The Party of Stupid (by Raphael Vassallo)

The Party of Stupid (by Raphael Vassallo)

Unfortunately, as someone has told me these days : If Mintoff could in some ways be associated with physical violence, Lawrence ‘DCG’ Gonzi’s name could go down in history tainted with the systematic moral violence which was used to quash dissent against him

Raphael Vassallo is one of  the first to write in the independent media about the horrendous democratic implications of the PN Executive procedures and condemnations, in  a balanced analysis of the current political situation. But then Raphael Vassallo is not Andrew ‘jack-af -all-trades’ Azzopardi, PBS raido presenter and L-Orizzont columnist, appointed by government on Family Board without call for applications (as was promised in PN electoral manifesto).

I would add that Lawrence ‘DCG’ Gonzi should take stock of the situation in his parliamentary group NOW and not drag his feet any longer dragging this country into more uncertainty. He should not realise he has problems on Christmas eve. If decisions have to be taken, they should be taken NOW, and  not in October, risking to spoil the festive season for the whole nation.

When you build a wall and drive straight into it, you might think you are smart and have sufficient control over all the media to plead that it was the wall’s fault, but no one will believe you. If you dig potholes and you drive straight into them, you cant blame the puncture! You can, and having control over almost all media helps, but you won’t manage.

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The fact that political parties in Malta are the most unregulated bodies at Maltese Law puts them almost above the law. This situation is not only greatly detrimental to democracy but is in stark contrast to the situation in all other European countries.

In Germany the Political Parties Act lays down the minimum requirements a political party must observe. No such law exists in Malta. In terms of the German Political Parties Act the disciplinary processes are exercised by the party arbitration tribunals. Under this law all the members of the PN Executive Committee who were the ones acting as prosecutors and judges at the same time, would be disqualified. All of them, just to give an idea of the democratic situation within the party. 

In terms of this law, which reflects the state of most other European jurisdictions and legal systems,  all disciplinary proceedings against Hon Jeffrey Pullicino orlando, Jesmond Mugliette and myself as well as those in regards to Richard Cachia Caruana are all null, void, without effect and illegal.

If the PN Executive decisions and proceedings are tested in  a Court of Law by means of  a lawsuit, they would also be declared null,void and illegal due to groos and blatant breach of the Rules of Natural Justice (see Alex Mangion vs Anthony Cilia 20/5/2004 First Hall of the Civil Court per Judge Tonio Mallia)

The Rules of Natural Justice mean that one cannot be a judge in his own cause, and one has a right to a defence.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if you  read about this in the ‘independent’ media, if it exists in Malta!

Section 14 of the Law on Political parties (Germany) :

Party arbitration tribunals

(1)Arbitration tribunals shall be set up at least at the level of the party itself and of the top-level regional branches to settle, and decide on, disputes between the party or a regional/local branch, on the one hand, and individual members, on the other, as well as disputes over the interpretation and implementation of the statutes.

(2)The members of the arbitration tribunals shall be elected for a maximum of four years. They must not be members of the Executive Committee of either the party or any of its regional/local branches; nor be employed by the party or any of its branches; nor receive regular income from them. They shall be independent and not be bound by instructions.

 (3) The statutes may allow the parties to the dispute, either in general or on a case-by-case basis, to nominate equal numbers of assessors to the arbitration tribunals.

(4) The functions of such arbitration tribunals shall be governed by rules on arbitration procedures designed to guarantee litigants a legal hearing, fair proceedings and the possibility to reject any member of the arbitration tribunal for partiality.

       *               *                *                *                   *               *                 *                  *                *                    *

 When I was unjustly and unlawfuly condemned by the PN Executive, the matter was not on the agenda of the meeting , I was not informed of the matter, and hence I could not have presented my defence. The Executive Committee acted as prosecutor and judge behind my back.

To add insult to injury, it was impossible for me to attend since at the same time I was in parliament finishing off a three and a half hour speech about justice and home affairs reforms, some of which have already been taken ob board by the government. They formed part of my 24 point private motion on extensive reforms in justice and home affairs.

At the same time the PN executive comiitee was condemning me behind my back for disobeying the whip, in the Carm Mifsud Bonnici vote for gross mismanagement in the justice sectro and blocking essential reforms which I had proposed and which after his resignation have beent aken on board by the government.

That is why I contested the condemnation on procedural grounds and also on the merits. I will also be raising the issue of discrimination, vis-a-vis other candidates who have quite some baggage including criminal convictions, and yet have been approved by the same executive committee.


  • Data Protection
    Posted at 10:01h, 29 August

    Dear Dr. Andrew Borg Cardona known as ‘Il-Bocca’ and best friends with RCC and DCG, why haven’t you yet denied that you were found guilty by the data protection commissioner of a breech upon request from a certain person from Zurrieq?

    Did the commission for the administration of justice take any steps against you? What is the difference between data protection and professional secrecy?

  • Tal-Cottonera
    Posted at 10:45h, 27 August

    Franco let me tell you who the executive committe should have condemned instead of approving him as a candidate for the next election.

    They should have condemned that approved candidate for the enext election who has been afflicted for long years by a very acute drug habit and of which everyone is aware. They should have condemned that approved PN candidate who during divorce debate used to be side by side with Lawrence Gonzi with his mistress while his wife was at home. Once you present yourself with your pogguta in public events with the Prime Minister, it no longer remains a private affair.

    Whilst Gonzi was preaching against divorce, this guy used to be ebside him with one of his mistresses whilst his wife was at home and kids. PN executive committee should have condemned same person who has promised a person I know that he was fleeing with her to Australia whilst her husband was in prison. Instead of condemning this drug addict, hamallu imgerfex they confirmed him as a PN candidate for next election. They should have sent him to Sedqa or Caritas instead.

    I will not vote PN next election

  • Ragion Fattasi
    Posted at 10:36h, 27 August

    Is it true taht Prf. Albert Fenech new PN part time candidate has a pending criminal case because he had an argument with a tenant who was occupying one of his properties? Is it true that Prof. Fenech has pending procedure regarding pretended rights or something similar? Is it true that he also has a pending civil case regarding the exercise of his profession where he is defendant?

    • Grilled Angus Beef
      Posted at 13:58h, 27 August

      All is possible; We have learnt here that DCG son had a drug related case, as well as a r*** related case –
      Andrew Borg Cardona- had a case related to Data Protection when he served as Consultant with ETC.
      so nothing new if it is true..
      If you work for the evil clique – seems like the court tends to forget you 😉

  • Dolce Gabbanni
    Posted at 10:34h, 27 August

    The party executive committee should not have condemned you Franco. It should have condemned Herman Schiavone years ago for making an unfounded and illegal allegation in your regards which todate he has neither substantiated nor withdrawn. For Schiavone whose father was very close to Dom Mintoff it is very easy to say that the Pn party is supreme after his family got a one million euro kiosk on a government public land spoiling M’Xlokk seafront.

  • Dar Malta fi Brussell
    Posted at 10:30h, 27 August


  • Thorny
    Posted at 06:12h, 27 August

    The Party of Stupid

    The party where real Talent was not appreciated or utilised!

    The “PARTY” that will go down in history as having a Leader , Lawrence “DCG” Gonzi that will go down in history as confided by L.DCG Gonzi himself to the American Ambassador, , ” only had a limited pool of talent from where to choose his cabinet”

    Friday, September 2, 2011, 10:29
    Gonzi complained of ‘limited talent pool’ from which to select ministers

    The “PARTY” that will go down in history as having a Leader , Lawrence “DCG” Gonzi as giving HONORARIA perks and weekly salary raises amounting to €600 a week when Cikku Poplu only got €1.15 (tax inc.). !

  • Challie
    Posted at 23:32h, 26 August

    “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has entered into an agreement with Daphne Caruana Galizia as proprietor of Proximus PR for the company to design and implement in collaboration with the ministry’s staff, a communication strategy aimed at raising awareness of Malta overseas and raising awareness of Malta’s foreign policy both locally and abroad.”

    Government pays her for her services plus provides her with protection 24/7 so she can freely publish her rubbish. She leeches on the taxpayer for protection. She’s no different than those “single” mums with “unknown father”. Li jonqosha tmur tirregistra ukoll.

    • Grilled Angus Beef
      Posted at 11:25h, 27 August

      so finally we have the cat out of the bag!! so now we know Daphne got chosen as PR for the Ministry of Tonio Fenech.
      From what I read on the Times, she does not get paid per piece work but gets 30 euro an hour which is the same rate of a Chinese Masseuse for a full bod massage LOL
      It is intriguing how come a professional job is calculated per hour and not per job.
      I would imagine this was not a direct order but she was enrolled after a public call of interest.
      I imagine there are other agencies such as LIGHTHOUSE that Tonio Fench knows of, that could have done the job -but seems that Tonio Fenech did not think such agency was up to scratch..

