteb fuq x’għamel JPO. Dan ma kienx i-punt u personalment jiena qatt ma emmintu waħda fl-istorja li kellu qabel l-eleżżjoni li għaddiet. Pero’ bħal Franco, JPO ma hassux aktar komdu fil-grupp parlamentari Nazzjonalista u għalhekk għażel it-triq tal-irġulija u telaq. Seta’ kieku ried baqa’ hemm gewwa u joqgħod jippulċinella kif qed jagħmel Franco. Imma minkejja li skont int JPO huwa ma nafx x’hiex, mexa ta’ raġel u x’hin ħass li żmienu għamlu fil-grupp parlamentari telaq u qabad triq oħra. U jekk trid nista nsemmi ukoll li Perit Mugliette. Dan għażel li jibqa fil-grupp parlamentari u qiegħed hemm mingħajr ma qed jagħmel ħsejjes partikulari. Il-mistoqsija ovvjament int ma weġibthiex għax mhux lilek kienet indirizzata. LANQAS WEĠIBHA L-ISTESS FRANO AVOLJA AKTAR L-ISFEL SAB IL-ĦIN JIRRISPONDI LI XI ĦADD BL-ISEM TA’ ANGUS BLACK!! Drajnieh issa JAĦRAB mill-mistoqsijiet li jsirulu. Personalment lili diġa għamilhieli! Pero tibqa valida għax wara kollox hekk jagħmlu dawk li jippretenduha li huma rġiel!.

        • L-Ghawdxi
          Posted at 00:03h, 31 August

          Dan il-post huwa ndiriżżat lil mario allison.

          • Melvin
            Posted at 13:39h, 31 August

            L-Ghawdxi jekk intom nies kapaci ghalfejn dan il panic kollu ghax se jitla il lejber JEW INKELLA INTI XI WIEHED LI TIDEPENDI MIL MANNA TAL KLIKKA

        • Grilled Angus Beef
          Posted at 12:37h, 31 August

          @L-Ghawdxi; You seem to get all frustrated because Dr. Debono does not answer your question.
          To prove you are better, can you answer me 1 question?

          Are you 100% convinced that under the present Government there has been no case of corruption or incompetence that has cost the Maltese taxpayers millions?

          now careful before you answer, do not forget what happened to Pinocchio.

          • L-Ghawdxi
            Posted at 14:40h, 31 August

            @Grilled Angus Beef
            Yes I know the story of Pinocchio!!! I love it but I do not try to imitate him and say lies!! I have no problem to agree with you that under the present Government not everything and not everyone was perfect. Without excusing those who responsable for any shortcomings, I think you agree with me, if I tell you that the present Goverment was made up of humans and these very UNFORTUNTELY for you and me are meant to err. lETS CALL A SPADE A SPADE!!!
            Now I do like you to answer my question…do you think a future Socialist government will be perfect? Do you think that those persons who erred so much during the ‘golden years’ and who are now back in the fold will be saints and perfect if they are again in power?
            Be careful otherwise Pinocchio’s story will be more fitting for you.
            So long my friend.

          • Grilled Angus Beef
            Posted at 14:58h, 03 September

            @Ghawdxi; Then if we agree that these people erred then we need something better.
            The PN is shouting at PL because of the “old ” faces, in view of these people erring, what alternatives is PN suggesting? Delia with a fiasco back ground? Grech with a criminal background? hallina siehbi. Why did EFA not bring anyone to justice after we risked our lives to elect him? if he did not think it was the case, why should we now still talk about them as being evil? issa should the PL be elected, and they behave in the same way as the PN is doing to day, I shall be the first to blog and write in the papers against them- never worry.

    • ex PN tal-qalba
      Posted at 21:10h, 30 August

      kemm qed taghmel dispjacir lil shabek ghawdxin. Tinduna kemm zammewkom lura tara dawk in=niex nezlin lejn malta kuljum ghax-xoghol. kieku il=prim nehha li giovanna u ghamel lil chris said ministru ghal-=ghawdex kieku franco debono illum misinstru tal-gustizzja. keiku il=pn ma ghandux din il=gerha.

      • L-Ghawdxi
        Posted at 14:43h, 31 August

        Il-kieku u l-kien qatt ma iltaqgħu flimkien.

        • ex PN tal-qalba
          Posted at 07:00h, 01 September

          trid tilghaba tad-dejjaq ghawdxi

    • Grilled Angus Beef
      Posted at 10:49h, 31 August

      to L-Ghawdxi; Franco is dedicated to the true PN. The illegal Government we have to day, that is trying to hold on to power nails and teeth is not the PN but GonziPN.
      Franco is behaving exactly like Toni Abela and Wenzu Mintoff, who only had at heart the good of the MLP when they revolted.
      It has taken the MLP 25 years ( a generation) to get their act in order, and I regret to say it might be the same situation with the PN after GonziPN.

      • Grilled Angus Beef
        Posted at 10:51h, 31 August

        @ ex PN tal-qalba; Probably our dear friend L-Ghawdxi is part of the Giovanna Debono clique, where everything and anything is possible in Gozo. 😉

        • L-Ghawdxi
          Posted at 16:57h, 31 August

          @Grilled Agus Beef
          1. Pleased to inform you that I am not part of Giovanna Debono clique. I am just a Nationalist like thousands of others.
          2. “The illegal Government we have to day”. A government becomes illegal when goes against the country’s constitution. As far as I know up to know there has never been any beach of the constitution. Never has the government tried to fiddle with our country’s constitution. Can we say the same when Mintoff and his regime suspended the Constitutional Court for a long period of time, so that nobody could take action against him for breaching the Constitution left right and centre? I ask you, how many Costitutional cses were presented against the goverment? One surely cannot say the same against the Socialist regime of the 70’s and 80’s. And mind you many of the persons of that time are still there today!!!
          3.”Franco is behaving exactly like Toni Abela and Wenzu Mintoff, who only had at heart the good of the MLP when they revolted.” One fundamental difference. Dr. Abela and Dr. Mintoff started their revolt from the inside of the party and then they were expelled from it only months after the party lost the government. They never washed dirty linen outside. And when they formed the AD they always avoided to embarrass the Socialist Labour Party.
          4. If the PN loses the next election, I assure you it wont take 25 years to be returned to power. The reason is simple…it has always had better policies for our country.

          • kili
            Posted at 22:24h, 31 August

            taf xi gralhom tal lejber meta ma semewx min toni abela u wenzu mintoff amlu 25 sena f opozizjoni u regu daru alijom issa nispera li mhux gejja hekk tana

    • old timer
      Posted at 07:08h, 01 September

      Jitlaq mil-partit Franco?? Ma hemmx persuna kapaci daqsu ghal-leader tal-Partit!! Tghidx hmerijiet l-ghawdx ghax qed tghid hafna CUCATI, qisu il-pn kollox tajjeb u haddiehor kolllox hazin.

  • Parole si fatti no.
    Posted at 19:06h, 30 August

    Dr Debono,


    • P.Zammit
      Posted at 23:53h, 30 August

      Ghax irid jitlaq bit-Teatrin !

      • Mario allison
        Posted at 20:28h, 31 August

        Mr zammit i am prepaired and ready to play at full blast verdi,s triumphal march when gonzi leaves his throne once and for all to be remembered as the prime minister who gave us divorce, worthless frozen eggs, a half baked cohabition law, the oligarchy, mepa,transport malta, vat department, institutionalized corruption, criminal millionaires, a drug infested island, and a bunch of bloody idiots for ministers…….

  • V.Calleja
    Posted at 19:02h, 30 August

    Dr. Franco jien napprezza hafna il hsibijiet tieghek imma nixtieqek twegibni wahda jekk joghgbok.
    Ghaliex meta kellek ic cans li nehilsu min Austin Gatt min ministru ma hadttux?
    Ghaliex meta kellek ic cans li nehilsu min dan il gvern tal klikek ma hadttux?

    Wegibni jekk joghgbok.

    • Angus Black
      Posted at 21:53h, 30 August

      Ghax il-‘klikka’ tal-gvern hija ferm akbar mill-klikka ta tlieta.

      • Grilled Angus Beef
        Posted at 10:58h, 31 August

        Exactly Angus, for once you hit the nail on the head – il klikka tal Gvern – at least you admit it!!
        and you think this is correct? Should a serious Government belong to a clique or have its own clique?
        This is what has made me float away- The Maltese Government is for the Maltese people- all of them red, blue green or whatever.
        It is tyrants and Dictators that organize cliques.
        Malta is not Libya, Tunisia, Egypt or Somalia. We Maltese have always stood up for our rights and this is why, it is now time to rid and clean Malta from a Government that is a clique as you said!!!

        • Angus Black
          Posted at 17:59h, 31 August

          Dear Grilled, I think it’s YOU who didn’t get it. Don’t feel too bad, not even Franco gets it!

          • Grilled Angus Beef
            Posted at 15:08h, 03 September

            Angus- never be afraid, I got it and how- I think you are not getting it 😉
            I am not partisan, I have my own brain and do not depend on any politician. As I have always said, to me Politicians are like Police officers or nurses I pay to do a job I do not want to do or feel incapable of doing – still once I pay, I have a right to expect that the people who think are capable do a good job.

      • Mario allison
        Posted at 20:33h, 31 August

        Nahseb il klikka tal lum ahjar tahsiba sew nhar it tlieta meta jiltaqa l esekuttiv, infakkar li il P N rebah l ahhar elezzjoni b 1200 vot biss u jien konvintissmu li il maggoranza tal votanti li taw il vot lil franco u issa huwa car daqs il kristall kemm kellu ragun. Ser ikunu il votanti li ha jitfaw lil PN fl oppozizjoni

        • thinktwice
          Posted at 22:57h, 31 August

          Nahseb l ezekuttiv ahjar jahsiba sew u jekk hemm bzonn imur irtir ha jimmedita.
          Decizzjoni mportanti hafna,li jekk jizbalja, l konsegwenzi huma kbar.
          L Onorevoli Dr Franco Debono ghandu hafna x joffri.

    Posted at 18:36h, 30 August

    Daqs Gonzi dam jahsibha Joe Grima biex jirrezenja! Tghid Gonzi kapaci Jwaqqafa lill Daphne? Jew she knows too much uma jistax iwaqqafa.

