Carm should stop blaming others (1)

Carm should stop blaming others (1)

The Sunday Times of today carries comments on page 5 by Dr Carm Mifsud Bonnici blaming others for his resignation, without mentioning names.  This is very unjust and surely not in the Catholic spirit.

Unfortunately he has only himself to blame. Just look at the opposite page (4), a story continued from the front page entitled : ‘Despair of soldiers in ‘obscene’ Safi centre’.

Wasnt Dr Carm Mifsud Bonnici responsible for immigration policy?

The subheadings in page 4 are : ‘Plea for taser guns as angry soldier tells of poor conditions at centre’ and ‘You have to catch escapees using just your bare hands’. Any further comments as to why Dr Carm Mifsud Bonnici had to resign are superfluous.

Already a man has been killed  in Qormi whilst being arrested by three police officers some years ago, possibly because the police had no taser guns.  Dr Carm Mifsud Bonnici was responsible for the police.

Dr Carm Mifsud Bonnici should stop blaming others for his mismanagment and mistakes. He has only himself to blame.

Just to name a few Dr Carm Mifsud Bonnici  should apologise to : 

  1. the soldiers and detention officers at detention centres, 
  2. to all those immigrants and their children who have suffered the sub-standard conditions in detention centres as outlined repeatedly by various international organisations
  3. all the police officers in the Corps who, for years have been denied, and are still being denied the right to join a decent union like every police officer around Europe,
  4. the Police Corps who have had for years inadeguate forensic facilities,
  5. all those who for years  were denied legal assitance during arrest because he failed to implement the right,
  6. apologise to Bastjan Borg’s family because he was possibly killed whilst being arrested because the police had no taser guns, 
  7. to the whole country for allowing under his portfolio a prison where both inmantes and warders have been convicted of drug trafficking even on grand scales,
  8. to prison warders for the long  hours they are working due to staff shortage,
  9. to the family of the inmate who was found dead in prison under suspicious circumstances and the inquiry has not yet been concluded,
  10. to the person who was almost stabbed to death in a Gozo courtromm, because according to Carm security couldn’t be installated at the entrance of the same courts
  11. to the Maltese people for the construction of  the  Strait Street law courts extension which had to be subsequently demolished at the taxpayer’s expense

And he should apologise to those he is unjustly systematically blaming for his mistakes.

Maybe i dont go to mass as much as he does. But i forgive him. And I hope the other victims of his mismanagement forgive him too.

For Lino Spiteri Dr  Carm Mifsud Bonnici might be  ‘the gentlest of all ministers’  as he describes him in today’s Times yet  I’ m sure the people on the front page of the Sunday Times, as well as those I indicated above think otherwise.

  • tal Gabbana
    Posted at 12:51h, 03 August

    Dal Blogg hsibtu fuq dak ix xlukkajr tant leali li hu jew il familja tieghu akwistaw gabbana tiswa l mijjiet ta eluf fuq art tal gvern u li trendi pagatella sabiha kuljum.

    Missu ma jkunx leali lejn il PN!

    Mbaghad tisimghu jitkellem tahseb li ta gidu ghal partit! Jew! Xi San Domenico Savio!

    U fuq kollox,dil lealta kolla! Dan missieru ma kienx bicca wahda ma Mintof, jorqod u jqum mieghu?

    Jien lil-Delia ntih in no 1.

  • Angus Black
    Posted at 14:57h, 23 July

    It doesn’t really matter for Dr. Debono any more whether Joey Muscat becomes the next prime minister or not. He will have no opportunity to oppose the next PM whether Nationalist or Labour. After all, he already declared that he cannot work with Gonzi, and as a self-declared Nationalist above all Nationalists, by right would have opposed his school mate as well. But we will not witness his presence in Parliament after the next few months. Too bad indeed, though with Franco, one never knows. Maybe we will end up with a permanent Nationalist [sic] independent after all, only if he gets voted in.
    But what constantly gnaws at Franco’s guts is the fact that Austin Gatt had already made his mind up about not running for election, before Franco started his crusade to topple him. And with regard to CMB, the interesting part is that if the NP wins next election he will be back as minister while Franco will be on the outside looking in. If the NP loses, then even if Franco remained in and elected, he would still not make minister since the Opposition does not appoint any. So Joseph has nothing to lose and everything to gain while Franco loses in more ways than one. Arrogance begets misery – no two ways about it.

  • Alfred Bugeja
    Posted at 10:38h, 23 July

    Dr. Debono, you shouldn’t be commenting on matters even related remotely to the death of Mr. Kamara. You have an obvious conflict of interest since you are defending one of those who are charged with this immigrant’s murder in the compilation of evidence in the case.

    You should know that Detention Centres are not maximum security prisons (a British Category B facility would come closest). No security officers in detention centres in Germany, the UK or Switzerland carry any weapons when mingling with detainees, simply because it is counter-productive and adds to the tension. They have pepper spray which is a non-lethal weapon which detention service officers in Malta also avail themselves of.

  • Joe Vella
    Posted at 09:41h, 23 July

    The title should be Franco Debono should stop blaming others. It is very boring to tell us all the time about your favourite subject. Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici is not a minister now because you voted against him.

    Why you don’t tell us what you think of other things – like Joseph Muscat is going to be prime minister?