  • chuck bartowski
    Posted at 21:46h, 26 August

    Lord voldemort get a wand and kaboom yourself and if you dont like bloggers mentioning your precious DCG dont tell Franco just visit Daphne’s .

  • Logician
    Posted at 20:36h, 26 August

    Thanks to this blog I have now decided how to vote in a few months time – PN.
    Thank you all for helping me make up my mind.

  • Mario allison
    Posted at 17:16h, 26 August

    Daphne ghanda iktar min pulizija wiehed ghassa mahha bil anke bil karozza, allabolja ghanda dhul tajjeb hadna mill kumpanija Proximus, u ghanda biex taffordja armata security privata, imma sangisuga bhal din dejjem ghexet min fuq i istat, u mill laqx li jwadbula l oligarkija

    • Grilled Angus Beef
      Posted at 12:47h, 27 August

      soon she might invnt another bomb threat, so she will be excused for having security 24/7.
      What a recycling plant!! Muntanja zibel.

  • joe public 2
    Posted at 16:35h, 26 August

    Veru li Daphne Caruana Galizia ghandha il- pulizijia ghassa wara il- bieb taghha 24/7? Jekk iva min qed ihallas ghall dan, hi jew il-poplu Malti? Tista titkixxfilna daqxejn DR Debono biex inkunu nafu il- verita? Jekk il- poplu Malti ihallas ghall pulizija li ghandha wara biebha allura vera ghandna demokrazija falza f`dan il- pajjiz fejn flus il-poplu qed jintuzaw biex iservu lill GonziPN.

  • narcy
    Posted at 15:12h, 26 August

    They say that Mintoff was a narcissist. I wonder if it s true

    • bulldog
      Posted at 22:46h, 26 August

      Narcy cause your name has half of the meaning , it might be you think you have a narcissist view, If Mintoff was so , he would have never made such an impact on the welfare state, never left debts, and in fact Mintoff was just a financial accumulator. Hitler was a narcissist meaning, personality disorder. Do not even think of comparing such a statesman like Mintoff with Hitler, Mussolini and Gaddafi as the latter one was even hugged by our Prime Minister just before he was overthrown. Mind you Mussolini was a good friend of an ex PN leader , who was suspected of being a fascist and was exiled to Uganda. Narcissist were dictators and were all overthrown, due that they had personality disorder, one would become literally insane, if he is a narcissist.

    • bulldog
      Posted at 23:00h, 26 August

      Narcy cause your name has half of the meaning , it might be you think you have a narcissist view, If Mintoff was so , he would have never made such an impact on the welfare state, never left debts, and in fact Mintoff was just a financial accumulator. Hitler was a narcissist meaning as having a personality disorder. Do not even think of comparing such a statesman like Mintoff with Hitler, Mussolini and Gaddafi as the latter one was even hugged by our Prime Minister just before he was overthrown. Mind you Mussolini was a good friend of an ex PN leader , who was suspected of being a fascist and was exiled to Uganda. Narcissist were dictators and were all overthrown, due that they had personality disorder, one would become literally insane, in time, if he was a narcissist. Mintoff was a good Samaritan, Narcissist is who claims that we are financially stable in 2008, after some months he increases high utility bills and high inflation, like Gas has increased x5, 35% tax promised to 25% and never materialized. That must have a good touch of an narcissist.

      • narcy
        Posted at 05:29h, 27 August

        Ok I give him credit for the good things he did for our country, but his negative qualities sure lean on narcissistic traits.
        Mintoff was persistent and successful but he was also self destructive in some ways.
        I have mixed feelings on that era,and I wish that someone writes objectivly about this great personality that has been a great influence on the history of the Rock.

        • bulldog
          Posted at 10:08h, 27 August

          Self destructive like what may I ask? In those days he had to be a financial accumulator. He used to go and beg for money without any attachments. He got a lot. He done a lot, like all those umpteen assets and entities he managed to create, adding up even with Gold reserves. He did not want importation to exceed exportation, just to keep people employed. Building many factories to produce even processed food. Brought many foreign investments like De la Rue and SGS. Narcissistic traits is a very offensive meaning. He did create enemies I’d say cause in the end people had so much money that they couldn’t buy what they wished, but than plenty of currency would have been transferred abroad and that is where deficit will emerge. He wished that people would want a decent bathroom first before buying a colour TV. But that does not mean he was a narcissist at all. Mentioning the sixties, under a PN Government , where I was brought up just one family in a whole road only had a bathroom and they belonged to the so called Gunta, staunch activists and they were the richest around that neighborhood and were given a free grand by PN to build a bathroom. I can assure you Mintoff wanted the rich to remain rich so to employ more workers and the poor to have a decent home and decent wages, he was the one that created the middle man. Narcissist is the wrong end of the stick, must admit we do have some Ministers today that are narcissistic.

        • Narcy
          Posted at 22:34h, 27 August

          It is being said that Barack Obama is a narc, so….is the world in danger once again?
          Self destructive in what way you ask? From salvatur to traditur……and now to missier Malta!
          You claim that Narcissist is the wrong end of the stick. I say that, a fair dose of the trait won’t harm in politics, as long as the right checks and balances are in place to regulate everything and everyone.
          The right laws will take care of that problem.
          NO ONE should have absolute authority for the simple reason that being in a powerful position would turn anybody into an arrogant, presumptuous, and big headed person.
          Mintoff, is a Personality to be admired and feared and in no way will I ever think of likening him to Hitler, as Hitler had some other more serious disorders which I wouldn’t dare discuss as I’m not learned in these matters. Mine are just observations.

          • insight
            Posted at 17:33h, 29 August


  • Rover's return
    Posted at 07:08h, 25 August

    Manwel Delia fuq Mintoff fuq il-facebook tieghu. TAL MISTHIJA
    Emanuel Delia · 446 like this.
    17 minutes ago via Mobile ·
    Li ghandu jinghata tislima xierqa minhabba l-pozizzjonijiet pubblici li okkupa m’hemmx dubju. Izda m’ghandux jinbidel il-gudizzju storiku li ghal Malta u l-Maltin kien ikun ahjar li kieku Mintoff qatt ma kien.

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 07:12h, 25 August

      @l poplu malti, specjalment l-eluf kbar li juzaw trasport pubbliku diga ighid l istess haga fuq manwel delia?
      Kien ikun ahjar li manwel delia qatt ma kien?

      • Mario allison
        Posted at 09:14h, 25 August

        Ezatt dott. Every time bud spencer opens his mouth he puts his foot in it.jiena zgur jekk austin’s buddy buddy jemigra ha jkollu il banda ittih il farewell. Dan ir ragel irid jirrejalizza li diga ghandu postu fl istorja ghal falliment tat trassport publiku.

        • Grilled Angus Beef
          Posted at 11:42h, 27 August

          One main reason why I wish PL will be in Government is to see people like Delia go to work to earn a living. Or maybe he will have to register for work, and get the benefits Mintoff created.

    • arriva non arriva
      Posted at 23:40h, 27 August

      Irrangah lil poplu malti, l-iktar riforma dizastru li qatt saret. Kuljum x hin tiftah il gazzetti taqra b xi storja relatata mal arriva, ovvjament xi kummiedja. Illum waqfet wahma minnhom minghajr fuel. L-aqwa li Delia ippjana rotta miz zurrieq ghal bahrija. Lol. Onor. Ministru austin gatt, il poplu malti ma jixraqlux hekk. Jekk kont taf li delia mhux kapaci ma jmissekx afdajtu bir riforma tat trasport. Jien nazzjonalist u kontra qalbi din l elezzjoni mhux se nivvota ghax l arroganza ma niflahiex iktar.

  • Davinia
    Posted at 20:06h, 24 August

    Meta l-ambaxxati jghamlu festini fil festa nazzjonali ta pajjizhom jistiednu nies bhal politici, mhallfin maltin u wkoll nies li b xi mod jagevolaw l interessi ta dak il pajjiz gewwa malta. Issa DCG dejjem tkun mistiedna ghal festa ta l- Amerikani. Kienet ftahret li jistednuha il Libjani jekk minix sejra zball. Dawn ghala jistednuha? X’qed ittihom?

    • Mario allison
      Posted at 21:33h, 24 August

      Davinia,anke l ambaxxaturi ikollhom bzonn ftit entairtainment

      • Grilled Angus Beef
        Posted at 11:44h, 27 August

        jew xi report bhal ma rceviet il NY times fuq Mintoff.
        Min jaf min kien il correspondent?

  • Mario allison
    Posted at 19:52h, 24 August


    • Logician
      Posted at 20:34h, 26 August

      @Mario Allison;
      U il-Labour moderni PROGRESSIVI u issa KATTOLICISSIMI, laqu fi hdanhom wiehed li ixerred it-twemmin tax-Sharia go pajjizna.
      Ghiduli sinjuri fejn hi il-logika?