    • Angus Black
      Posted at 22:03h, 30 August

      Mel’issa minthomx tiddefendu d-dritt ta stampa w kelma hielsa? Dan ma jfissirx li wiehed (jew wahda) ghandha tuza kliem bhal ma uza Joe Grima u taghddijha lixxa. Daphne Caruana Galizja ma wzatx kliem oxxen biex iddiskevit il-hajja politika ta Mintoff, izda l-kliem oxxen gie min partitarji Laburisti.
      La l-Prim Ministru w lanqas hadd ma ghandu l-jedd li jwaqqaf lill DCG daqs kemm hadd ma jwaqqaf lill-orizzont, Illum, Maltastar, it-Torca, One TV u Radio One mill gideb u anke kliem baxx li jintuza ta kulljum fil-konfront ta dak kollu li hu Nazzjonalist. U l-eroj taghna Franco qed jaqdi il-merhla Laburista mill koxxa. Kif ghadu ma jafx li jekk jitla habibu Gowzef, se jbati bhal ma jbati l-kumplament tan-nazzjon, irid u ma jridx, jekk allinqas, ma ghandux xi patt sigriet ma Joseph u forsi jlahhqu magistrat jekk jitla hu?

      • Franco Debono
        Posted at 22:08h, 30 August

        il-Prim Ministru ghandu jiddikjara li kien sball li inqeda bis-servizzi ta DCG biex tikteb artiklu ghal JPO.
        din jista jaghmilha?
        jista jiddisassocja ruhu minn certi kitbiet?

        • Angus Black
          Posted at 18:28h, 31 August

          Tina prova wahda li l-PM qed jinqeda bis-servizzi ta DCG. Dik li qed tirreferi ghaliha hija bicca verita’ w mhux il-verita’ kollha. Dak spjegatu DCG fid-dawl li sa dak il-punt JPO kien gideb u heba l-fatt li il-kuntratt li xejjer Sant fuq il-PBS kien ta veru w mhux bhal ma konna qed nahsbu, li kienet manuvra finta tieghu. JPO gideb mal-partitarji tieghu li DCG kienet wahda minnhom, mal-Partit u sahansitra mal-Prim Ministru. Wara kulhadd bravu Franco. Ghax ma tghidilniex min qed jikkowcjak? Avolja, pruzuntuz bhalek, mhux ha ‘taqsam’ il-glorja tal-mument ma xi hadd iehor.
          Ma nistax nifhem ghalfejn semmejt il-kas ta siehbek JPO, ghax wara kollox DCG salvatlu gildu fl-ahhar elezzjoni ghalkemm minnufieh malli saret taf il-verita, ikkundannatu w kitbet kontrieh bla rizerva w bla tlaqliq fil-vojt. Kemm il-darba rreferit ghalih bhala traditur tal-Partit, deskrizzjoni li tixraqlek ukoll. Ghalxejn tibqa tghid li int Nazzjonalist u tappella biex l-Ezekuttiv jirtira d-decizjoni li ha. Jien minhix avukat u anke jekk minhabba xi teknikalita ikollhom iregghu lura d-decizjoni li hadu, hemm min hu aqwa mill-Ezekuttiv – il-votanti.

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 21:10h, 31 August

            @ angus black :

            int he most sensitive time for a political party on election eve, the Nationalist Party led by Lawrence Gonzi made use of DCG services through Gordon Pisani PRO to Lawrence Gonzi

            I quote you angus :

            ‘Daphne lil JPO salvatlu gildu’ !!!!! obbligati lejha l PN!!!

          • Mario allison
            Posted at 21:31h, 31 August

            Are you sure i wont be beaten if i whistleblow on what has been going on in certain corporations and is still going on??? Angus???? I doubt it !!!!!! I will be trashed and so will my family!!!! What makes you so sure there isnt any proof …. I believe some people have been careless and left a lot of things lying around , and there are a lotof collectors

      • chuck bartowski
        Posted at 23:50h, 30 August

        Angus black allura Daphne ghalik qed timxi b’etika ,u nistaqsik personalment inti tapprova dak kollu li tghid ? jew forsi tiehu gost ax titbissem xi ftit bl-tghid , dak li johrog min mohha din il mara huwa ghajb ghall poplu intelligenti fis seklu 2012. Vjiolenza morali hija kiefra daqs dik fizikali u ta l-ahhar x’gid qed taghmel din il mara? possibbli ahna il maltin adna daqsekk divizi fuq il politika taghna,suppost din il mara tighd li hi edukata pero din mix edukazzjoni.

      • mario allison
        Posted at 07:40h, 31 August

        lanqas daphne caruana galizia ,il high society girl,it tifla ta micheal tal liftijiet, l agent tal plakek tad dawl, qatt mhu ser twaqqaf specjalment lili milli nesprimi ruhi kif ghandi dritt nghamel.

        • Grilled Angus Beef
          Posted at 11:10h, 31 August

          Angus!!! why do you provoke me? I had decided to ignore anything that even mentioned DCG- for one thing I do not buy The Independent any more –
          We have now confirmed that DCG is nothing but a political prostitute.
          We know the man married to her, gets hands out as consultant by this Governement.
          We know her son had problems with the law.
          We also know that she is paid by Government since EFA times.
          What I fail to understand is why should a serious Government ask a feature writer to write on its behalf when she has members of her family that still have pending problems with the law, or when we all know she is provocative and vindictive.
          Surely there are other feature writers and agencies that could do the job for Ministers like Tonio Fench like LIGHTHOUSE for example..

          • Angus Black
            Posted at 19:22h, 31 August

            Empty allegations are no proof, you and Franco should know that especially Franco being a ‘prominent’ criminal lawyer. So be careful because you are walking on a very thin line and if DCG had the time to waste on twerps who present all kinds of false accusations, she would need three lifetimes to deal with them.
            This is what the major problem is with Labour elves. They hear a rumour from the Party’s propaganda mill and repeating it a few times, it becomes the absolute truth in their own mind. But present the truth to them and they go hysterical, deny it and try to give to the PN what really belongs to the. That tactic has worked rather well with their semiliterate supporters but the more time passes, the more the youth of today will distinguish between reality and Labour’s smoke.
            Of course you are provoked. That is inherent to presenting the truth to someone who automatically rejects it without delving deeper or who parrots what his Party leader constantly feeds him even if caught several times contradicting himself on national television!

            If you have proof that DCG is paid by the NP or the government, present it. No one will beat you up. Don’t we have some form of ‘Freedom of Information Act’ whereby you can request any transaction between the government and private individuals? Shall we start asking for information, say from Karmenu Vella, (just picked at random) as the LP had of John Dalli and insinuated that he preferred to buy travel arrangements for his ministry from a company with some connections with him? So that was all right then?
            Would you dare ask DCG to let you have a peek at her tax return just so to satisfy your curiosity. Would you let me have a look at yours?
            Hallina, Grilled, better stoke the coals because you are fast getting cold.
            “What I fail to understand is why should a serious Government ask a feature writer to write on its behalf when she has members of her family that still have pending problems with the law, or when we all know she is provocative and vindictive”.
            Now this really takes the cake! Who wrote the alleged article(s), the ‘feature writer’ or ‘the members of the family who have a problem with the law’? Can you tell us for a fact, and what those problems are? il-veru qed thallat il-hass mal-b**s’

          • Grilled Angus Beef
            Posted at 13:06h, 04 September

            Hi Angus- sorry for delay with which I reply to you but am away on the boat on week ends and yesterday had problems to connect because of the storm as I live out in the country.
            1. I read here on web and her husband replied that amongst other, he was chosen to close the deal in Brussels -also that the office he shares with ABC ( is it true bocca also has a problem with the law about Data protection? ) gets hand outs from Government as consultants.
            2. I never said DCG was paid by NP or is it PN (69 party)-lol, I said she was paid by Government which is worse!
            I found on web an article that said she got paid by EFA LM30,000 and lately by Tonio Fenech another euro12,900 for 430 hrs of work. Now knowing she is a feature writer not a masseuse I concluded she was paid for writing.
            3. I also saw here on web the summons of her son dated 2003 related to drugs
            So as you see these are not simple allegations but facts.
            As to peeking into her tax return, I assure you I have other better things to deal with and am not even slightly interested.
            You can have a look at mine when ever.. ( are you an Angus bull or a cow? )

        • EX PN
          Posted at 21:55h, 31 August

          din galizia li missiera kien jiehu il kuntratt ghal finishing tal komun tal flats tal gvern fi zmien mintoff?????????????

      • Cruella de Vil
        Posted at 14:25h, 31 August

        @ Aynus Black

        re- “Daphne Caruana Galizja ma wzatx kliem oxxen”

        how do you like this;

        “aaaaaa qatta mintufjani mnejkin!!!!! tafu xi tfiser dik il linja??????!!!!!! tfiser li zop fox ommkom mintof amel gid ghal malta. aaaaaa qatta stupidi u injoranti li ma tifmu xejn – araw flima sena tibda tila l linja u b kem telet u araw kif kinet il linja taht is salvatur ta oxx il liba ghajnkom li bih fotejtu pajjis grazzi ghal injuranza spejtata u grazzi al fatt li andkom vot bhal vot ta dawk li andom mohh”

        Bl-istess argument, jekk jien nibghatek tiehu “z** f’o** o***”, jew “o** il-l*** t’ghajnejk”, ma nkunx uzajt kliem oxxen?

    • Observer
      Posted at 12:14h, 01 September

      Jien nahseb li din ta Daphne tmur lura ghall-elezjoni tal-hatra tal-Kapo bejn Gonzi u dalli.Min jaf x` tahwid u manuvri kien hemm biex Dalli jibqa l-art !!!…..Minjaf issa Gonzi ihossux rikattat minn xi klikka li hadmet ghal gwadann personali taghha ?…..Ghalekk Gonzi ma jistax jiddissasocja ruhhu minnha ?…Forsi il-quddiem ghad inkunu nafu iktar !!!…U Dalli tghid jaf b`certu kummiedji li saru ? Ghax nghiduha kif inhi allura din kumbinazzjoni li dawn il-Boggers kollha ghandhom fattur wiehed komuni bejnithom li jkissru lil Dalli ?

    • Maressa
      Posted at 22:20h, 10 September

      traditur biex? ghaliex?ghaliex ghal li mhux veru li id dawl u l-ilma gelhow minhabba ghaliex gelhow min barra?mhux kulhad jaf xi hmieg hem fil partit nazzjonalista

  • Demm Nazzjonalist
    Posted at 16:47h, 30 August

    Franco, sparat titla jekk tohrog indipendenti.

    • ta kafkaf
      Posted at 17:12h, 30 August


      as I have written a couple of time here, all this is true even within the civil service and OPM itself….a big omerta from top…miskin min mhuiex laqghi kbir…jirnexxu il-hmir basta jaghmlu te je coffee lil direttur.. Maybe one day we’ll meet and I ‘ ll tell you A LOT of juicy stories which you will hardly believe….

      Don’t give have many supporters out there

      • P.Zammit
        Posted at 23:55h, 30 August

        Sure …practically all of them see RED !