      • Grilled Angus Beef
        Posted at 12:56h, 27 August

        @ Logician -What is wrong with being a Catholic and still respecting members of other religions?
        So what is so difficult to understand? why ask where is the logic behind all this. Had these words been uttered by someone on this side of the fence we would have been labeled racists.
        what do you think?
        From the 2 or 3 entries you have made here Logician, please forgive me but I get the impression you really have no idea of what logic is all about.

    • Grilled Angus Beef
      Posted at 13:04h, 27 August

      Hi Mario- I do not know this Wayne Hewitt, but why are you so surprised? In the state of filth and destruction the present PN is in, would anyone who has any sense or self esteem associate himself with them?
      The PN are in a state of having to accept as the Italians say “cani e porci” (like Carolina il Majalona).
      Austin undermined Gonzi. He managed to wreck havoc in the party practically destroying it after draining Malta.
      He will now be after putting Beppe as leader and shall change places with him.
      Austin will return to his office which Beppe has been care taking, and with Beppe in power, Austin can pull the strings, since Beppe is not up to standard.

  • Tina
    Posted at 18:47h, 24 August

    Your resignation was not accepted for the very same reason that you were not expelled from the party, but ‘only’ prohibited from contesting next elections, and that reason was to maintain the parliamentary majority. It was not because they didn’t wAnt to accept it, but because their hands were tied, the price to pay was too high. Which also applies to not expelling you in July. Its pretty obvious. Furthermore the reason you were punished was purely to pretend that the party is strong and will not tolerate deviant behaviour.

  • Lord Voldemort
    Posted at 17:22h, 24 August

    Franco, you go through the trouble of setting up a blog and all comments on your blog are about Daphne Caruana Galizia. Doesn’t that irritate you?

    • Grilled Angus Beef
      Posted at 11:54h, 27 August

      Sorry I completely disagree with your statement.
      Daphne as I have written before is just a smoke screen.
      So many things have been said here, Daphne tops the list because finally people can speak out without the fear.
      To most of us Daphne is just a wretched being, living on blood money, handed over to her by the GonziPN Government through consultancy fees to her, her hubby and son.
      Her job was character assassination. She is simply reaping what she sowed.

  • Zeppi
    Posted at 16:49h, 24 August

    Franco, I have been looking from your perspective two years now. I know how you feel when your own party “supposed to be with the same political views” .

    I am an ex-PN and the reason I decided to de-associate from the party is the EU. EFA was a very good leader but before he finished his job as PM he made two big mistakes like Mintoff did. EFA choose Gonzi from the very first time and in my opinion Dalli is much more better then GonziPn = KMB. The second mistake is EDA dragged us to the EU. I lost half of my life when we entered the EU in 2004 and another quarter in 2008 following the EU currency.

    EU main parties are Labour/ (Labour Mentality) and EDA should have never tried to enter this one way ticket to hell. 20 years ago Malta was left with two extreme Parties; Left and Right. My wish at that time was that both parties should move to each other in ideas, but today we have the PL which moved a lot from the left to the centre and the PN moved between the centre and the Left.

    We defiantly need a new Right Mentality Party as we are missing our identity as true Nationalists. Norman Lowell is Far Right although he is a valuable asset to the Maltese country there is still the need of a normal right Party.

    Would you like to consider plan something like this in the future? You will defiantly get a chair or two from true Nationalists. Gonzi Party is a Communist corrupted party which is giving away all the money to the big heads and LAQX to the ex-middle class. I don’t trust a Socialist to rule a small country like this.

    Thank you for your support and for being our voice in Parliament,


  • Mario allison
    Posted at 14:05h, 24 August

    Titolu veru jixraq , ghax trid tkun veru THE PARTY OF STUPID biex , dik tax xarolla ‘il maghluba’ li ghada titwieled il bierah tikteb fuq facebook li mintoff ma halijiex tidhol il primarja, b dan it tip ta gideb irid jirbah l elezzjoni li gejja il partit, ara ohta lahqet avukat u tahdem go bank li ghamel mintoff, spicca iz zmien li il hdura,il gideb, l imjuranza, u it tawwig tal fatti irebhu l elezzjonijiet, ahjar taraw kif ser isewwu il hsara li ghamiltu ,ghax dritt ghal gol hajt sejrin , mhux billi geddumek fix xejr, l ixkora imtaqba sew u daqt jispicca kollox

    • Grilled Angus Beef
      Posted at 14:26h, 24 August

      you guys seem to know people personally- name them – let them know we all know about them.

  • Talcum
    Posted at 08:30h, 24 August

    I agree perfectly with the comments of ‘Pirmli’ above. I know as a fact that at least one of the candidates approved by the pn executive recently has been a notorious and renouned drug addict for years on end. He never found any scruples and has been over the years in several places in highly dubious state.

    • Grilled Angus Beef
      Posted at 08:49h, 24 August

      mention the name… name and shame.
      The once prestigious PN has been turned into a Scum party- full of criminals – anything goes.
      We have become worse then a third world country-
      Thank you Gonzi , thank you for having betrayed all our principals.

  • Tal-Kottonera
    Posted at 08:28h, 24 August

    I will not vote PN unless Lawrence Gonzi gives the nation a guarantee that none of the candidates who has been approved recently by the PN executive committee has not been an illegal drug addict since his youth till the present day.

    They made such a fuss out of Nikki Dimech, why not about this man? Everyone knows who he is, all the journalists know who he is but for reasons known only to them, they expose trivial things but not the very serious illegalities.

    • Mario allison
      Posted at 14:24h, 24 August

      Il garanziji ta gonzi kollha bil 15 day cooling period u jiskadu ezatt wara kull elezjoni, staqsu lil dawk il mijiet li ircivew xi forma ta wedgha min ghandu

    • bulldog
      Posted at 22:14h, 26 August

      Who is this imbecile, who dares to be an honest representative on a district, and yet many people out there do not know who Tal-Kottonera and others are referring to? It’s not fair , if he is on my district I wish to know who the culprit is, I will surely avoid him on the voting list, if I get to know who many on this blog are referring to?

  • Il-Qaddis
    Posted at 08:25h, 24 August

    Veru li fir-reshuffle tas-sena 2004 ezatt kif Gonzi sar kap, meta Jason Azzopardi ma giex mahtur fil-kabnett beda jhedded li kien se jirrizenja? Dan li tant ihobb jilghabha tal-Qaddis.

  • Dolce Gabbanni
    Posted at 07:50h, 24 August

    Dak li ghandu record li hareg l-iktar ghal elezzjonijiet u ma telax cioe Herman Schiavone x’sar minnu? Tghid qed jara jakkwistax xi gabbana fuq art tal-gvern qabel l-elezzjoni?

  • Cafeteria
    Posted at 07:48h, 24 August

    Jiena nistghageb kif ma hadulux il-warrant lil Bocca jekk hu vera li nstab hati mid-Data Commissioner ghax dawn affarijiet serji li tuza l-informazzjoni li tkun taf fuq in-nies ghal skopijiet ohra.

  • Bla risposta
    Posted at 07:46h, 24 August

    L-avukat Borg Cardona Il-Bocca x’sar minnu? Mela dan hekk jaghmel? Irid jikkritika lil haddiehor anke fuq il-hmerijiet imbaghad ma jirrispondiex ta’ Ghemilu? Mhux se jghidilna l-Bocca jekk hux veru jew le li kien gie misjub hati mill-Kummissarju tad-Data meta kien avukat tal-ETC?

  • Pirmli
    Posted at 07:42h, 24 August

    Wiehed mill-kandidati approvati mill-ezekuttiv tal-PN lanqas l-staff kollu tas-Sedqa ul-Caritas ma johorguh mill-vizzju tad-droga li ghandu li ilu ggrangat mieghu 20 sena. Dan kulhadd jaf bih u nahseb anke l-Prim Ministru jaf bil-vizzji koroh li ghandu. Nikki Dimech lanqas jibda hdejn dan.

    • bulldog
      Posted at 22:06h, 26 August

      Ghatina hjiel min hu halli Gonzi l-onest jnehhieh mhux nehha lil Franco li qatt ma kien ivvizzjat? Hemm xi cans ta hjiel, dejem jekk jghogbok? Ma l-erba tirwiefen insemmuh ghax la disonest u jabbuza llegali, dan l-anqas ghandu biss jersaq lejn l-ezekuttiv. Mela la l-ezekuttiv jafu bih, huma mhumiex serji, mela lil Franco qabdu fejn qalulu le.