      Posted at 17:38h, 30 August

      Franco, kuragg! As I have always told you. Your time will come if you remain active as the citizen’s shield against oppression, bad practice, corruption and sleaze. Not this time around, but in 5 years time kellimni!

  • finish line
    Posted at 16:43h, 30 August

    @Nita. @Joe Vella. Ghalfejn qed tistaqsu lil Dr Franco li b’li qed jghid se jtella gvern tal-PL. Mela qjatu qalbkom daqs kemm tghidu li ghamel gid u progress il-PN fejn kullhadd jinsab ferhan se jtir u kuntent. Imiskom tisthu tghidu li se jitla gvern laburista. Il-Maltin u l-Ghawdxin (ghax irrid insemmijhom ghax inkella ‘L-Ghawdxi” jiehu ghalih) kollox miexi fuq ir-rubini. Il-PN fl-elezzjoni li jmiss ghandu jitla sparat daqs rocket ghax ma hawn xejn li qed jinkwieta lil elettorat….insomma hlief Franco.

    • Angus Black
      Posted at 22:16h, 30 August

      finish line, it-tigrija tispicca fil-Finish Line. Taf meta l-PN (jew il-PL) jaqtghu qalbhom? L-ghada ta l-elezjoni ghax wiehed biss jista jirbah. u jekk nigu f’dan, ir-rekord thal PN huwa ferm ahjar minn tal-PL.
      Li kont minnek ma nilghabx flejjes kbar fuq min se jirbah l-elezzjoni specjalment jekk dawk li vvutaw ghall UE jifmu li jekk jitla l-Lejber se nispiccaw barra mill-UE u nerghu nitriccaw ma dawk li ghadhom mhux kapaci jikkontrollaw l-immigranti llegali li ghadhom jaslu fuq xtutna. Dan mhux kliemi imma ta Karmenu Vella w Joseph Muscat li minghalihom li t-trattat mal-UE jista jerga jinfetah biex isir ahjar milli hemm. Imma KMB illum stqarr li Prodi kien spjega lill-Mintoff li ma qabilx ma Sant li jiffriza l-applikazzjoni ta Malta, li ma l-UE, jew gewwa (membru shih) jew barra. Ma tistax tbiddel ir-regoli kif trid int jew kif jaqbillek.
      Il-votanti ta-2003 u dawk li se jivvutaw ghall-ewwel darba huma konxji bil-vantaggi li qed jakkwistaw bis-sahha ta l-UE u mhux ha jivvutaw ghal Partit Laburista li jipperikola dak kollu li gvernijiet Nazzjonalisti ggieldu ghalih.

      • Nat
        Posted at 09:37h, 31 August

        bhall xiex Angus, bhall meta il PN iggieled kontra li in nisa ikollhom vot? Jew bhall meta il PN iggieled kontra il pensjonijiet, jew il minimum wage, jew kull servizz socjali li ipprova jghamel gvern Laburista? Il PL ma jistax jipperikola dak li ghamlu gvernijiet nazzjonalisti ghax ma hallew xejn xi tfarrak!

      • Grilled Angus Beef
        Posted at 12:32h, 31 August

        Angus Angus- Angus Black cattle suffer mainly from 4 defects, one of which is Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH) sometimes known as water head.
        Occasionally I get the feeling you might be suffering from this defect ” Water Head”.
        It is true that it is difficult to remove a Government especially a corrupt one as it will do all in its power to keep the hold on to power. When this happens the reason is simple, the members of that Government have it good!
        The EU to a certain extent was good so far, even if because of it, we have already so far lost most of our Agriculture production, since our farmers cannot compete.
        Therefore unlike most of those that are part of the Klikka you mentioned, that have it good living it off in Brussels at our expense, not too many people are 100% satisfied or have exactly understood what the EU is all about.
        The cost of living has gone up, like what happened in all EU countries when you consider what you could buy for a LM1 compared to euro2.43
        We in Malta are heading in the Italy disaster situation. The EU has been warning Gonzi PN for ages to control its deficit.
        The fact that the EU countries have not supported us with the immigration problem for example is a clear case where we need to stamp our feet.
        Ofcourse the present Government does not have what it takes to do so.
        The present Government is like a castrated rooster, it is only interested in the feed infront of it. Money Money Money. Illegal immigrants are a good business for many of the clique you mentioned.
        They need to be fed, clothed and housed. This is big money for whoever is supplying.
        The present Government is already doing enough for any intelligent person to understand that it is a degenerated useless one. There are too many questions especially about corruption that have gone unanswered.
        Building permits are being promised left right and center. People serving sentences in jail have been pardoned and have left jail.
        Some of them have already been employed with government or authorities, but then PN have their henchmen that look after these matters.
        Any criminal that owes a favour is more then welcome in the GonziPN.
        YES I agree it will be difficult to get rid of this Cancer, but once the Libyans, Tunisians and Egyptians have managed why can the Maltese in a democratic manner not do the same?

  • imdejjaq
    Posted at 16:13h, 30 August

    Qed tara dottore s serjeta!! Joseph Muscat sikket u ghalaq halq il qziez tal ex ministru Joe Grima u gonzi mhux kapaci jalaq il hluq hziena ta DCG u ABC. Miserabbli t tnejn. Ser itelfu l elezzjoni lin nazzjonalisti. Kompli bil hidma siewja u fittex eqred din l oligarkija li hemm f gonzi pn u qed tiffacja wahdek. Kuragg u tasal

    • Angus Black
      Posted at 22:28h, 30 August

      Mela biex Gonzi johrog ta ragel ghandu jaghlaq il-One TV, Radio One, it-Torca, l-orizzont, Illum, Maltastar etc.? Nerghu nsibu ruhhna bhal ma konna fin-1980? Hekk tridu?
      Mela jekk wiehed jikkritika l-PL hazin, imma dak il-velenu ikun kontra l-PN, tajjeb, ma jimpurtax? X’tip ta ugwaljanza hi din? X’tip ta demokrazija? U allura dawk kollha li kitbu kliem baxx, oxxen w heddu lill DCG, dak ma jimpurtax sakemm dak id-diskors sar fil-konfront ta xi hadd li azzarda jikteb kontra id-dittaturjat ta Mintoff?
      Dawn li qed jiktbu hawn u qed irewwhu lill-Franco huma kollha Laburisti ghax il-veru Nazzjonalisti kollha jaqblu li aktar ma Franco jaqbez minn nofs aktar Malta tista tiehu nifs qawwi u tistrieh. Harsu lejn x’kiteb matul is-Sajf kollu w tindunaw li hlief ‘jien’, ‘tieghi’ ‘haqqni’ w m’nalla kont jien’ ma kitibx. Gheneb qares biss. Min hawn u ftit iehor ikollu aktar zmien x’jahli f’diskors vojt, bla sustanza w vendikattiv kontrs shabu stess.

      • Franco Debono
        Posted at 22:37h, 30 August

        Gonzi ghandu jiddistakka ruhu i ighid li kiien sball li gordon pisani talab is servizzi ta DCG biex tikteb artiklu ghal JPO lejlet l-elezzjoni generali bhallikieku din il-persuna hija strategista ewlenija tal-partit
        dan il-fatt juri intimita kbira bejn il-partit u persuni li jxerrdu l mibeghda

      • Nat
        Posted at 09:33h, 31 August

        @Angus Black, Fuq it- Torca, l – Orizzont, One TV u il Malta Star u jekk nigu f’dan lanqas fuq il Gazzetti Nazzjonalisti, lanqas qatt smajna lil xi hadd jifrah bil mewt ta xi esponent ta partit jew iehor, il PN ghandu jikkundanna il kitbiet ta DCG ghax qed tinstiga il mibeghda, jekk ma jikkundanahomx ifisser li jaqbel ma li qed tghid.

        • Franco Debono
          Posted at 09:39h, 31 August

          PN ghandu jiddisassocja ruhu minn persuni li ghandom konnessjonijiet intimi mal-partit ghax huma strategisti ewlenin peress illi jiktbui artikli ghal deputati parlamentari f’mument sensittiv immens bhal ma hu lejlet elezzjoni generali, meta partit ovvjament jafda l-akatar nies tal-qalba

      • Grilled Angus Beef
        Posted at 17:00h, 31 August

        Angus, I have just noticed you come here late at night. Which reminds me of another person who is a political prostitute ( defined as someone who sells their own personal morals and/or values for the idea of money, not necessarily for sex- any way we shall make no names but am sure not even her hubby tries to have sex with ). I used to enjoy reading you but now, you have become monotonous and repetitive.
        Why do you go on talking of the past, and if you do that why not be honest and mention the atrocities done by the PN and by coalition PN / Church? why do you not mention that MLP papers or papers sympatising with MLP were not allowed in Hospitals and Public places?
        babies no allowed to be baptized, couple denied the right of getting married, Catholics denied burial.. shall I go on?
        I strongly suggest you have a look at this before you talk of dictatorships under Mintoff.

        Under Mintoff so many people made money. Honest money.We had a boom- my only regret is I used to install FIAM lifts. Money, that was used to bring up the most obnoxious person Malta has ever known.
        Happy Grazing -as long as the grass is green 😉

    • L-Ghawdxi
      Posted at 14:58h, 31 August

      Niddikjara minn qabel li jiena ma naqbel xejn mal-istil ta’ certa kitba ta’ DCG. Din biex naghmilha cara. Pero’ nistaqsi, kif wieħed ghandu jippretendi li Gonzi jagħmel l-istess mas-sinjura DCG meta din la qatt kienet u ma lanqas hija xejn fil-partit? Ma nistgħux ngħidu l-istess għas-sur Grima! Ma taħsibx li kieku Gonzi jagħmel hekk bir-raġun għandu jibda jiġi akkużat ġustament li qed joħnoq il-liberta tal-kelma? Le sieħeb /a din il-ħaġa ma tistax terġa tirrepeti ruħha f’pajjiżna. Dak iż-żmien għadha u spiċċa u Alla ħares jerġa jiġi.
      Jekk DCG trid tparla għandha kull dritt. L-istess dritt, imbagħad, għandu dak li jħossu li ġie attakkat li jirrispondi kif jaf hu. Pero minn imbagħad ma jkunx f’pożżiżjoni li jirreplika, għax certi affarijiet li jintqalu jkun veri, lanqas ma għandu jaħseb li jagħlaq ħalq dak li jkun.
      Is-sewwa kieku taf x’inhuwa? Li kulħadd għandu jirrejaliżża li l-attakki personali, jiġu minfejn jiġu, huwa ħżiena. U dan aħna fl-pajjiz ta’ mank nofs miljun m’għandniex x’nambuħ!

  • RIAL
    Posted at 14:36h, 30 August

    tghid il-kaccaturi u nassaba ghawdxin u maltin irrabjati ghal-oligarkija li cahdithom id-delizju taghhom?

    • Bellamy
      Posted at 23:33h, 31 August

      u x’għandhom x’jaqsmu l-kaccaturi u n-nassaba Ghawdxin? Turix il-mentalita bazwija tieghek. Żomm mal-argument. Pero’ nisfidak tghidilna jekk issa xi darba jkollna lil Joseph u sħabu s-socjalisti n-nassaba u l-kaccaturi ser jerġgħu jkollhom lura d-deliżżju tagħhom? Għidilna kif ser jagħmel u fl-istess ħin joqgħod għall-ligijiet Ewropej? Meta jkollok risposta għal dan imbaghad iva tkun tista tparla…. tinsiex li min jgħix bit-tama jmut bil-piena. U hekk ser jigrilek int Sur Rial!!!

    • cikku l-poplu
      Posted at 23:53h, 31 August


      tridx tmur, u r-risposta mhux ser iddum ma tasal.

  • george
    Posted at 14:33h, 30 August

    franko namira li int ijad tiprova tqajem il malta fuq saqaja pero sorry ta jekk vera u minnu dan andek ic cans bhal ma diga kellek twaqafom jekk imparlaw biss mu ha naslu imkien imma thanks tali ijad turi linteres tijak

  • virgo
    Posted at 14:00h, 30 August

    I think this government have been for the past four and half years spinning and hiding facts to his own interets. I feel sorry to say that there are still so many maltese ignorants and colour blinded and they dont think and act for the interest of our country and the maltese people . Others talk positvely about the PN only beacause from doing pastry they ended into a high position such as duty managers without qualifications in a gov entity or department. This country has been governed by a bunch of idiots (this was confirmed by Gonzi) thats why the incompetence is so visible. Franco as a floater you should show your respect to the maltese ppl

  • john
    Posted at 13:53h, 30 August

    Ghandek f******** ragun man…… 100 fil 100… In-nies mhux pupazzi

  • Carmelo
    Posted at 13:49h, 30 August

    Smajt dak li qal Joe Grima fuq Rich il-puff.Tajba din.

  • Nita
    Posted at 13:15h, 30 August

    Dr Debono,

    So many names you mention, one can’t help but hear the bitterness in your voice. Perhapd it is time to consider that the reason you did not go any further in your Party is due to your attitude in the first place.

    Secondly, as a bird enthusiast and a bird breeder, I find it surprising that you are in favour of trapping.

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 13:18h, 30 August

      @ nita :
      before letting your personal prejudices against me blind you have you read my speech in parliamen on the subject?

      maybe then the question you will be putting to yourself will change ; why has this one not advanced in the party? how come? he had good ideas.

      i would appreciate if you give a loak at my proposals

      • Nita
        Posted at 13:28h, 30 August

        Dr Debono, Perhaps now is indeed the time for you to go for that vote of no confidence. However, will you first explain to us what you took of a Labour government?

        • Franco Debono
          Posted at 13:28h, 30 August

          @ nita :

          go see the speech. do not be disrespectful! till then. . . .

          • Nita
            Posted at 14:01h, 30 August

            What makes you think I am being disrespectful, Dr Debono? If you feel you need to propose a vote of no confidence on this issue, you have every right to. Actually I encourage you to, as it would be a logical consequence to your spoken thoughts, namely that you no longer support the government following a series of what you perceive to be wrongdoings and unfair actions vis-a-vis you. However I, as your reader and as a Maltese citizen, have a right to ask you to explain why you believe a Labour Government will be beneficial. Your readers will no doubt be interested.

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 15:40h, 30 August

            @ nita :

            all readers here can see that all you do is attack me personally. becuase on the issues i have raised you have nothing to say.

            i challenge you now : have you read that speech or you are intent in wasting everyone’s time in subtle and not so subtle personal attacks?

          • Joe Vella
            Posted at 15:49h, 30 August

            dr franco nita ma nafx min hi izda naqbel li andek tejdilna xtahsbe dwar gvern laburist ax huwa ixu rilevanti hafna ax int tejd li lPN lahjar ghazla imbad ma tejdilnix alix

            jek int konvint ta dak li qed tejd spjega alix mandnix nivutaw lil tal lejber. jek mandekx opinjoni alura ma tistax tejd li PN lahjar u jek lPN mux lahjar ax ma tohrogx malejber?

          • P.Zammit
            Posted at 23:57h, 30 August

            Great …now they are trying to put words in Franco’s mouth to try to get him to say what a great Labour government we will have …way to go. A great achievement

        • Grilled Angus Beef
          Posted at 18:02h, 30 August

          @ Joey Vella- Hi Joey, you seem to take advantage that I am away. LOL
          Just to remind you that you are always pointing your finger @ Franco for helping PL, but the truth is this;
          JM stands the chance of becoming PM not because of Franco. Joseph Muscat’s trump card is Austin Gatt, Claudio Grech and Manuel Delia abd Daphane Caruana Galizia
          JM might become PM only because the normal people of Malta and Gozo ( not the lil elves close the oligarchy) have had enough.
          They have had enough of ;
          The BWSC power station scandal
          The Fairmount Dry Dock scandal
          The Arriva scandal
          The Mater dei Scandals
          The Go land Scandal
          The Air Malta Scandal
          The Smart City Scandal
          The Tuna farm permits
          Thee Waste Serve daiy Scandals
          The VAT scandal
          The 600 euro rise for themselves
          The amounts paid to DCG husband as consultancy
          The jobs offered to her son,
          The number of people in Brussels at our expnse after creating problems in Malta ( Claudios brother, Andre Carbonaro . Nicolette Camilleri etc)
          SHALL I GO ON?

          The Tuna Farm permits sold at 7 million
          The estates in Sicily and Tuscany reputed to be owned by people who lived in a little flat before moving to Sliema Front
          Ghax lil john dalli riedu jibghatuh il-habs ghal xejn;
          Ghax ma gharfux kemm Franco Debono huwa asset;
          Ghax flok raw kif investew f’ JPO, uzawh u kissruh;
          Ghax lil Mugliette kienu jaghtu stejjer mhix veritieri dwaru huma stess;
          Ghax lil Musumeci riedu jkissruh biex floku jilhaq l-abbati ta’ RCC;
          Ghax it-tenders u r-retainers belghuhom kollha dawk li kienu l-elcom;
          Ghax PBO bla kukki u jaghmel li jghidulu;
          Ghax Gonzi huwa mdawwar bis-sangisugi ghajjurin;
          Ghax hallew kollox f’idejn RCC. RCC uza l-poodle jismu Gordon. Dan il-poodle jara kif jikkoordina lil daphne, fr joe. Georg Sapiano. Loo, Peppi and Co u l-Bocca, on condition li jibqghu jibilghu
          .The 1 million a year “wheres’ everybody gets to produce a show on PBS”
          The millions given to Loo Bondi and Co to mark EU entrance festivites

          The fiascos in the Eu funding by Dolores Cristinas’ son
          The corrupt courts where also the Chief justice thought of joining the gravy train.
          The dismantled and shabby Police force
          The drug Barons
          The presidential pardons to Drug barons
          The presence of is Sons @PN HQ
          The friendships with Zeppi il hafi
          The presence of Il Piccolin
          The hate and vindictiveness shown daily by DAPHANE CARUANA GALIZIA
          The corruption cases in road and sea licences
          The MEPA permits for Pender place and others
          The revelation by Profs Laferla
          The arrogance of people like Ernest Tonna
          The salaries of approx. 85,000 euros to Ernest Tonna to rally criminals to PN HQ.
          Go on people keep this lead alive..
          Thank you Joey for giving me the chance to keep this lead alive…and always growing…

        • francesca
          Posted at 23:50h, 30 August

          @nita @ joe vella

          tistghu taqtghu qalbkom li se jwiegibkom franco. Madwar xahar ilu jien saqsejtu listess mistoqsija ghal ghaxar darbiet u bl-istess mod harab mit twegiba.

          Franco ma jridx jghidilna x’jahseb fuq il proposti ta muscat jew kif jahseb li immorru taht gvern laburista.

          min dak inhar l’hawn rari ergajt dhalt go din il blog, u issa qed niskanta kif hawn min ghadu jistaqsi listess mistoqsija.

          qed niftakar li kont ktibt kumment iehor fejn franco l-anqas biss uploadjah.

          probabilment l-anqas dan il kumment m’ahna ha naraw!

          bye bye!

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 23:59h, 30 August

            my views are that if PN reforms itself thoroughly and disassociates itself clearly and unequivocably from those who have unleashed personal attcks of character assassinations ovbviously instigating reactions, then Pn is still the best alternative.
            otherwise, just like austin gatt and lou bondi are synonomous with 1996 PN electoral defeat, hisotry will unfortunately repeat itself

          • L-Ghawdxi
            Posted at 00:17h, 31 August

            I think you are right. He never answers the questions he is asked. I had two similar experiences.
            However I have just read his reply to your comment. And it is a true case of ‘hawwadni halli nifhmek!!!’ He says, and I quote, ” then Pn is still the best alternative” and later when referring to PN’s 1996 electoral defeat, he uses these words,” hisotry will UNFORTNATELY repeat itself.” So I ask, if you are convinced that it will best for our country to have another PN goverment since it is the best alternative, WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO INFLICT SO MUCH HARM TO THE PARTY AND TO ITS LEADER? Those who are genuine would strive to bring reforms / changes by striving for them from inside and NOT by criticising from the outside to help the opponent’s agenda!!!

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 00:28h, 31 August

            @ l-ghawdxi :

            i m sure news reached gozo that i have presented various parliamentary motions with my proposals for reform, but they were never debated in a serious manner, let alone giving me the opportunity to implement them!

            i neither tried to harm party nor leader.

            are you satisfied with austin gatt s performance and attitude? maybe then you can answer the question who is inflicting harm on party

            if austin gatt thinks he can ride roughshod over everyone then you have to expect people to react

          • Fleur
            Posted at 06:55h, 31 August

            Franco has answered to your questions every time,but as you are dead set on a particular way of thought you choose to give that impression.