  • Joe Vella
    Posted at 08:19h, 22 August

    qed tiprova tizvija id diskors. jin edtlek li min jiftahar li qijed fuq qudim fil glieda ad demokrazjia madux jipretendi li prim ministru jindahal fil liberta ta hadiehor.

    u dan li qed tajd li serqulek lidejat ma nafx xi trid tajd biha qas li kont adek form iic tipretendi li tihu xi premju. li hadt alik uwa fat izda dak tort tiejak tali tipretendi li dinja ddur madwarek u mux tadatti int ar realta kif jamlu nis normali

    • Grilled Angus Beef
      Posted at 09:18h, 24 August

      Joe I get your point. No one can stop or ask DCG to stop her venomous crusade. The being is provoking people so the PN can than make a martyr out of her. Like when she said her dogs were stolen. It was all a lie.
      No one could get near them, I assure you.
      Daphne is being used as a lure to create trouble. Pray God that no one bothers about her provocations.
      She is used as a smoke screen to distract people from the real issues.
      She is but a mercenary with no scruples as long as she and her family can make money.
      The best way to kill her is what we are doing, just ignore her.
      From what I see there has been a complete migration from her blog to here.
      You for one!
      And so many others that cannot keep away from here because you are afraid of what you shall be reading next.
      I take the liberty to thank you for coming here.
      This is a democratic blog, thanks to Franco Debono.
      When I once wrote on Daphne’s blog giving her what I thought was paternal advice, she insulted me dragging out skeletons from the cupboards.

      • Claire Galea
        Posted at 10:46h, 24 August

        Angus you seem to know too much about her when you say that you ignore her. If you really ignore you would not be so informed about her don’t your thi k?

        • Mario allison
          Posted at 14:21h, 24 August

          Claire, i assure you we know more than you think about DCG, malta is so small , and we are an intelligent breed, we can remember even the distant past.

        • Grilled Angus Beef
          Posted at 14:23h, 24 August

          I do know a lot about her, yet I have visited her home, I even met her son Andrew this week. He too is ashamed of her after what she did and said about Mintoff..she has crossed the Rubicon.
          I do not even peep in her blog anymore because it is not my cuppa tea, brainwashing silly people engulfed in gossip and in the meantime inciting class hatred.
          She is a true racist with a pedigree better then her dogs have.
          She instills hate between us Maltese, giving the synonym of hamalli and injoranti to labourites.
          I occasionally simply hear people talk about her, and always give them my advice to ignore her.
          She has a wretched life..may she live in these conditions for at least 100 years!
          oh, the idea of not buying Malta Independent here is fab. I recommend it to everyone.

          • Mario allison
            Posted at 15:15h, 24 August

            Let us all boycott the malta independant , if they wish to keep on supporting this low life scum, good luck to them ,but let’s not help them by paying her for her bile,

          • ta kafkaf
            Posted at 17:16h, 26 August

            apart from daphne I cant really imagine why anyone would want to buy that rag the independent anyway…first of all there is a big mistake in the should be the “Unindependent” – for heaven’s sake don’t we all know who the owners are?????

        • Grilled Angus Beef
          Posted at 14:30h, 24 August

          can she confirm this or deny it?
          I have learnt this here.. no wonder she would do anything. Maybe the poor girl is like those Romanian girls that are made to dance. Maybe she to is made to give some lap dance in between writing, or her son goes to jail.. poor woman I feel pity she fell into the white slavery trap..

          • Mario allison
            Posted at 15:20h, 24 August

            G.A.B , white slavery?? Her?? The bloody pimps must be Really desperate to choose her, lol…lol… I would rather choose one of those beautiful monkeys they have on gibraltar .

          • Grilled Angus Beef
            Posted at 15:34h, 24 August

            lol… those monkeys are called Barbery Macaque.. and agree 100% with you, but then who do you think hamster face Gonzi, or Georgey Pullicin, bocca, Mario Debono could pick and choose?
            insomma Mario wish you a wonderful week end- off on the boat, but will stir away from Marsalfon and il Kartell ghax ASStin would surely invite me over for a drink.. little does he know how I have him close to heart ja zi***..

  • Joe Vella
    Posted at 08:10h, 22 August

    imisjajt il-punt dr franco. jek tiprentendija ta hero tademokrazjia ma tistax tiprentedi li ilgven jindahal fil liberta ta hadiehor. bili tlabt il prim jidisasocja ruhu ma jfisirx li and jobdik u jek le uwa hati. ‘jek jirizulta’ ma jfiser xejn hlif supozizjoni ima kif najdu li kiku waqa u kiser siqu. awnek qed taq u tkiser sieqek int ax flistess hin qed titlob li jinhraxu ilpenali u sisa madek lebda provi li il prim ta xi struzjoni li xi had jikirtikak. anzi li qed nara awnek li sa kem il buzulotti tijek kienu rapurati fil media stajt tajt li kinu qed jivintaw ima awnek qed turi li kelom ragun ax li jinkiteb awnek tiktbu int stess.

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 08:13h, 22 August

      @joe vella :
      Anke diversi riformi li implimenta qed jimplimenta u wieghed li se jimplimenta ktibtom jien ukoll. Imma minflok hallewni nimplimentahom, serquhom u lili ikkundannawni. Dan hazen?

      • Claire Galea
        Posted at 10:49h, 24 August

        You are such a learned man I wonder why you are just a back bencher maybe it’s those dazzling looks

        • Daphne Adams Malizzja
          Posted at 12:58h, 24 August

          If its looks you’re after, what about me Ms Galea. Ain’t I FUGLY enough for you?

        • Grilled Angus Beef
          Posted at 14:28h, 24 August
    • Mario allison
      Posted at 14:16h, 24 August

      Joe, the way i look at franco is not as a hero ,but as a candidate who has won the last election for the nationalist party, i see in him the member of parlament who was true to the oath he had taken ,that is TO SERVE . I see the MP who has tried to deilver, i see the MP who was condemned by his own party for trying to make a better MALTA. WHAT I DONT SEE IS THE NATIONALIST PARTY WE ALL REMEMBER.

      • Grilled Angus Beef
        Posted at 12:17h, 27 August

        what I see in Franco, is Toni Abela and Wenzu Mintoff. When they had enough, they found the courage and they tried to purge the MLP from all the criminals and corrupt methods.
        The people and the Party banned them, ridiculed them, boycotted them but time proved them right.
        Thanks to them and their efforts, the PL has regenerated and to day Toni Abela is Deputy leader of that same party..

  • Joe Vella
    Posted at 07:41h, 22 August

    tftakar me tqajem storbju shih in norvejga ax xi had pinga xi cartons li offendew il musulmani? iprentendew li il prim ministru jikundanom imma dan irifjuta ax il gvern mandux jindahal fil liberta tal espresjoni. u in dr franco li supost qed tahdem al liberta tal poplu bhala PMsorry MPu tifem fil ligi ax avukat u sippost qed tahdem fuq ligi taliberata tal espresjoni , int qed tajd li il prim ministru sipost jindahal fil liberta tan nis bili johrog jikundana dak li jogob lilek. kif tipretendi li andu jamel ek meta madux id drit li jwaqqf lilek milli tajd ic cucati u lhmerijiet?

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 07:48h, 22 August

      @ joe vella :

      jien prezentajt mozzjoni fil-parlament fejn TLABT LI JITNEHHA LIBELL KRIMINALI, waqt li kont qed nigi attakkat. tant biex tkun taf kemm ghandi ghal qalbi l-liberta tal-espressjoni.

      imma hey! se nzomm l-ezempju tieghek u ghal fini biss ta ezempju :
      immagina jekk jirrizulta li wara dawk l-insulti nfushom hemm il-Prim Ministru jew in-nies ta madwaru!
      immagina, ghal fini tal-ezempju li gibt int tan-norvegja, li wara dawk l-insulti lil musulmani kien hemm il-prim ministru.
      dan l-ezempju messek gibt
      Prim Ministru li biex ma jahtarx lil xi hadd fil-kabinett ikollu nies madwaru jinkarigaw attakki fuq dik l-persuna. bhala ezempju qed nghid

    • P. Farrugia
      Posted at 15:08h, 26 August

      Sur Vella li qed tinsa huwa li ta Norway kien artiklu wiehed a darba ghax kieku
      zgur li l-awtoritajjiet kienu jaraw x-jghamlu, ghax l-inbix u il-provokazzjoni
      sooner or later ghal vjolenza twassal.

  • Bubu
    Posted at 05:43h, 22 August

    Frankly Franco, I don’t know why you even bother. Whatever happens, you’re out in the cold.

    Let’s say the “evil clique” capitulates and lets you contest. There isn’t a chance in the seven hells that PN voters are going to give you a second chance. It would actually be nice if they let you contest, just to see you crash and burn.

    And even if you somehow managed to scrape enough votes to get back in parliament, it is virtually certain, also thanks to your own efforts, that you would end up in opposition, where the PN could at leisure expel you to their heart’s content putting the blame for losing the election squarely on your shoulders.