          • L-Ghawdxi
            Posted at 15:24h, 31 August

            Definitely we have heard of your proposals. And you have our support on them!!
            Lets call a spade a spade. Yes you are inflicting a lot of harm to the party. I understand that you feel hurt but by going public you will not help your cause. You should have continued striving for your cause from the inside. Int bħal donnok qatajt qalbek flok b’mohhok aktar qed tirraġuna b’qalbek. You comment,” then you have to expect people to react,” ays it all. Din mhix logħoba li jew nilgħab jew inkeskes!! U naħseb li int fuq din tgħallimni. Dak huwa żball. Nittama li tirrejalizza li min jaf kemm qed jgħorok idejh Dr. Muscat għax bis-saħħa tiegħek ukoll ser jirrnexxiu jilħaq u ikun l-iżgħar PM ta’ Malta. Għalhekk, jekk trid ir-rispett tagħna Nazzjonalisti ġenwini, tkomplix f’din il-linja. Il-partit huwa aktar tagħhom milli ta’ ħaddieħor. Jasal il-mument tibżax. Dan appell ġenwin u nittama li inti ġenwin ukoll għax fil-kaz kollu għalxejn.

    • Nita
      Posted at 23:27h, 30 August

      Dr Debono, by being selective in what you publish here from my comments you are doing no more than confirm my suspicions: you really do not wish your readers to think for a moment about the consequences of your actions and your views on a Labour government. Your only aim is to pull down the current people in government, and to hell with everything else. You prefer to attack anyone who questions (politely) your motives and asks some legitimate questions. You prefer to accept blindly those praising you. By doing this, you show me yet again that your interest is not what you declare it to be. I do not expect you to publish this comment.

      • Franco Debono
        Posted at 23:33h, 30 August

        @ nita :
        my views are that if PN reforms itself thoroughly and disassociates itself clearly and unequivocably from those who have unleashed personal attcks of character assassinations ovbviously instigating reactions, then Pn is still the best alternative.
        otherwise, just like austin gatt and lou bondi are synonomous with 1996 PN electoral defeat, hisotry will unfortunately repeat itself

        • francesca
          Posted at 00:07h, 31 August

          franco, do you want that history repeats itself? are you helping or hindering this possibility?

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 00:14h, 31 August

            @ francesca :

            Austin gatt :

            BWSC : i criticised austin gatt but voted with party out of loyalty
            ARRIVA : i criticised and abstained

            January ‘reshuffle’ : austin gatt still in cabinet

            june : i cannot contest election but manuel delia arriva fiasco author will be candidate

            how s that for democracy?

          • francesca
            Posted at 00:58h, 31 August

            u ahna? u dawk li ivvutawlek ghax raw potenzjal fik u raw il proposti tal pn taht gonzi? fejn hi id demokrazija lejna?

            allura int minghalik li delia se jitla? hafna presuntuzi johorgu ghal lelezzjoni imma l-elettorat (floaters) dejjem wera li hadd m’hu se jroxxlu bzarr fuq imniehru.

            kemm il darba akkuzajt lil austin gatt bhala bully.
            ma tahsibx li int xi ftit jew wisq bully iehor bil mod kif imxejt din l-ahhar sena?

            qed tistenna il mument li tghidlu lil austin ”jidhak l-ahjar min jidhak l-ahhar? u min se jkun hemm jidhak mieghek? joseph muscat? karmenu vella? joe deb grech? anglu farrugia? joe grima? cyrus engerer? manwel mallia? alex xib trigona? jeffrey pullicino? silvio parnis?

            hemm xi haga tinten u kullhadd qed ixomma.

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 07:23h, 31 August

            @ francesca :

            mhemmx biex tidhaq. jien nazzjonalist. nidhaq biss jekk nara PN f’sahhtu.

            jien ikkontestajt mal PN 1998 u ma tlajtx, 2003 u ma tlajtx. kieku ridt nitlaq banda ohra kont naghmel hekk f’dak l-istadju. imma minflok hdimt aktar u stinkajt u gejt elett fl-2008.

            min ried iqajjem dubji dwar il-lealta tieghi ghax ma kienx jaf certi fatti kien dak li kompla irrabjani u ftit ghen biex tikkalma s-sitwazzjoni.

            met agejt elett kont ghamilt ghaxar snin sagrificcju fi-silenzju fid-dell ta ministri potenti. nassigurak mhix sitwazzjoni pjacvevoli bla ma nidhol fid-dettal.

          • Joe Vella
            Posted at 07:57h, 31 August

            jin nakbel ma francesca dr franco.klimek fuq idemokrazjia ma jiswa XEJN jek tinjora rida ta min ivuta PN ax jek tikpa sejer ek se tigi filfrisk.tejdlix li man dunajtx kem awn talMLP icapcpulek u jtuk ilhabel daqt titallaq bih qas tkun ta f kif

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 08:08h, 31 August

            @ joe vella :

            int kif taf min ivvota PN?
            floaters, moderate labourites, staunch PN and moderate PN all voted PN and that s how we won

          • mario allison
            Posted at 08:37h, 31 August

            i tend to agree with you that manuel delia hasn,t the slightest chance of being elected.As you said ,floaters are not idiots ,and they can tell a decent politician from a hopeless case who was responsable for the arriva fiasco,just imagine him being a minister….,francesca ,how did you come to the conclusion that franco is the same bully as austin?..did franco go to the PN headquarters with an army of criminals? did you ever hear franco use the same language that austin gatt uses especially in front of the cameras,just to show the world how arrogant and a bully he is.SO THINK AGAIN DEAR….WHO IS THE BULLY????

          • mario allison
            Posted at 08:55h, 31 August

            FRANCESCA, WHAT A LIST!!!!!! but why manwel mallia?? who until recently was part of the PN.Why AST??? He is not a candidate,why Cyrus? because he gave up on a corrupt party,Have you or anyone else have any proof on all the others that are on your list.WHERE DOES FRANCO FIT IN ALL THIS???? IN MY OPINION IF FRANCO WENT ALONG WITH WHAT THE PN WANTED THAN HE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THE POLITICIAN WE VOTED FOR….

        • Nita
          Posted at 08:27h, 31 August

          Dr. Debono:
          1. You tried to wash dirty,laundry in public. I am sure you do not bring your family problems to the public arena, and neither should you have done so with the problems of your political camily’
          2. if I recall well, the character assassinations came first from you, when for whatever reason, you became displeased in the Nationalist Party. I hear the echoes of ” Mifsud Bonnici, Gatt, Delia, Bondi, Gonzi.’? I think that you of all persons cannot speak of character assassinations , Dr Debono.
          3. Assuming the changes you propose to the PN group, are you suggesting then that Labour should get our vote?

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 08:34h, 31 August

            The attacks started from bondi on public television, and by others who have intimate connections with the party and are chief strategists.

            I had only raised policy issues and never attacked anyone. when personal attacks in my regards became ferocious I had to defend myself.

            Malta is a very small country. If lou bondi attacks me, and he had been canvassing for delia, well , this is not coming from labour aint it ????????

          • mario allison
            Posted at 08:42h, 31 August

            nita thank you for bringing to our attention that the PN have always had plenty of dirty laundry

          • Nita
            Posted at 08:43h, 31 August

            Dr. Debono, you decided not to toe the party line on a particular policy, which is of course possible, BUT you decided to make this dissent public. So the publicity which led to all this came from you.

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 08:48h, 31 August

            @ nita :

            i made it public in parliament as i have every right to do. I AM AN ELECTED MEMBER OF PARLIAMENJT NOT RICHARD CACHIA CARUANA AND DAPHNE’S PUPPET

            both austin gatt and carm mifsud bonnici should have resigned. full stop.
            since they did not resing this brought outrage in malta including the parliamentary group. full stop.

            for you austin gatt is perfect? didnt he have to resign after BWSC and arriva? do you live in malta?

          • Joe Vella
            Posted at 12:13h, 31 August

            xinu dal ajat qisek xi serduq jek gejt elet ma tirprezentax lilek inifsek u tamel li trid. awn min u imdejjaq bilmod kif qed igib ruhek andek tirispetah ax mintix fuq hadiehor u qat mint se tkun

        • Angus Black
          Posted at 20:26h, 31 August

          Tough to reform the whole Party when thousands cannot succeed in reforming three errant MPs.
          Franco will singlehandedly reform the NP, given a chance!
          Mur nittef tigiega, Franco.

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 20:55h, 31 August

            @ angus black :

            three errant mps!!!

            was tonio fenech errant with the montebellos hoem economics, and the honoraria issue?

            was austin gatt errant with ariva, bwsc and a myriad other things?

            was dolores cristina errant in the EU funds?

            was Carm mifsud bonnici errant in law courts, prisons, police,. . ask bastjan borg s family, he was killed whilst being arrested because police had no taser guns

            was joe cassar errant with consultants selection process, and ambulances and now oncology consultant new revelations?

            now put the thre errant mps errors in context please!!!!!

          • Grilled Angus Beef
            Posted at 13:16h, 04 September

            I is tough to reform that party because now the non chalant sense has taken over.
            People think they own Malta and can do what they want. Take the Mita building for example- even worse then forging an id card, Grech built a huge building without permits and against any legislation, encroaching on Gov. land and ruining the aesthetics of the neighbour hood- fine example of respect to authorities!

    Posted at 12:50h, 30 August

    Issa dak is sensar tal BWSC li ha il miljuni minn fuq din il bicca negozju se jittiehdu passi kontrih , jew ghadu ma jiftakarx ghax lill kuntrattur sabu minn fuq il yellow pages?

    • Angus Black
      Posted at 20:29h, 31 August

      Nahseb int kont se tkun l-agent ta-Bateman u ma kontx tiehu l-kummissjoni li haqqek! Ipokriti w m’ghandkomx ideja kif jahdem in-negozju ahseb u ara kemm hemm fil-Lejber li kapaci jmexxu pajjiz!

      • Melvin
        Posted at 21:19h, 31 August

        Jista ikun li l specs johrogom xi sur Z Vassallo??? u ma jkun jista jikwota hadd ghax ikun ha il kumpanija qabel harget it tender dik kapacita???veru ma jafux hekk tal lejber angus

        • Angus Black
          Posted at 23:05h, 31 August

          Tghidx banalitajiet, Melvin!

          • Garbagebag
            Posted at 13:18h, 01 September

            ANGUS jista ikun forsi il boroz tal islagg tal power station il gdida??????????????

          • Melvin
            Posted at 17:35h, 01 September

            Il power station BWSC x gara icaqalqu l specs????????????

        • Grilled Angus Beef
          Posted at 13:20h, 04 September

          for your information lately the Government( ENEMALTA) issued a tender for some 7,000 tons UREA worth some euro5 million, And guess what? they had to be packed in a particular bag produced by 1 company in Denmark and supplied to 1 factory in Italy..let me see if you can guess who represents them?

  • Josephine
    Posted at 12:21h, 30 August

    Franco, ippubblika d-dokument li ressaqt fil-parlament biex twaqqaf l-HFO, halli l-poplu tas-south ikun jaf min vera qed jirsisti ghalihom

    Nissuggerilek biex tohrog ghall-rasek jekk tal-pn ma jkunux iriduk maghhom, m’ghandix dubju li xorta titla

    nawguralek kull gid u success

    • Angus Black
      Posted at 20:40h, 31 August

      Issa Debono espert fil-makni tal-power station ukoll?
      Mela x’qed jistenna Gonzi?
      Imissu jpoggi lill-Franco kap ta l-Enemalta, kap tal-MEPA, kap tat-Trasport Publiku, Kap tal-Agrikultura, Sajd, Kap ta l-Energija Solari w tar-Rih, Ministru tas-Sahha, Ministru tal-Gustizzja….! Ma x’biza! Kont ghoddni nsejt il-Ministeru tal-Finanzi! U biex intuh x’jaghmel bizzejjed, ghax ma ntuhx il-Ministeru ta l-Edukazjoni wkoll? Forsi nsejt xi ministeru li Franco jista jmexxi ahjar?

      Ara kemm niffrankaw flus u kemm tiehu gost bina l-UE!

      • Franco Debono
        Posted at 20:49h, 31 August

        @ angus black :

        kieku l-PN ma hasibx li jista jserrah fuq il-prpaganda tieghek ANGUS BLACK, kieku kien joqghod aktar attent li jahtar il-ministri skont il-kompetenza u mhux jekk Richard Cachia Caruana kienx pazjent jew klijent taghhom.

        Fis-Sahha hawn dizastru shih. kemm louis deguara, jeanpierre farrugia u michael gonzi kienu jahdmu ahjar zgur.
        fit-trasport pubbliku delia ghamel opra u kapolavur so why change him!!?
        il-MEPA miexja fuq ir-rubini, look around you and you see the progressive uglification of this country in planning aspects
        il ministru tal-gustizzja kisser li sab u fejn bena bena b’ permess hazin u kellu jwaqqa l-estensjoni tal-qorti. . . . . .
        . . . .. .
        . . . .

      • Mario allison
        Posted at 21:39h, 31 August

        Stajtu tajtuh il ministeru tal gustizzja wara li il parlament malti tajjar lil dak l inkompetenti skond bordanaro u gonzi stess . Ghax veru kien limitat f xoghlu

      • Diandra Gauci
        Posted at 13:33h, 01 September

        Angus Black,kemm tidher anzjuza biex isemma fehemtek,hadta qatta bla habel kontra Franco Debono.
        Hasra li L Onorevoli Dr Debono nafu min hu, imma hadd ma jaf min int int 😉
        Tghid tghidilna xi darba?
        Nistennew u naraw……..ghad iridu jinkixxfu hafna affarijiet mistura.
        Min ghandu taht ghabtu jinten, jghamel min kollox biex l affarijiet jibqghu ghaddejjin kif inhuma issa.

      • Grilled Angus Beef
        Posted at 14:26h, 05 September

        Hi Angus, i so much regret I do not have enough time to answer you, as I have to work to feed my family and my employees.
        One need not be an expert in all fields. Most of the fields you mentioned above have crossed my path. One needs only not to be too greedy. One also needs to understand that one has to work to make money – not have political connections. Above you spoke about commissions ” Ipokriti w m’ghandkomx ideja kif jahdem in-negozju ahseb u ara kemm hemm fil-Lejber li kapaci jmexxu pajjiz!” I take it you have an idea of how business is done. You wake up every morning thinking of what you can do to become better and more competitive. There are however a big number of people and sometimes I get the impression you are one of them that have political connections and every morning they wake up waiting for a telephone call from some governmental blue eyed boy telling them what the next rip off will be. This is what makes me angry.
        I am not jealous of these people but nauseated. Little elves robbing the Maltese people blind.

  • Tina
    Posted at 12:12h, 30 August

    That has always been (and will always be) the case unfortunately. That is politics in practice – as opposed to theoretical politics. It is all about strategy and decisions resulting in maximum gain for the decision-makers.
    For people with a level of intelligence who can see through the tactics, it is appalling behaviour, but unfortunately a large part of the population are easily manipulated and deceived.
    The great majority of politicians are not there to work for the common good first and foremost, but to pretend to work in the interest of the common good whilst seeking their interests first.
    If all politicians had the common good at heart as much as you do, then there would not even have been the need for a vote of no confidence, since the persons who were not up to the job would have asked to be replaced of their own accord

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 12:48h, 30 August

      @ tina :
      i agree tina that a certain degree of strategy is part and parcel of politics. but reducing people to guinea pigs, just too much machiavellian strategy and no substance is simply not acceptable, bordering on the absurd and surreal crawling dangerously out of democracy

      • Tina
        Posted at 14:07h, 30 August

        Agreed. But what is the best way to ‘fight’ this?
        The majority of MPs of both sides of the house are of this kind (or of the other kind ie totally incompetent and pretentious idiots)
        The ones that genuinely want to perform in terms of achieving what is best for the country get side-lined and ousted, whilst the ones that think that way (or are simply yes-men) get the stamp of approval to keep playing.
        My question to you is this:
        In the medium/long-term, how do you see yourself fighting this situation?
        What i mean is, until the election, you can keep fighting meaningfully (as you are currently doing)…. but after that? Do you intend to be an opinionist in the local papers and on your blog? If yes, do you think that any results can be achieved that way?
        OR Are you still hoping to beat the system?

        • mario allison
          Posted at 16:41h, 30 August

          What , may i ask is the system? is franco ,dont even think about bringing up the party financing bill or we will lose millions.Or no lawyer at the depot so that we can show how good we are at solving crime .Or dont mention prison lest the polulation starts talking.A true citizen with a clear conscience will keep on fighting no matter who is in goverment,

          • Tina
            Posted at 17:13h, 30 August

            I wasnt suggesting that Franco will stop fighting if/when there is a change in government.
            My point is:
            How would he be most effective at bringing about change?
            By being a CITIZEN like us, as you rightly pointed out?
            Or by being an MP?
            I believe the latter, therefore it might have been worth making certain compromises (even if I understand this is very hard to do for somebody who believes very strongly in his cause) in order to remain an MP.
            This I believe would have been the wiser alternative in the long run.
            That said, I can very much see where Franco is coming from, as in his shoes I probably would have done the same – but this does not mean that I would have acted in the wisest of ways!

          • P.Zammit
            Posted at 23:59h, 30 August

            @Tina …it is useless . He has now made up his mind and he will effect his plan in a few weeks time.

        • Angus Black
          Posted at 20:42h, 31 August

          We elect the ‘idiots’, Tina.

          • Diandra Gauci
            Posted at 13:40h, 01 September

            You do………..I don t
            And you re not being sarcastic, for once you mean it.

  • Gramshi
    Posted at 12:10h, 30 August

    Franco is a true politician is every sense of the word. He defends his constituents and his genuine beliefs , if only all parliamentarians are like him. Franco, you are the first Parliamentarian that truly acted in favor of the common people. My story? … yes, I can confirm that I have been “used” like a Guinea Pig ….

    • Grilled Angus Beef
      Posted at 15:37h, 30 August

      What I see in Franco, is what the Jesuits try to instill in all their pupils – character.
      Franco is very much like myself, an idealist, a dreamer.
      We dream of a land where Politicians just like a doctor have at heart the patient and try their best to cure and save him.
      To day we have a set of Politicians that on the contrary are doing everything possible to kill the patient hoping to inherit all he had.

      • mario allison
        Posted at 16:11h, 30 August


      • Angus Black
        Posted at 20:50h, 31 August

        Why, but why, Grilled do you come up with such silly notions?
        Alleluia! Finally it came out – right from the horse’s mouth. He is a dreamer, but dreams evaporate when one wakes up and smells the coffee, Grilled!
        Just continue to dream and don’t let me interrupt your trips to la-la land.

  • imdejjaq
    Posted at 11:50h, 30 August

    proset dottore. Hekk sorpriza tajba fis-sajf!! Il prim ministru ghal btala hu u l mara u int tirsisti biex din il bicca gzira tqum fuq saqajja. Il private bill ser tkun it thollija tac coff minn fuq gonzipn u dritt ghal gol limbu tal-oppozizzjoni. Ma jimpurtax li m intix ser tkun tista tkun kandidat tal-pn ghax il poplu tas south ser jibqaw jiftakruk fil gid immens li ghamiltilom u xtaqtilom. Hadd ghajrek lanqas l oppozzizjoni ma kellha l mohh u l hila biex taghmel private bill bis-sens. Ser tispicca mil-politika zgur bhala rebbieh ghax l oppozizzjoni u JPO ser jissekondawk u tkun l ahhar daqqa fis sider ta gonzi pn li jidhol fl istorja ma Dr Sant u ohrajn li ma rnexxilomx jaghmlu l hames snin legislatura shiha.

    • L-Ghawdxi
      Posted at 00:21h, 31 August

      I think they will end erecting a monument in his honour!!!

      • cikku l-poplu
        Posted at 14:39h, 31 August


        we will erect a monument to the President emeritus who before EU accession referendum had solemnly promised that spring hunting for turtle dove and quail as well as autumn live capture of seven song bird species were guaranteed.

        we will erect the monument to the very same President Emeritus who during the negotiations for the acquis communiataire had promised us hunters/trappers would negotiate the pertinent chapters, whereas Mr Richard Cachia Caruana subsequently appointed Mr Saviour Balzan ( a reknowned Birdlife Malta member) to negotiate on our/HIS behalf.

        we will erect a special monument to commemorate Dr Simon Busuttil, who then head of MIC, sustained the subsequently unkept promises.

        we will erect another particularly special monument to Dr L Gonzi for eight consecutive improperly applied derogations related to hunting and trapping

        we will erect another monument to the circus within the GonziPN which targets legitimate hunting practices to satisfy the misconceived pretences of a non-entity such as BirdLife Malta and their vicious (albeit counting but a handful) supporters.

        Finally dearest l-Ghawdxi, let us hope that the unqualified “majority” as repeatedly claimed by the anti-hunting/trapping faction is enough to sustain GonziPN’s re-election ambitions if the case so be.

        With that much monuments already in place, I’m sure we can find some place to erect one to commemorate the poor misguided Maltese citizen.

        @ Dr Debono,

        you will find the support of all the good willed hunters and trappers who have been unjustly cheated of their votes and passion.

        Regards to both

      • Angus Black
        Posted at 20:52h, 31 August

        Where? Somewhere in Gozo, I hope. Or would that also create a problem? How about Filfla?

        • cikku l-poplu
          Posted at 23:58h, 31 August


          don’t waste your time lining up to await your turn for a monument. Your’s has already erected and in place dear. It’s at Luqa albeit missing a head and the nuts.