  • Thorny
    Posted at 05:23h, 22 August

    Lawrence ‘DCG’ Gonzi – I like it!

    One of his many faces who he supports by silent approval!

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 06:19h, 22 August

      @ thorny :

      has he ever even disassociate himself from her. am not saying condemn. but at least disassociate

      • Thorny
        Posted at 11:18h, 22 August

        Birds of a feather S**T together…and it’s not a BLOG that she runs but a cess-pit!


        Your silence gives consent.

  • Gonzi, ikkundanna lil din il-monstru, inkella ma nivvotalux lil huk Michael li hu alla ta' rgiel
    Posted at 23:40h, 21 August

    Gonzi – note

  • A.M.
    Posted at 23:10h, 21 August

    Human Trafficking in Malta

    A big network of human traffickers is operating in Malta managed by the Romanian Mafia.Most of the girls work in the strip clubs in paceville. These clubs pay protection money to the police (St.Julians Police Station) so that they get warned before hand if a raid is planned. A certain Ramon ( olive skinned policeman) manages th scheme. In thee clubs everything sexual is possible as it all happens in private areas of the clubs.the owners argue that only lap dancing takes place but this is a big lie. Mind you big money s earned and no cent in taxes is paid. These poor trafficked girls are moslty on hard drugs ( sold by the same bouncers working in the clubs). They live in a block of flats in St.Julians guarded under the watchful eye of some
    Romainian thugs.

    This is Malta dear friends. When is the police going to start arresting people?

    • Grilled Angus Beef
      Posted at 09:02h, 24 August

      I have seen too many CID inspectors enjoying the company of owners of these clubs wining and dining.. not to believe you A.M. but as you say there are thousands involved in these rackets, if not millions- a few people have bought over Paceville for millions –

    • ta kafkaf
      Posted at 17:13h, 26 August

      Yes but at least we are catholics and our leaders all go to church (except Sant) and they sit in the front seat where evryone can see them and they smile with the bishops, so i think it’s Ok really.

      • Grilled Angus Beef
        Posted at 14:07h, 27 August

        In the situation this Govt has brought us in – anything that makes money is ok!

  • Oġġettiv
    Posted at 22:46h, 21 August

    Franco, mill-perspettiva tiegħi, kemm nixtieqek kont il-mexxej tal-PN ħalli tneħħi dawn iċ-ċertu nies bħal Austin Gatt u l-bella compania minn fejn qegħdin. Bażikament, il-Partit għandu bżonn jitnaddaf.

    Ċert, li ħafna nies jagħżlu li jivvotaw lil PN imbagħad. Jien l-arroganza u l-korruzzjoni ta’ din l-oligarkija ddejjaqni u żgur li, jien personalment, min jien QATT se nivvota għal dawn it-tip ta’ nies li jimmilitaw fil-PN.

    Nixtieq li xi darba narah ‘imnaddaf’ il-Partit, imma nibża li qatt m’hu se jkun hekk minħabba dawn in-nies …

    Kompli sejjer hekk Franco. Hemm ħafna nies warajk.

  • owl
    Posted at 21:45h, 21 August

    It seems that Mrs Daphne Caruana Galizia did not like my posts when I referred that there are persons in Malta who are very accomodating to this rotten system (xibka ta hazen) and would like the status quo to remain in place. corrupt unknowns are people who are making millions of euros yearly in the drug industry of Malta. Could someone from the legal entities in Malta (magistrati u imhallfin) and powerful politicians in Malta who have the power to investigate do so? Therfore Franco Debono is right in claiming that we need effective laws that counteract and safeguard peoples’ interests versus the corrupt unknowns. What is wrong with these proposals?

  • Me
    Posted at 20:49h, 21 August

    Mhux ovja why they condem you now – because your vote in Parlament no longer is needed…

  • Garnaw
    Posted at 20:22h, 21 August
  • imdejjaq
    Posted at 17:18h, 21 August

    Jekk tohrog ghall-elezzjoni jien nivvutalek. Int Dr Debono ghandek principji Mintoffjani. Determinat u xi haga hazina ittik f’sormok u tkun trid tirrangaha u ma tara xejn quddiemek l-aqwa li ssir sew. L-ohrajn jibzaw ikunu hekk. Int riformist. Ohrog ghall-elezzjoni. Mghandek bzonn lebda biljett fuq min tohrog. Ohrog ghal rasek. Il-vot tijej alik

    • Lord Voldemort
      Posted at 19:34h, 26 August


      • Franco Debono
        Posted at 06:28h, 27 August

        @ lord vordemort :

        you make questions to others and you reply to them

        • Joe Vella
          Posted at 09:35h, 27 August

          mela vera mintoffjan jew bhasoltu qed tiprova tevita domandi li ma togbokx?

  • Chlamydia
    Posted at 17:09h, 21 August

    Kif ghandha il wicc titkellem fuq drogi illegali meta hawn il fatti fuq binha hawn:

    • Franco Debono
      Posted at 17:10h, 21 August

      @chlamydia :
      i can do all tests u ntemmahomla ma wiccha
      the Prime Minister should ask wheter there is someone in his family who is on illegal drugs or wheter someone who has been notorious for such activities all his life, is now an approved PN candidate.
      now refer

    • Lord Voldemort
      Posted at 17:17h, 24 August

      Are you serious? Ten years ago a sixteen year old was caught with a joint. So bloody what? Besides Daphne Caruana Galizia is not a public figure so you should stop probing into her life. She levels criticism against public figures who hold public positions. Also Franco GROW UP !

      • Harry Potter
        Posted at 06:59h, 25 August

        Daphne is not a pubic figure you say!
        Hair Hair!
        She s very private yes indeed…..

        • Lord Voldemort
          Posted at 09:44h, 25 August

          No she is not a public figure. A “public” figure is someone who has placed him or herself to the service of the public. She may very well be a publically know figure but that does not give people the right to attack her family personally.

          • Franco Debono
            Posted at 09:59h, 25 August

            @ lord voldermont :

            but then my mum became a public figure just because once in her life she appeared on tv!?
            if mintoff could in some ways be associated with physical violence which is condemnable, unfortunately lawrence ‘dcg’ gonzi could be associated with moral violence in regards to dissent and this is equually condemnable.

          • Mario allison
            Posted at 11:35h, 25 August

            illum malta kollha rat veru min hu il partit nazzjonalista ta Lawremce Gonzi. waqt il funeral statali tal mibki dom mintoff. Waqt li il klikka kienet qed tati il kondoljanzi lil familja ta mintoff,in NET TV kien ordnat ikompli jizra il firda u il mibeda fost il maltin,bill jxandar filmati,li hadd mhu kburi bihom,ta meta inharqet it times u tkissret il kurja. ISTHU FACCOLI DIRIGENTI KOLLHA TAN NET TV, KEMM HEMM MINKHOM LI IRIFJUTA IS SERVIZZI SOCJALI LI GHAMEL MINYOFF . DIN HI IT TATIKA LI SER TINTUZA FL ELEZJONI LI GEJJA? Kemm sejrin zball issa kullhadd drakhom ,issa waqetilkom il maskra,grazzi ghal franco il partit nazzjonalista BILFORS IRID JINBIDEL. ANKE JEKK MA JRIDX, WARA LI MA JIBQAX JEZISTU L OLIGARKIJA ,TIBDA ERA GDIDA.

          • Grilled Angus Beef
            Posted at 12:20h, 27 August

            Daphne is now consultant to the Ministry of Tonio Fenech- the same Minister who had his home refurbished free by the Montebellos.
            Daphne has not spared anyone or anyone’s family. This is only the tip of the ice berg. She has sowed hatred and venom, and she will reap what she has sowed.

      • Mario allison
        Posted at 09:19h, 25 August

        So was cyrus father ,they say he was caught with half a joint,but did the police use the same weight and measures? Ok, so now we can all be drugies in your idiotic opinion? And how do you know that it was a joint? And does he still needs to enroll with caritas? If he were never judged,then i for one believe ….WHATS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER

        • Lord Voldemort
          Posted at 09:45h, 25 August

          I have not idea what went on and niether do you seem to know Mr. Allison. Get your facts right before gossiping.

          • Mario allison
            Posted at 10:08h, 25 August

            When no answers are forthcoming, and the OMERTA kicks in. Then you have to come to your own conclusions. Silence is a sign of guilt.

          • Grilled Angus Beef
            Posted at 13:16h, 27 August

            @ Lord Vladi.. Queiroz who was a reputed drug dealer at international level was granted a presidential pardon after being caught smuggling 3 kg of heroin into Malta. In the case of Cyrus’s father, he was arrested because he was accused in possession of a joint..