  • Josephine
    Posted at 11:31h, 30 August

    Prosit tal-mozzjoni li ressaqt biex ma jintuzax Heavy Fuel Oil – hekk isiru l-affarijiet f’pajjiz ewropew u demokratiku


    • Mark Agius
      Posted at 12:17h, 30 August

      Josephine…f nofs l-Ewropa (igifieri demokratika ) juzaw in-Nukleari jew ghar minn hekk, Faham.
      Igifeiri xi trid timplika?

      • Hydropower
        Posted at 13:01h, 30 August

        Tista Sur Agius tghidilnha liema pajjizi juzaw dawn ???

        • Mark Agius
          Posted at 21:09h, 30 August

          ara din:

          Il-maggoranza assoluta.
          Ftit bil-mod bdew jaqilbu bil fuel oil.
          Ovvjament jekk se tqabbilna man-Norvegja dik storja ojhra.

          • mario allison
            Posted at 12:05h, 31 August

            fiha xi haga hazina li inkunu bhan norvegja?????? u by the way heavy fuel oil is not the same as fuel oil!!!!
            Anke ekonomikament tipparagunaw lil ,malta ma il pajjizi kwazi falluti ta l ewropa u tejdu ara kemm ahna tajbin,nahseb wasal iz zmien li nibdew inqabblu ruhna mal germanja,franza,u ma dawk il pajjizi ewropej b sahhithom,

    • Angus Black
      Posted at 21:15h, 31 August

      L-injuranza tiddi! Esperti f’kollox. X’cuc hi l-UE? Ghalfejn ghandha gwidi w regolamenti dwar l-emissjonijiet? U tghid il-bank Ewropew ma dendilx il-flus qabel ma assigura li r-regolamenti jkunu osservati sa l-anqas dettal?

      Mario, m’hemm xejn hazin li wiehed iqabbel lill-Malta man-Norvegja, imma dlonk irid jaghmel paragun bejn ir-rizorsi tan Norvegja ma dawk ta Malta f’dak li hu zejt u gass. In-nukleari huwa l-aktar nadif – sakemm ghandek post fejn tiddepozita l-‘spent fuel rods’ li jibqghu jarmu raggi velenuzi ghal 100 elf sena!
      Il-faham li l-PS tal Marsa hadem bih ghal snin twal fi zmien Mintoff (ghax kien l-orhos) kien mimli kubrit u Allajbierek dak iz-zmien, hadd ma qal xejn. Issa kulhadd irid l-aqwa w l-ahjar u malajr!
      L-HFO m’hux l-aktar fuel nadif biex thaddem PS imma jekk il-filters jahdmu kif suppost, l-emissjonijiet ikunu qrib dawk ta l-FO jew il-gasoil. Dejjem s’intendi daqs jew ahjar milli permess mill-UE.
      Il-gass huwa nadif aktar mill HFO jew l-FO imma biex thaddem il-PS bill gass trid ikollok hazna kbira jew pipeline li s’issa ma tezistix u trid snin biex tinbena.

      • Franco Debono
        Posted at 21:30h, 31 August

        @ angus black :

        qisu ghandek min jaghmillek ir-ricerka angus black kemm int infurmat! qisu ghandek xi erba jahdmu mieghek jaghmlulek ir-ricerka!

        tlahhaq mal kummenti ta kulhadd. . hawnekk, tfit times u l hemm u l hawn

        • Angus Black
          Posted at 23:24h, 31 August

          Meta nkun naf il-verita, u ladarba naghmel ricerka qabel ma niftah halqi, ma jkollix bzonn ta xi erba ma saqajja biex ituni ghajnuna. Gonzi ma jaffordjax hames pagi w cekk wiehed biss jiffirma. Ara ghadni kemm mort ghalih imma din id-darba ma taghulix hu ghax imsiefer ghal ftit mistriek mill-krib tieghek. Nahseb li DCG gabret taghha wkoll imma ma ntaqjniex biex niftehmu kif se nwaqqghuk ghaz-zufjett, ghalkemm dak qed taghmlu int stess b’kapacita liema bhala!
          Jekk int taqra gazzetti ohra u l-Blog ta DCG, possibbli li ghadu ma dahal xejn f’rasek li l-magguranza assoluta hija kontra dak li ghamilt dawn l-ahhar 4 snin? Iva, insejt li int bravu f’kollox u dejjem ghandek ragun imma l-bqija tad-dinja zbaljata u gifa! Ibqa sejjer hekk u tilhaq il-fuq nett. Attent li ma tahbatx rasek!

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 14:30h, 01 September

            @ angus black :

            tista tghidilna min kien avukat fil kuntratt tax-xiri ta dar malta fi brussell fejn abita ghal diversi snin Richard cachia caruana u kemm thallas dan l-avukat u ta min hu qarib jew lil min hu mizzewweg?

            ovvjament ir-risposta ghal din id-domanda se twaqqa lilek u l-kummenti propagandistici tieghek ghaz-zuffjett!

        • Bellamy
          Posted at 23:40h, 31 August

          at least he uses his proper name each time, dear Franco! I wish you also do the same but honestly I doubt it!!! I apologise if I am wrong!! So no hard feelings at all, dear Franco.

  • lawrence
    Posted at 10:54h, 30 August

    This goes back quite a few years ago when the nationalist party send letters to hunters and trappers saying that there hobbie will not be touched if we joined the european union when who knows how things where new quite well that this was not the true we knew that hunting had to be limited and trapping must stop and this was the fact that trappers could not pay there licence for months if not years so this was a lie giving to these people that a lot of them after the election of 2008 where on the granneries celebrating the PN victory now someone or some where are saying that this was a lie a joke but always remember the letters that where send to them promising haven but these where not the only ones that recived those letters what about the dockyard people the go people the police that where promised more that 1 year and 4 months to join a union and now they where given a cup of soup before election in other words this is a goverment build on lies and 1 lie will distroy all the good you’ve done before so imagen thousands of lies where they will lead you.

    • virgo
      Posted at 12:09h, 30 August

      @ tas- south please either your living in another planet or you are insane. Mintoff leaving a disaster vera iblah int sabih jew sabiha. Mintoff halla gid kbir ta xejn kien jajjat Fenech Adami Money no problem ghax sab 500 miljun fil kaxxa ta Malta u l gvern tieghek ghamel 500 miljun ohra dejn. vera ma tafx xint tghid. Ahrilhom Mulej ghax ma jafux x inhuma jaghmlu u izjed w izjed xinhuma jghidu.

      • Angus Black
        Posted at 23:43h, 31 August

        Il-Power station ta Delimara qamet 500 miljun. Power station li Malta kellha bzonn ferm aktar qabel u fi zmien Mintoff imma ta qammiel li kien la ilma ma tana, la eletriku, la konna nistghu nixtru li rridu, la sistema tat-telefon tajba, airport tal-qamel u tifrik ta djar privati, qtil ta nies innocenti, hruq ta stamperija ta gazzetta li ma qablitx mal-pulitka Mintoffjana…. Dak kien il-gid li halla Mintoff, Virgo, imma forsi int kont iffurtunat/a li ma ghixtx f’dawk iz-zminijiet. Ma kellekx tistenna it-tanker ta l-ilma biex issajjar jew tinhasel darba f’gimgha. M’ghadekx tiddejjaq ghax li l-butir ma dahalx, it-tonn taz zejt ma wasalx jew xi landa ‘bully beef’ ma sibtx ghax skarsa!
        Mur is-Super Markets. illum u ara l-varjeta, iftah il-vit ta l-ilma u tara jekk hux sadit johrog, u tazzardax tixtri air-conditioner ghax ikollok bzonn generatur biex thaddmu! Ghad ghandek bzonn licenzja biex timporta kompjuter? Thallas dazju fuq li ggib minn barra? Ghandek skola w universita minghajr bzonn ta 20 punt, parrinu w l-firma ta xi ministru? Dak hu l-wirt ta Mintoff li inthom tant kburin bih u li ma tistghux tisimghu l-verita li ma tirrispondux bi kliem fahxi, oxxen u b’theddid. Dak li halla Mintoff u l-miljuni li ftit jafu minn fejn gew. Imma lanqas ma ha xejn mieghu imma halliehom warajh ghal Yana w Anna biex igawdu flejjes li gew minn fejn gew. Alla jahfirlu!

  • tas-south
    Posted at 10:50h, 30 August


    The government has a legitimate right to govern for 5 years. If you are fed up call it quits. You are either doing so to have glory or else as a sign of sour grapes. You call yourself a reformer, so was Mintoff and you know the disaster he left.

    You call the PM a liar. You are an MP how can we have faith in him? He lied to you he will lie to the people.

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 11:35h, 30 August

      @ tas-south :

      the government is in coalition now. a government is in power as long as it has majority in parliament. maximum term is of five years but not necessarily so.

      bad governance usually leads to early elections

      • tas-south
        Posted at 11:56h, 30 August

        then go on and bring the Government down so that like Mintoff you will have your name in history

        • chuck bartowski
          Posted at 00:48h, 31 August

          I suggest you spend a few minutes watching this documentary.
          please pass it on to who still has a blindfold in 2012.

          • Angus Black
            Posted at 00:01h, 01 September

            Bhal dak li qallu, kien il-Partit Nazzjonalista li hareg l-Interdett!!
            Ghax ma semmejtx is-swat, il-gass tad-dmugh, il-qtil, il-hruq ta propjetajiet privati, it-Times, l-istrajk tat-tobba, tat-teachers? Raymond Caruana, Karin Grech, Nardu Debono w ohrajn? L-arresti ghal xejn b’xejn, is-serq ta l-ishma tan-Natioal Bank? Il-patt sigriet mal-Korea ta Fuq, l-intricci ma Gaddafi? It thaffir taz-zejt li habibu Gaddafi waqqaf hesrem bil-forza? L-iskandli ta Lorry Sant? L-ghoti ta artijiet tal-gvern b’xejn jew bi prezz baxx lill laghqa tal-MLP? Tal-Barrani? Ir-Rabat? U le, dak mhux veru, lanqas it-tkissir tal-Kurja, il-hruq tat-Times – dawk kollha hrejjef!
            Miskin waqa minn fuq ziemel u tbiccer! Min jaf minn fuq min waqa!
            Halluna, tridux ghax dawk il-fuq minn 50 sena jafu lill Mintoff hafna izjed minn minhu izghar!
            Ghandna bzonn headquarters? Niehdu l-Macina – dik taghna u jekk taghna ninqdew biha w bla kera ta, biex niffrankaw il-flus!
            X’intejjen ta nies! Jaqq.