  • Bulldog
    Posted at 16:56h, 21 August

    joe camilleri mela lil Dr.Debono hsiebtu xi cucun Malti, Tonio Fenech jaf bihom ic-cwiec Maltin bhal nghidu ahna xi JM Tabone, allahares jinfethu s-smewwiet fuqu ghax sajjetti jibdew nezlien, fuqu, u fuq dak li mar ghand xi Ministru u qallu li ma qabielx ma Rj’s imma xorta vvota biex jixtruhom. Franco meta jigi l-waqt jtemm lil buzullottist ikrah izjed min Quasimoto l-pappa li qatt ma suppost hada, biex taxxaqa dahhal mieghu lil dak li gabu ottu fuq L-Arriva u l-iehor li meta ra ta Smart Bahh City kienet kolla fiction, telaq issa qieghed jahdem bla paga qal, ghax qal, ghax tghid mod u jsir mod iehor. L-ikrah thank God kont nahseb li jien l-izjed wiehed ikrah imma meta rajtu mar jghamel pipi dan l-ahhar hadt ir-ruh ghax almenu hawn wiehed ikrah aktar minni li jerda bhala Ministru u kif ukoll jiskarta biex jippromovi lil Artist l-iehor li jekk jitla jerga jiehu r-rigni ta din l-art helwa, appena jidhol kastilja jerda bl-arettrati l -€500 fil gimgha, jerga, halli jgholli bil qalb kolla l-kontijiet, halli kulhadd jgorr il piz tal flus li ghandu l-bank peress li biex jibqa fis-sikur qalibom deheb ghax jekk jizloq, la issa ddikkjara bil miftuh li assuma rresponsabilita kolla tal marmalji ta dawk u ta madwaru fuq spaltu, kif ukoll hu stess imdahhal fiha sew haseb ghal xi forsi frizar ta l-assi bhal ma ghamlu lil siehbu li ghanqu fi Tripli, allura rekken sew fejn ma jiehduhomlux.

  • joe camilleri
    Posted at 16:02h, 21 August

    Dr Debono, ara veru trid tkun bahnan biex jghorkulek wiccek ma` l-art biex ma nghidlikx icappsulek wiccek bil-h### u qisu xejn ghalik.

  • Thinker Bell
    Posted at 15:32h, 21 August


    Lack of freedom has various forms. We have moved on… and thankfully we dont lack the basic kind.
    But I ask,how free are we in our thoughts? To what extent are we being manipulated and guided to think according to the medias’ agenda?
    Freedom of the body is important…but freedom of the mind is paramount!
    Franco,you have made Malta aware that somewhere in the shadows lurks a hand,a hand that has a mind.A mind of it’s own.It’s own agenda.To grip to power at all costs.
    So what is my point with all this…My point is
    HAVE TO keep strong,dont let them make you loose your cool,even though they are on a crusade to do just that.You are a fighter Franco. You are a surviver Franco and they will never bring you down.
    Just like Brave heart,you will fight for your believes through heaven and hell.

    May God be with you.

  • Thinker Bell
    Posted at 15:28h, 21 August

    Lack of freedom has various forms. We have moved on… and thankfully we dont lack the basic kind.
    But I ask,how free are we in our thoughts? To what extent are we being manipulated and guided to think according to the medias’ agenda?
    Freedom of the body is important…but freedom of the mind is paramount!
    Franco,you have made Malta aware that somewhere in the shadows lurks a hand,a hand that has a mind.A mind of it’s own.It’s own agenda.To grip to power at all costs.
    So what is my point with all this…My point is
    HAVE TO keep strong,dont let them make you loose your cool,even though they are on a crusade to do just that.You are a fighter Franco. You are a surviver Franco and they will never bring you down.
    Just like Brave heart,you will fight your believes through heaven and hell.

    May God be with you.

    • Mario allison
      Posted at 20:56h, 21 August

      Where is the evil clique? Are they on their last summer holidays. They had better rest, as it is going to be so bloody hard for them come october to keep a goverment if they do not correct thier wrongdoings, franco’s condemnation is just one of them. i can only see one road ahead for the oligarchy , straight down the annals of history as malta’s 21st century dark ages.

  • Bulldog
    Posted at 15:14h, 21 August
    Hmar ta Wizu ghax forsi l-anqas taf issib link, issa oqghod aqra l-verita mhux mibgheda li dahlulek f’rasek xi pampalun Gonzitan

    • Hmar ta' Wizu
      Posted at 19:44h, 21 August

      Qatt giek f rasek , int u ic- corma hniex bhalek li hawn min kien jafu personalment lil Perit min zmien zemzem u jaf aktar min kullhadd, is-sentimenti vertieri tieghu regward Alla, Kristu u il-knisja u kull forma ohra ta twemmin religjuz?
      Min jaf kemm ha jitqalleb fit-tebut nhar is-sibt meta idahhluh il-katitral u jkantawlu il-gregorjan.

      • Mario allison
        Posted at 20:36h, 21 August

        Hmar ta wizu veru sibt nick addattat ghalik, almenu mintoff kont taf fejn int mieghu ,safratant anke TUBA bhalek jaf x kien it twemmin tieghu skond int. imma kemm u ahjar hekk milli tkun arcisqof nisrani u bi hdura kbira tidfen u tishet lil Hutek gol mizbla.f isem alla.

      • bulldog
        Posted at 21:46h, 26 August

        Hmar ta Wizu jien qatt ma smajt lil Mintoff jghid kontra Kristu, anzi pjuttost kwazi dejjem kien issemmieh li ghandna niehdu t-taghliem tieghu u nwettquh. Int vera li qieghed tghid li Mintoff ma kienx jemmen f’Alla? Hemm Toni Abela l-avukat xhud. Darba saqsieh jekk kienx jemmen fi Kristu. Din vera , u Toni Abela rrispondieh iva, qabez Mintoff u qallu Alla Hares le. Mintoff kien iwettaq skont it-taghliem ta Kristu. Jien kont nazzjonalist sirt Laburist ghax mort darba nisimaw fejn gej il parlament il- gdid u beda jghid min ma jemminx fi kristu ma jkunx ihobb u jghin lil haddiehor u ta ezempju li l-Partit Laburista nehha l-batut u l-fqir ghax kristu hekk kien it-taghliem tieghu.

  • Demm Nazzjonalist
    Posted at 12:25h, 21 August

    Grazzi Dom.Aghtih O Mulej il-mistrieh ta` dejjem.

    • Hmar ta' Wizu
      Posted at 12:47h, 21 August

      Tinsolentax il-memorja tal-Perit billi titlob lil Mulej ghalih. Dak ma kienx jemmen f Alla.

      • Demm Nazzjonalist
        Posted at 13:35h, 21 August

        Imma Alla zgur li kien jemmen fih.

      • Bulldog
        Posted at 15:11h, 21 August

        Min qallek dan il gideb kollu li ma kienx jemmen f’Alla , saqsi lil huh jekk kienx jemmen f’Alla u fi kristu , kemm kien isemmieh f’metings li kien qieghed jghamel skont it-taghliem ta Kristu , mur fil Kostituzzjoni ta Malta 1974 fejn ghamila cara li ahna pajjiz kattoliku u r-religjon Kristjan ikollu sehem fl-iskejjel bil fors ,x’int tghid mur ara ha tehoda ir-risposta ghax vera Hmar ta Wizu int

        • Grilled Angus Beef
          Posted at 16:36h, 21 August

          buldog- Demm nazionalista rid jied li Alla zgur kien jemmen f’Mintoff

          • Mario allison
            Posted at 18:07h, 21 August

            Dom mintoff will be given a state funeral,he will lay in state, friday and saturday will be 2 days of mourning, a dom mintoff foundation is born, that is the least we can do for this great stateman. One thing that confirms why i have boycotted ‘the malta independant’ it was the only paper in malta that had nothing on the front pages about his death, Is the paper owned by DCG? I invite mrs.low life scum to read what EFA,the president,the KSU and many others said about this great man

      • Thorny
        Posted at 12:38h, 24 August

        Mhux biss kien jemmen f’Ala imma mexgha fuq il-passi ta’ Kristu, li jhenn ghal -proxxmu u mhux ghalih u ghal xi oligarkija!!

        Mhux b’xejn qatt ma nxterret dmugh daqs kemm insterred illum f’dan il-pajjiz!

        Kull tant il-poplu irrid ikollu telfa biex jistenbah u japprezza x’kellu u x’ghandhi grazzi ghal Perit!

        Nghidlek biss li kull cekk li johrog TA’ KULL SERVIZZ SOCJALI ghandu it-timbru ta Duminku Mintoff, MINN QABEL IT-TWELID b’leave ta’ maternita, leave ta’ tqala bu hlas children’s allowance GHAL KULLHADD, bennefficji ghal min hu bi bzonnjiet specjali, edukazzjoni u servizz ta’ sahha b’xejn SA WARA IL-MEWT, b’penzjonijiet u serhan tar-ras veru!

      • ta kafkaf
        Posted at 17:09h, 26 August

        Ahjar ma temminx u tghix bit-tghallim ta kristu milli tilaghba ta qaddis bhal austin gatt

  • Joe Vella
    Posted at 11:57h, 21 August

    u x’milion dollar question hu.tahseb li xi had se jhalas anke 1c ar risposta dwarek?

    • Grilled Angus Beef
      Posted at 15:05h, 21 August

      joey il million dollar questions huma dawn…
      This is no scam. I ask permission by the moderator to print this
      each time you write Joe, I shall be posting this comment I had asked you to reply to but which you never did.
      JM stands the chance of becoming PM not because of Franco. Joseph Muscat’s trump card is Austin Gatt, Claudio Grech and Manuel Delia
      He might become PM only because the normal people of Malta and Gozo ( not the lil elves close the oligarchy) have had enough.
      They have had enough of ;
      The BWSC power station scandal
      The Fairmount Dry Dock scandal
      The Arriva scandal
      The Mater dei Scandals
      The Go land Scandal
      The Air Malta Scandal
      The Smart City Scandal
      The Tuna farm permits
      Thee Waste Serve daiy Scandals
      The 600 euro rise for themselves
      The amounts paid to DCG husband as consultancy
      The jobs offered to her son,
      The number of people in Brussels at our expnse after creating problems in Malta ( Claudios brother, Andre Carbonaro etc)
      SHALL I GO ON?

      The Tuna Farm permits sold at 7 million
      The estates in Sicily and Tuscany reputed to be owned by people who lived in a little flat before moving to Sliema Front
      Ghax lil john dalli riedu jibghatuh il-habs ghal xejn;
      Ghax ma gharfux kemm Franco Debono huwa asset;
      Ghax flok raw kif investew f’ JPO, uzawh u kissruh;
      Ghax lil Mugliette kienu jaghtu stejjer mhix veritieri dwaru huma stess;
      Ghax lil Musumeci riedu jkissruh biex floku jilhaq l-abbati ta’ RCC;
      Ghax it-tenders u r-retainers belghuhom kollha dawk li kienu l-elcom;
      Ghax PBO bla kukki u jaghmel li jghidulu;
      Ghax Gonzi huwa mdawwar bis-sangisugi ghajjurin;
      Ghax hallew kollox f’idejn RCC. RCC uza l-poodle jismu Gordon. Dan il-poodle jara kif jikkoordina lil daphne, fr joe. Georg Sapiano. Loo, Peppi and Co u l-Bocca, on condition li jibqghu jibilghu
      .The 1 million a year “wheres’ everybody gets to produce a show on PBS”
      The millions given to Loo Bondi and Co to mark EU entrance festivites

      The fiascos in the Eu funding by Dolores Cristinas’ son
      The corrupt courts where also the Chief justice thought of joining the gravy train.
      The dismantled and shabby Police force
      The drug Barons
      The presidential pardons to Drug barons
      The presence of is Sons @PN HQ
      The friendships with Zeppi il hafi
      The presence of Il Piccolin
      The corruption cases in road and sea licences
      The MEPA permits for Pender place and others
      The revelation by Profs Laferla
      The arrogance of people like Ernest Tonna
      The salaries of approx. 85,000 euros to Ernest Tonna to rally criminals to PN HQ.
      Go on people keep this lead alive..
      Thank you Joey for giving me the chance to keep this lead alive…and always growing…

      • Chlamydia
        Posted at 17:23h, 21 August

        You have forgotten Pietru pawl Busuttil – who got tens of thousands in compensation plus God knows what else for íllegal arrest’. Franco was the one who pushed CMB to at least provide the rights to a lawyer’s assistance but as usual the measure was implemented in a half hearted way…. l-aqwa li Pietru Pawl igawdi l eluf u ir razzett tal majjali li ghandu minnfloku ried jibni villa bl iswimming pool fuqu u elf haga ohra! X ma johrogx jikkritika lil Franco, dan l eks sindku ta Hal safi meta ra li Franco kien ha jaqtalu iz zejza.

        Ma ninsewx ukoll li is segretarju tal kunsill lokali mmexxi minn Pietru pawl Busuttil inqabad jisraq eluf ta liri minn flus il-poplu imma azzjoni mill pulizija sa fejn naf jien ma ttehditx. Ghala dan?

        • Mario allison
          Posted at 19:02h, 21 August

          Araw kemm bena bini puetru pawl busuttil

          • Grilled Angus Beef
            Posted at 09:23h, 24 August

            il bir li keinu qedin iffitxu il pulizia mimli armi kien fl ghalqa ta ma gemb PPB..

          • Chlamydia
            Posted at 18:01h, 24 August

            Tell us more about this angus!

          • Grilled Angus Beef
            Posted at 14:22h, 27 August

            @ Chlamydia; we have all heard and know about the private army called Gakketta Blue ( 100 of them).
            These paramilitary were under the guidance of Charles Demicoli ex Superintendent and Ernest Tonna. They were drilled on how to use firearms brought into Malta as contraband by one of our leading Truck forwarders and paid by Nationalist supporters.
            Who they were supposed to shoot at? you can imagine- well part of the drill was how to pull the arms out of a well, situated next to PPB field just a rubble wall away.
            of course all the top brass that had anything to do with all this got compensated from our Funds.
            To day all these are millioners, either because they got free Government land which they sold for millions, or by being awarded tenders or 2 or 3 jobs of 25,000 each.

          • Mario allison
            Posted at 17:01h, 27 August

            G.A.B. I remember so well those days, i was a member of of the armed forces back then (TASK FORCE) I remember the famous raid at pieta, and the arms i carried when we found them behind the false wall. I remember well the arms we found at the orange company premises. TODAY….. THEY ARE ALL MILLIONAIRES…. I KNOW A LOT OF THINGS…. AND I USED TO HEAR A LOT OF THINGS ,WHEN I USED TO BE ON DUTY AT THE C.I.D. YARD.. From the members of il gakketta blue…ALSO REMEMBER JOSIE’S F.F.F. ANYONE? Another paramilitary group… Boy!!! Do i remember things…..

      • ta kafkaf
        Posted at 17:08h, 26 August

        Prosit x’lista dik keep it up…some people forget or they pretend not to know.

  • RIAL
    Posted at 10:42h, 21 August

    we should start rating the performance of ministers. CMB, austin gatt, tonio fenech, giovanna debono, george pullicino will not pass the test!

    • Thorny
      Posted at 11:57h, 21 August

      Lanqas jekk jikkupjaw kif ihobb jaghmel il-Whip ma jghaddu mit-test!

    • Rettis
      Posted at 12:00h, 21 August

      all these persons wont make a Franco Debono. however the mediocre Gonzi PN has placed these people with ministerial cushy positions whilst leaving his biggest asset on the backbench. its amazing, gonzi’s time s up, and with no decent replacement. Franco debono kien ikun tajjeb ghal leader.

      • Mario allison
        Posted at 15:35h, 21 August

        DCG has asked franco if he is on illegal drugs ,ACCORDING TO THE A.G. YOUR SON IS USING ILLEGAL DRUGS ,HAS HE BEEN TAKEN TO COURT? HAS HE BEEN CONVICTED? WHY is he even working with our deplomatic corps? He is a shame to his country, he should be brought before the courts to answer.B DAWN IL KWALITA TA NIES IRID JAHDEM IL PARTIT.MA KONTX NAF LI META GONZI TKELLEM KIF TKELLEM MAL AMBAXXATRICI AMERIKANA, KIEN WASAL FL ESTREMITA LI SPICCA JAHDEM BIL JUNKIES.

        • Franco Debono
          Posted at 15:46h, 21 August

          @ mario allison :

          i can do all tests u ntemmahomla ma wiccha
          the Prime Minister should ask wheter there is someone in his family who is on illegal drugs or wheter someone who has been notorious for such activities all his life, is now an approved PN candidate.
          now refer

          • Grilled Angus Beef
            Posted at 16:35h, 21 August

            but we never got the answer; was her son taken to court or not???
            as for the rest…. it would be useful if one took a look at a particular lido in tigne popular with PN members of parliament who are too busy to climb the stairs as they have more important work to do, together with close relatives of the PM where sugar is freely distributed on the tables..

          • Joe Vella
            Posted at 18:40h, 21 August

            ikalma dr franco. qat ma smajt bilkelma ironija?

        • Chlamydia
          Posted at 17:02h, 21 August

          Here is the answer about Daphne’s son Matthew caruana galizia:

          • Pulcinella
            Posted at 07:07h, 24 August

            Allura din li tipprova tigosippja fuq haddiehor, ma tarax il-hotba li ghandha fil-familja taghha?