    • bulldog
      Posted at 13:51h, 30 August

      Tas-South may I ask what disaster Mintoff left? All I know he left assets that where sold by EFA and GONZIPN, amounting to €980million, gold reserves, entities with accountability and profitability, plus a Lm500million as surplus. Now we can expose as proofed what is left from all that riches since 1987. Debts amounting to €5billion, all assets sold, no gold reserves left, some entities have not even represented their yearly accounts for over three years. The Government and the private sector have €700million invested in Greece, may be you could give us guidance as how to recuperate all that finance. We have given more money to the EU than we obtained through VAT, and shortly EU is trying to adopt a stringent collection of Vat throughout EU member countries. According to EU latest studies on Malta is that we are only contributing approximately somewhat squarely. EU is expecting more contribution through VAT and evasion of VAT is constant according to their assessment on Malta . Perceptibly soon we might have inspectoral investigators in person from abroad going round to grasp VAT dodging. Now Vat has its ailments and the only way to emulate VAT evasion is as suggested by the EU methodically recently. If this happens more money going to the elite cronies at Brussels and as it is right now local business is very sluggish, the more Vat is collected the less the population will have money to spend and businesses will invest less.

    • Mario allison
      Posted at 15:25h, 30 August

      The 5 years are up in 6 months time, so so close. Then hopefully no more oligarchy no more cliques, all swept over the edge into infinity. Then we can start building again with people who want only the best for malta, yes…… Like franci…. Tas south …. Remember… HE WHO LAUGHS LAST LAUGHS BEST

  • mario allison
    Posted at 10:32h, 30 August

    one of the best articles yet.well done franco, as i was reading the article the last four and a half years of hell of hell at work passed through my mind, the arian race with the blue eyes have tried to make my life not worth living,but what kept me going ,and i am being honest, is what people like you had to endure from your own party,and i always come to the same conclusion,THEY DO THAT TO ONE OF THEIR OWN ,ONE OF THEIR OWN FAMILY, But everything comes to an end,there will be justice ,not vengeance.How i wish i can push back time and bring back the pn WE ALL REMEMBER. THIS PN HAS COMMITED SUICIDE THE DAY LAWRENCE GONZI CAME TO BE THE LEADER AND LEFT AUSTIN GATT TO DESTROY THE PARTY BEYOND SALVAGE

  • Rettis
    Posted at 09:38h, 30 August

    RCC+EDC+DCG+Clique= trapping for peoples votes

    Posted at 09:37h, 30 August

    Aghmel dak li missek li ilek li ghamilt thallix lill dan il poplu jkompli jbati iktar .Niggarantilek li jekk taghmel hekk iktar se jkollok min jissapportjak milli min ikun kontrik.Taf kemm kien hemm nassaba ukaccaturi li qabdithom dipressjoni , jew ghamlu affarijiet aghar minn hekk?Mela jekk minn dejjem kont taf bit tbatija ta dan il poplu ,ghax hallet poplu shih ibati u hallejt lill dan il gvern ikompli ghaddej minn fuq il poplu tieghu?Qatt m hu tard biex tiehu azzjoni.

    • cikku l-poplu
      Posted at 14:48h, 31 August


      GonziPN irid jinghogob m’Alla u max-xitan. Mal -kaccaturiu n-nassaba zgur li ma nghogobx ghax kollox kontrihom li ghamel. Max-xitan inghogob imma ghal dawk xejn mhu qatt bizzejjed. Issa jigu tan-naha l-ohra (l-maggoranzi fantaxjentifika) jsostnuh ghax minghand il-kaccaturi u nassaba niks-nada-niente-nil voti= XEJN u XEJN u XEJN. U LA MINGHANDNA U LANQAS MINGHAND IL-FAMILJI TAGHNA. Minn dan jista jibqa cert anzi certissimu. Jien ninsab cert li hemm sahansitra familjari ta’ membri parlamentari u kandidati li din id-darba jivvutaw kontra rigward din il-kwistjoni. Lis-sinjuri tal-GonziPN; “chi la fa, l’aspetti”

    • Angus Black
      Posted at 00:11h, 01 September

      Veru ta, ghax in-nassaba u l-kaccaturi kollha joqghodu fid-distrett ta Franco, u jekk hemm bzonn igorru biex jigru warajh! Kemm intom gwejjef!
      Debono # 1, Debono # 1, Debono # 1 u jekk tibqa xi laqxa, Debono # 2.
      Daqt Hal Gaxaq ma jkunx kbir bizzejjed ghax ras Franco qed tespandi bis-sekondi.

      • Franco Debono
        Posted at 12:27h, 01 September

        @ hal ghaxaq ilu mhux bizzejjed ghall imperi ta RCC u austin gatt

  • Meritocracy
    Posted at 09:33h, 30 August

    Prosit dott, very well written.

  • ex PN tal-qalba
    Posted at 09:32h, 30 August

    prosit franco. impressjonanti. Missieri wara hidma ta 30 sena jikkontribwixxi ghal-pajjiz, irtira mix-xoghol. Malli irtira hadulu id-dritt li jonsob. Issa jippretendu li ser jonsbu ghal-voti taghna? meala mhux hekk.

    • P.Zammit
      Posted at 00:02h, 31 August

      Qisu hadem ghal xejn missierek !! ( qed tghid li hadem ghal pajjiz minflok ghal paga ) . Mela ghax hadem ghal 30 sena dan itih d-dritt sacrosant li jmur jaqbad l-ghasafar u jzommhom go gageg.. Ara vera pajjiz tal Mickey Mouse

      • cikku l-poplu
        Posted at 14:51h, 31 August

        P Zammit,

        veru pajjiz tal-Mickey Mouse, ghax Dr EFA u Dr Simon Busuttil proprju hekk kienu weghdu b’garanzija qabel l-EU Referendum rigward l-insib. Mur indifen int u mieghek hu l-ohrajn ta’ bhalek li jridu jghattu x-xemx bl-gharbiel. Ir-risposta taghna dalwaqt. U ftakar li ahna numeruzi u din id-darba xejn xejn u xejn voti. Issa tista toqghod hemm indannat int u dawk li jahsbuha bhalek. Lilna zammejtuna bizzejjed indannati. Issa d-daqqa taghna li ntukom ftit lura mill-imrar li dewwaqtu lilna.

      • Angus Black
        Posted at 00:27h, 01 September

        Heqq, hekk jahsbuha l-Lejburisti li l-uniku principju li jemmnu fih hu, “Jew b’xejn, jew xejn”.
        Hadulu id-DRITT li jonsob! Da d-dritt minn fejn wirtu? X’disgrazzja. Mela mhux ta b’xejn jghidu li Gonzi qatilhom bil-guh ghax jahasra anqas ghasfur ta uqija ma jistghu jieklu, jew jaghlquh go gagga! Vera tracedja nazzjonali! U morru qabda ipokriti!
        F’pajjizi ccivilizzati il-kacca w s-sajd isiru fi staguni stabbiliti u allahares tinqabad tistad jew tispara barra l-istagun ghax kull ma jkollok meta tinqabad jinhataf mill-puluzija jew ‘game wardens’ u titlef l-arma, il-qasba, id-dghajsa u l-karrozza u apparat iehor u jinbigh f’irkant – barra mill multa jew habs.
        Ejja hej ghax ma twaqqawx gvern ghax ma jhallikomx taghmlu d-delizzju taghkom meta tridu, kemm tridu bla kontroll ta xejn Tghid mhux dalwaqt ikollkom lill Franco jiddefendikom biex ismu jidher f’xi gazzetta jew tnejn?

        • Franco Debono
          Posted at 14:27h, 01 September

          @ angus black :

          m’hawnx insib ghax siehbek richard cachia caruan qatt ma kellu jindahal f issues tal-insib u kacca li ma jifhem xejn dwarhom

          f malta jista jsir nsib sostenibbli u jien tajt proposti kif

        • cikku l-poplu
          Posted at 14:12h, 03 September

          Angus Black,

          it may be worthwhile if you kindly indicated where exactly did I mention unregulated hunting and trapping?

          The following facts may come as a surprise to you;

          – the Government of Malta completely discarded the qualified and academic opinion of experts on the topic prior to accession negotiations with the EU. Given the local peculiarities where all hunting depends on the meagre migratory passes, the experts maintained that a special case could be made for Malta to be exempted from the EU Birds Directive. The qualified recommendation was completely ignored. WHY?

          – hunters and trappers were promised that during the negotiations with the EU for the Acquis Communitaire , they would partake in the negotiations regarding hunting and trapping. Subsequently, Mr Cachia Caruana excluded the hunters/trappers’ representatives and assigned the task to Mr Saviour Balzan ( a renowned Birdlife Malta member well known for his dislike of both hunting and trapping) to negotiate on their behalf. WHY?

          – following the closure of the negotiations, hunters and trappers were promised the following; guaranteed spring hunting for turtle dove and quail after accession to the EU as well as live capture permissible for seven song bird species. The promises and guarantees were in writing by then Prime Minister Dr Eddie Fenech Adami and sustained by literature and correspondences and statements by MIC under the management of Dr Simon Busuttil. WHY?

          – several bird species locally protected since they were purposely omitted from the list of huntable species during the negotiation process are actually hunted in other EU countries. WHY?

          – post EU accession, 8 successive derogations for hunting and trapping applied improperly. WHY?

          – trapping is permitted for the very same song-bird species under derogation in other EU countries. WHY?

          – hunting in spring is practised under derogation in other EU countries. WHY?

          If you would kindly answer the why’s above I’d be so grateful.

          In the light of the above facts as indicated, dearest Angus I would be most appreciative if you would kindly qualify who actually comes across as the actual hypocrites (ipokriti), the hunters and trappers as you claimed or whoever? In either case you seem particularly apt to identify hypocrites.

          Last but not least, does having a mind to discern facts, qualify one as a Laburist as you asserted? In which case do count me so and rest assured I’ll be complying accordingly.

        • Melvin
          Posted at 15:05h, 03 September

          Ezatt kif qed tajd inti ANGUS irridu l insib f istagun IMMA LANQAS DAK MA TANA u siehbek Gonzi ma tantx ihobbom l ghasafar ta uqija ghax xeba jifrah li inawgura bird park ahjar jajdilna kemm swielu il pajjiz???u jekk l ghasafar ghandomx xi bicca gewnah maqtuh BIEX MA JTIRUX????il gageg humiex zar jew over crowded??dik mohqrija ghalik ANGUS????Jekk filkas ma tafx staqsi lil RCC dak jifem

  • Southerner
    Posted at 09:11h, 30 August

    Excellent article.

    • L-Ghawdxi
      Posted at 00:24h, 31 August

      You should now take the initiative and start collecting funds to erect a monument in his honour!!

      • cikku l-poplu
        Posted at 00:02h, 01 September


        read earlier who truly deserves a monument

      • Angus Black
        Posted at 00:27h, 01 September

        Count me out!