        • Grilled Angus Beef
          Posted at 15:21h, 24 August

          Queiroz, 1994 do you remember that one Joe? When has PN ever really wanted to rid us of drugs..
          Anything as long as it makes money.. that is their Motto..

  • MB
    Posted at 09:54h, 21 August

    “It has been said that one can measure how a civilized a culture is by the way its dead are treated”…..pls take note Bidnija Witch aka donkey face….

    • sunshine
      Posted at 10:00h, 21 August

      Stop misquoting on purpose. It has been said that one can measure how civilized a culture is BY THE WAY IT TREATS THE MOST DEFENCLESS OF ITS SOCIETY when they are alive, ie the unborn, the chronically ill , the handicapped and the old.

      • The Witches Soup
        Posted at 10:17h, 21 August

        Bubble,blubber,squirm and gloop,
        Boiling broth of bocca’s balls soup.
        Babble,slobber,liquid goo,
        Add the sole of Daphne’s shoe.
        Spooky shadows dance around,
        Of frogs and rats and snarling hounds.
        Steam swirls rising through Rihana’s roof,
        Add one large Bocca’s ear and Bocca’s old tooth.
        Gnarly,scratchy,tickle itch,
        Stir round more hatred to make it rich.
        Musky,sticky,sizzle and stew, making a mischief just for you!

        • Grilled Angus Beef
          Posted at 15:01h, 21 August

          lol… prosit..

        • Thinker Bell
          Posted at 15:38h, 21 August

          Wonderful! It was a joy reading it….keep them coming..

        • Daphne R. Galizia (DRG)
          Posted at 19:12h, 21 August

          Min int? Djoser? Mil-liema website gibta din t’hawn?

      • bulldog
        Posted at 11:18h, 21 August

        @ Sunshine(Sahhara tal bidnijja) Quotes: the chronically ill , the handicapped and the old. It was Mintoff that looked after these unfortunate people, what did you ever do may I ask? Scrounge from Taxpayers money without merit with no pity at all.

      • MB
        Posted at 11:21h, 21 August

        i’m not misquoting for purpose….you should put your critique on an other blog Sunshine

      • finish line
        Posted at 11:39h, 21 August

        @sunshine: “It has been said that one can measure how civilized a culture is BY THE WAY IT TREATS THE MOST DEFENCLESS OF ITS SOCIETY” Ezatt kif aghmel il-perit Mintoff. Ghalhekk huwa l-ikbar politikant li qatt kellha Malta, ghax haseb fiz-zghir. S’intendi min kien fgat sa geddumu fix-xghir kellu jbati xi ftit u gerger, imma mhux dik il-bicca ta l-art tal-bidnija, ghax alla hares ma kienx Mintoff biex missierha jwahhal xi lift, ghax kieku kienet tmut bil-guh, ghax hi ma kienet kapaci ghal xejn.

        • nostradamus
          Posted at 16:27h, 21 August

          dik id demel tal bidnija ma kinic tmut bilguh ghax kinet tiftah saqaja biex taqla lira kief ghada taghmelsal lum.

          • bulldog
            Posted at 22:58h, 21 August

            Nostradamus mela tieghi sibtu f’xi landa taz zibel jew? Jien proud of it and to whom it may concern jien nassikura lil kulhadd ma sfigurata, sfreggjata dik l-kwalita ma nahsibx naqa daqshekk baxx, kieku nivvomta nara biss in the nude, ahseb u ara tiftah fejn ghad int, kieku l-anqas qatt ma norqod f’hajti bil qata li niehu ghax anki bil libsa tqallaq tara ahseb u ara in the nude, Ahfirli O Mulej , ta dan li ghad , ahfirli pls, vera imma misni zammejta sikrieta.

  • sunshine
    Posted at 09:39h, 21 August

    What is Joe Muscat doing in that picture? Going down on his knees or passing wind?

    • Ma naqbilx mal-hdura
      Posted at 10:01h, 21 August

      Xi gustuz/a int ghandu jkun sunshine hux ? Jekk trid iddahhak mur dahhak b’missierek jew b’ommok, qisek DCG it-tieni li qalet fost affarijiet moqzieza ohra ghal Mintoff li “he may rot in hell”. Il-kumment tieghek huwa simili ghal dan u ghandek tqis ruhhek bhala velenuza u zgur mhux kattolika bhal Daphne !
      Just to explain to the simple minded, the camera just caught Dr Joseph Muscat coming up after he put the flowers beneath Dom’s picture. Is that so hard to realise gustuz/a sunshine ?

      • sunshine
        Posted at 10:24h, 21 August

        X’taqbez ghalih. Forsi ta’ xi dar b”xejn lil dak in-nofs jkedda sangisug ta’ missierek meta kien prim ministru , wara li seraqha b’requisition order min ghand haddiehor?
        Re Muscat, mil-harsa ta’ dawk li hemm wara Muscat , nahseb li it-tejorija tieghi hi l aktar veritiera.

        • Ma naqbilx mal-hdura
          Posted at 10:34h, 21 August

          Kif tista’ int tinterpreta harsa ta’ nies f’ritratt meta lanqas kellek il-hila tinduna li Dr Muscat kien ghadu kif pogga l-fjuri u int interpretajta kif interpretajta. Hallina DCG II and that you can believe it, is not a compliment.
          U by the way min qed jaqbez ghal Mintoff ? Jien ? Dak bniedem mejjet u hadd ma ghandu dritt jitkellem jew jikteb b’certu mod fuqu, la int u lanqas DCG.

        • bulldog
          Posted at 11:25h, 21 August

          Int qeda hemm f’job misruq lil haddiehor biex toqghod id-dar fuq il computer tigdeb kemm tiflah fuq bniedem li halla xeba gid li shabek u int sraqtuh lil Poplu kollu. Dik requisiton order eh? Ilek tisraq u komda forsi tpejjep xi wiehed li ghamillek it-tifel halli tigi high izjed milli gabuk ta mertu ta xejn. Il Kelb tieghi qalbu tajba izjed minnek ja hadra.

        • Ta Gorg Borg Olivier
          Posted at 07:00h, 24 August

          I know a lot of Nationalists- whose house was requisitioned by OUR own PN government and was never given back! Only tal-klikka get paid handsomely (75,000 euros) and surprise surprise never had their property requisitioned!

    • Grilled Angus Beef
      Posted at 10:04h, 21 August

      he has just laid the flowers, and the only one passing wind is you opening your mouth!

      • sunshine
        Posted at 10:25h, 21 August

        Stop judging others with your standard. Why , do you pass wind from your MOUTH and belch with your A-HOLE?
        How very progressive and moderate of you.

        • Ara hobbtok sahhara
          Posted at 14:26h, 21 August

          Hlief iggelled nies ma tafx is-sahhara, anke l-gharusa tat-tifel geldet minn mieghu ghax hi lhudija! Mhix razzista!

        • Grilled Angus Beef
          Posted at 15:00h, 21 August

          Once your mouth is an a*** hole I imagine you f**t through your mouth..

    • bulldog
      Posted at 11:12h, 21 August

      @Sunshine Tipprova tipprovoka l-laburisti minghalhiek, mhux sejjer jirnexxielek ja sahhara, ghax mhux sejrin inpaxxuk , issa thallas quddiem Alla l-kont tal hdura li hierga min halqek, insomma min naha l-ohra ghax int tnejn ghandek hluq.

    • Censorship Required.
      Posted at 19:10h, 21 August

      Looks like even Mintoff is passing wind in the picture below it.

    • Grilled Angus Beef
      Posted at 08:43h, 24 August

      sunshine already told you.. the only wind that passes is through your teeth and out of your mouth… you are probably to ugly for anyone here to fill it up for you so you will have to buy yourself a lollipop..

      • mike
        Posted at 16:13h, 24 August

        ic-cajta tas-sunshine mhix originali .. Franco mhux pappagall imma s-sunshine pappagall A1 ghax biex jghid xi haga jirrepeti dak li jghid haddiehor.

    Posted at 09:29h, 21 August

    Of course, Franco’s opinion is shared materially by many. However, the Labour party seems uneager to grab the reins of Government, otherwise they would have following on past PN footsteps and organised a silent “revolution”. There is precedent for this. If the PL are taking it too slow, than it should be ordinary citizens together with AD to take the reins of the silent “revolution”.

  • rettis
    Posted at 09:22h, 21 August

    issa qed nirrealizza min xiex ghaddejt minhabba din il-klikka ta hazen. Il-PN tal-klikka u l-oligarkija ser jikkundanna dak il-hmieg ta blogg ta daphne caruan galizai? vot PN klikka QATT IKTAR.

  • ex district 5
    Posted at 07:48h, 21 August

    gonzi and his acolytes are destroying PN in bits and pieces. time will tell